Don’t see the Hashtags you need?

No worries!

Please send us an email now and tell us which hashtags you need.

If you have a brand/business:

What you need to know:

There are no random hashtags in Preview App.

Each single hashtag has been personally hand-picked.

We always manually check if a hashtag is blocked or banned by Instagram before we add it inside the app – in order to keep your account safe.

Hashtags are very powerful.

We also want you to use hashtags to help you grow on Instagram.

Each Hashtag Group has a mix of:

  • Big hashtags
  • Medium hashtags
  • Smaller hashtags
  • Community hashtags (new hashtags that are being used by specific communities on Instagram)
  • Hashtags to help you be featured on other people’s accounts (it depends on the industry – some industries have created these types of hashtags, others don’t have any yet).

This mix will help you get a good reach on Instagram to be seen by different people.

Hashtag Tips for Businesses:

Expand your reach and be seen by the right people by using a mix of hashtags for your post.

Use 3 types of hashtags:

  1. Your profession / community
  2. Your location (optional – use if you are a local business or want to known locally)
  3. Hashtags your customers/clients are using in order to show your posts in front of their eyes.


Virtual Assistant:

  1. Your profession: Check the “Virtual Assistant” Hashtag Group in Preview
  2. Your location: *optional if you serve clients worldwide*
  3. Your clients: Let’s say you want to target women business owners and small business owners. Check these hashtag groups in Preview App: “Business Women”, “Small Business” and “Creative Business”.

Baby Gifts:

  1. Your profession: Check the hashtag group “Baby Gifts” and if you have a Etsy Shop you can check the Hashtag Group “Etsy”, “Handmade” and “Handmade Business”.
  2. Your location: Add your location if you have a physical store
  3. Your customers: Let’s say you want to target moms. Check these Hashtag Groups in Preview: “Mom”, “Mom Bloggers”, “Motherhood”, “Parenting”

Your turn to create your mix.

Always think about who you are trying to reach.

Need more hashtags?

Once again, if you can’t see the hashtags you need:

Please send us an email.

We will start our research and add them in the app soon.

And if you already know some hashtags in your industry, please do share too. We will check them out.

Thank you!