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The Spy feature in Preview app is coming back this week!

Click here to download Preview.

You can already start using all the other features and check your own Instagram analytics now.

You can track unlimited accounts on Instagram using Preview app.

Preview app has a whole section dedicated to Instagram Analytics. Part of the Instagram Analytics is the “Spy” feature. You can spy on any Instagram accounts you want and see their activity, posts performance, best time to post, top hashtags (and more).

It’s literally a window into the Instagram routine of anyone – your favorite Instagrammer, brand or competitor.
Learn from other Instagrammers. Track Instagram Analytics of as many accounts as you want. And grow yours.

Let me show you how it works.

Step 1: Go in Preview App Instagram Analytics

What you see below is my scheduled feed in Preview app (if you’re new download it here).

Tap the “Bar Charts” icon on the top of your screen to go to your Instagram Analytics section:

Step 2: Tap on the “Spy” icon

You now see your own Instagram analytics inside Preview.

You’ll be able to see the exact same insights for any other Instagrammer you want.
Check this article to see all the Instagram analytics tools inside Preview app.

Let’s track someone else’s Instagram analytics.

Tap on the “Spy icon” located on the top left corner of your screen:

Step 3: Search any Instagrammer, brand or competitor

Type any Instagram username.

Step 4: See their Instagram Analytics


Now you can track their Instagram Analytics.

There are 5 main sections:

  • Photos & videos performance (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Engagement rate & growth
  • Best time to post, best day to post & best time to interact
  • Hashtag Analytics: track their top hashtags
  • Hashtag Groups Analytics: track their top hashtag groups (if they use Preview’s Hashtag Groups)

For each section, you can tap on “See More” to go into more details.
I’ve covered each section in details in my previous article.

Step 5: Save the account to track their Instagram Analytics

Tap on the “Bookmark” icon located on the top left of your screen to save and track the account.

You can track as many accounts as you want.
There are no limits.

Get tracking!

Your turn to learn from other successful Instagrammers! Use your Spy to see anyone’s Instagram analytics.

Until next time, see you all on Instagram ( for more tips & tricks.

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