Katerina, known as @katetheo79, lets us into her very creative world. She mixes photography with digital art. A mix that will blow your mind.

If you love minimal photos there is a high chance you have seen her work. Instagram has been her favorite platform to share her  art. She is a member of @_rsa_minimal, and moderator or @bns_minimal, @loves_minimalism, and many other accounts.

She is an artist and creative entrepreneur. She uses Preview app to plan her Instagram feed. Instagram is an outlet for her to share her childhood passion. Without further ado, please enjoy.

Hi Katerina! Thank you for coming on the blog. It is an honor. Can you please introduce yourself to everyone?

Hi Alexandra! It is my pleasure to be invited on your blog! I am so glad you and all your team enjoy my photos. You have a beautiful app that allows people to play with various effects and also to create unique shades and themes to suit all tastes.

My name is Katerina and I am Greek. I lived in Florence for many years where I studied architecture. As a child I loved to paint and play with art in general.

I have always been surrounded by fashion, art and design, and spent most of my life traveling and living in different parts of the world. I finally settled down with my family in Puglia, southern Italy.

What is your passion? And what inspires you?

Photography. For me, photography has always been a passion. But drawing my own pictures is something that has fascinated me the most.

I love creativity in every sense of the way. It has always been a reference in my life. As a child, thanks to my father, I started to paint. And then I started appearing in several exhibitions. I then worked in architecture, which helped me develop my creativity professionally.

My photography is inspired by my love to travel, nature and the simple things in life.

I love how you can create a new image out of the exact same image.

How is Instagram helping you share your passion?

I don’t like social media much. I use it when needed but never excessively.

However, it is difficult to be successful in the creative industry. So I love social media that showcases photography and photographers. This is why I chose Instagram.

Instagram used to be an app for all those who wanted to share their life journey or travels. But now, it is a great platform that helps artists be more visible. Instagram is a real tool for me to express my art.

I love photography and especially the process of developing and creating a photo. It still amuses me a lot when I can use all my imagination and all the right tools to create interesting pieces of art.

Your photos are stunning! What are your tips and tricks to make beautiful minimalist photos?


I don’t have any specific tips. I use my imagination a lot. And sometimes I draw inspiration from my followers. It also helps me to know a lot about Photoshop.

I mainly use Photoshop to process my photos. But I use my imagination even more.

Ultimately, I think editing programs are only tools. They are not the ones that make you get the result you want.

A picture is beloved more if you have the right colors and the right tones. You can use various apps to edit, like Preview app.

To summarize, this is what I recommend:

  • Get inspired.
  • But don’t stay too much on social media.
  • Use your imagination. A lot.
  • Learn to use the right tools.
  • Select the right colors.
  • Select the right tones.
  • Keep it simple.

I saw that you are selling your artwork. Where can people find you?

The photos might look simple but they are challenging to make. I am so happy I managed to show people how much I love my art.

I have many online shops where I sell prints. I hope you come visit. Enjoy!


Do you love it too?

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