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Login ERROR because of COOKIES or private mode?

This is an issue with Instagram (not Preview). Preview doesn’t have control over the Instagram login system.
Instagram is currently having problems with its login system, and it is impacting Instagram users (mainly European users).

Please restart your phone, and try to login again.

All we know are the tricks we share with you in this article.

A trick that seems to work:

Two Preview users managed to log in yesterday. They told us that they tried to login in over and over and over again, and eventually Instagram logged them in. If you can, please try to log in multiple times.

Otherwise, you can continue using Preview without logging in for now – and you can log in later.

Adding another Instagram account in Preview:

For now, please select “New Gallery” instead of “Instagram Account”.
You can log in your account later.

Hopefully Instagram will fix its login issue soon.
They usually do within a couple of days.

Can I rearrange existing Instagram photos?

Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to rearrange photos that have already been posted on Instagram. They are fixed.

You can use Preview to plan your future posts. This way you will know how your feed will look like before you post on Instagram.

Have a look at our step-by-step guide here:
How to Get Started with Preview

I cannot login to my Instagram account. What should I do?

Instagram might be having problems with its login system. Preview doesn’t have control over it.
Other Instagram users have had this issue too.

Please have a look at this blog post for different solutions.

How to delete an account on Preview?

If you don’t want to use Preview anymore, you can just uninstall the app.

If you have multiple accounts on Preview and you want to delete one, check step 3 in this tutorial.

How to log out of my account?

Uninstall and reinstall Preview. Please note that reinstalling will delete all the photos you have uploaded in Preview.

There will be a log out button in our next app update.

How do I add another Instagram account in Preview?

Have  a look at this tutorial to see how to add another Instagram account:
How to Schedule Multiple Accounts in Preview

How to restore purchase?

To restore a purchase, press the “Buy” button again then press “Restore Purchase”.

If you switch from iPhone to iPhone (or Android to Android) then you can restore your purchases on your new phone.

Unfortunately, you cannot restore purchase if you switch from iPhone to Android (or Android to iPhone). Your purchases are linked to your Apple iTunes account (for iPhone) or Google Play Store account (for Android).

How to cancel my subscription?
Does Preview automatically post on Instagram?


Instagram did not allow auto-posting. They have just announced recently that they are now allowing it.
The Instagram auto-posting system is in beta version at the moment and is only available to some companies for testing.

We will add it in Preview as soon as Instagram makes it available.

For now, Preview will send you a notification when it’s time to post.

Not receiving a notification when it's time to post?

Please check if you have allowed notification for Preview in your phone settings.

Also, please try this:

  •  Schedule a photo for 2 minutes in the future
  • Go out of Preview and leave your phone
  • Wait
  • See if you get a notification

If you’re still not getting a notification, please email us.

How to use Preview?

Check out our step-by-step guide.

How to design a beautiful feed?

Download our Instagram Guide. Enjoy!
You will receive an email with the PDF. Check your junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.

I cannot upload my photos in Preview ?

Try this:

  • Check if you have enough storage space on your phone
  • Check that you have allowed photo access to Preview in your phone settings
  • If you are using photos that you did not take with your phone camera, please check if there are spaces in the file name of your photo. If there are spaces in the file name, please delete them and try to upload the photo in Preview again
My Instagram photos are not showing in Preview?

There could be an issue with the Instagram system during that time. Your photos are loading directly from Instagram so they might disappear for a little while and reappear a bit later. Preview doesn’t have control over this. Please try restarting your phone.

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