The Instagram Competitor Analysis is available in Preview App.

You can see the Instagram analytics for other accounts.

You can analyze as many Instagram accounts as you want.

You can see their:

  • Content
  • Historical Instagram analytics (days, weeks, months)
  • All their posts’ performance
  • Top posts (what gets the most likes, comments, engagement)
  • Best hashtags used
  • Engagement growth and spikes
  • Best time and day to post
  • When their followers are the most active with them

You’re literally seeing the behind the scenes of their accounts.

See what works for them so you can create similar posts – or even better ones – for your account.


Here’s where to find the Instagram competitor analysis tool:

Step 1. Open the analytics

Open your Preview App.

Press on the “Analytics” button:

Step 2. Press on the “Tracker” button

You will see your own Instagram Insights on this screen.

To see the Instagram analytics of other people, press on the “Tracker” guy on top of your screen:

Step 3. Type the username of your competitor

Welcome to the Competitor Analysis Tool.

Type the Instagram username of your competitor:

Step 4. See competitor Instagram analytics 

Now you can see your competitor’s Instagram insights.

First you’ll see a summary of their Instagram performance:

Keep scrolling to see their:

  • Engagement rate and growth
  • Best time and day to post (and when their followers interact with them the most)
  • Best hashtags used

Pro Tip: The graphs and hashtags are interactive

Press on a graph or hashtag to reveal more insights:

See what Instagram posts generate Growth Spikes:

Press on “See More” to see more in-depth insights about each section of the Instagram Competitor Analysis sections:

For example, you can see their best posts of the day, week and month. You can also see their likes, comments and engagement growth as well as their posts:

See their Top Posts:

Go deeper in the competitor content analysis. Choose how you want to rank the posts. See what posts get them the most likes, comments and engagement.

Competitor best time and day to post:

Once again, the graphs are interactive. Feel free to press on the graph to reveal what posts generated the most hype:

Track Competitor Hashtags:

Want to find out what hashtags work the best for them? Preview ranks them by likes, comments and engagement. You can see which hashtags give them the most likes, comments and engagement. It’s also a great way to find new hashtags for your own hashtag strategy.

Save for later:

Bookmark this Instagrammer to keep track of their analytics.

Make a list:

You can track as many Instagrammers as you want and compare Instagram pages.

You can create a list of competitors you want to keep your eyes on:

Your turn

There’s more insights to discover.

Your turn to start your Instagram competitor research.

Track their activity over the next few weeks and months.

See their strategy.

See what’s working and what’s not working for them so you can elevate your own Instagram strategy.

Download Preview App.