If you’re wondering what Instagram Story filters everyone uses, keep scrolling.

I’m going to share the list of all the most popular Insta Story filters right now.

Most of those are boho, retro, vintage Insta Story filters and face filters.


Let’s go:

Instagram Story Filter #1. Retro Cam

By @yulya.kors

This is one of the most popular Insta Story filters. It’s a beautiful white, clean, retro Insta Story filter, with a little bit of dust on the screen to create a vintage effect.

Instagram Story Filter #2. Caramel Latte

By @corinthsuarez

Corinth has created a lot of beautiful face filters and vintage color effects for Stories.

Instagram Story Filter #3. 90s Camcorder

By @thegracemattei

Grace has created a lot of fun Insta Story games, like “Which Disney Princess are you?”

She also has a lot of fun camera recording effects.

Instagram Story Filter #4. Moody Tones

By @thaifurtado

She has created a lot of different retro Insta Story effects. Check out her accounts to see more.

Instagram Story Filter #5. Cream

By @ya.molli

This one is a natural, brown-ish vintage filter.

Instagram Story Filter #6. GrainA4

By @maul.olya

This one is also a vintage Insta Story filter that has brown vibes and polaroid marks on the screen. It doesn’t have moving dust on the screen. It has grain on the screen. So it makes your Insta Story look like an old photo or video.

Instagram Story Filter #7. Vintage Vibes

By @darina_charikova

This one looks like an old film. It has a lot of dust flying on the screen. It makes your screen very tanned / orange. It is a very vintage effect.

Instagram Story Filter #8. Boho Filters

By @janmahavan

There are a lot of different Boho filters available in this effect.

They are beautiful for everyday Insta Stories. They look natural.

She also created a beautiful glitter Instagram filter.

Instagram Story Filter #9. Fresh

By @anyazhikh

This is a very colorful Insta Story filter.

If it is summer where you are, or you are on holiday, and you want your Insta Stories to POP, this is the filter.

Anya has also created a bunch of other effects like a beautiful glitter effects (perfect for jewelry, makeup and fashion Stories).

Instagram Story Filter #10. Retro Tan & Tiffany

By @emilyskyefit

This is an awesome filter for summer too. Perfect for beach, ocean, and sunny places. Or if you simply want a fun, colorful Insta Story effect.

Instagram Story Filter #11. Cinema Stories

By @ruzaone

If you like the film, vintage look, you will love this filter.

Instagram Story Filter #12. 5x Pastel Frames

By @grishaeva.law

She has created a lot of different frames for your Insta Stories. A bit like polaroid frames.

Instagram Story Filter #13. Freckles

By @bdimitrov

He created a lot of fun Instagram Stories filters. One of his most popular ones is the Freckles effect, to add freckles on your face.

How to get more Insta Story filters?

Here’s how to search more Insta Story filters:

  • Open a filter
  • Press on the filter’s name at the bottom of the screen
  • Select “Browse Effects”

Like this:

Even more Instagram Story filters

There are a ton more filters inside of Preview App (Instagram filter app + feed planning app):

That’s it!

Have fun editing your Insta Stories!

I’ll keep adding new Insta Story filters to the list.

Until next time, see you on Instagram ?