Ready to get more Insta Story views, engagement and have fun with your followers?

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Here are 30 of my favorite Instagram Story game ideas – with examples!

You don’t even have to show your face, if you don’t want to.

These ideas are perfect for personal AND business accounts.

Let’s start.

Instagram Story Game Idea #1. Would you rather

instagram story games ideas

Use the “Poll” sticker.

Give your followers 2 options.

This game works for any type of account (personal or business).

For example:

  • Fashion account: Would you rather wear a dress or pants?
  • Food account: Would you rather eat uncooked or overcooked food for the rest of your life?
  • Blogger: Would you rather dine alone or watch a movie by yourself?
  • Business: Would you rather have more money or more time?

Instagram Story Game Idea #2. This or That

instagram story games ideas

This is the easiest, fastest and best Instagram Story game to boost your engagement.

Get your followers to share their opinions. Give them 2 drastically different options to choose from.

Use the “Poll” Sticker.

For example:

  • Fashion account: Would you wear this or that?
  • Food blogger: Would you eat this or that?
  • Artist: Would you paint this or that?
  • Small business: Do you prefer this color or that color?
  • Makeup artist: This look or that look?
  • Travel blogger: Would you travel here or there?

Instagram Story Game Idea #3. Guess

instagram story games ideas
instagram story games ideas

Use the “Question Box”, “Quiz” or “Poll” Sticker.

If you use the Question Box sticker, get your followers to write their guesses.

Want to keep the suspense going? Share a screenshot of the guesses and reveal if someone guessed it correctly.

Or share the correct answer later on.

For example:

  • Guess how many __
  • Guess what I’m doing today
  • Guess what color is my next product
  • Guess how much this cost
  • Guess how long it took me to __
  • Guess which one I chose
  • Guess which one is my favorite

Instagram Story Game Idea #4. Quiz

instagram story games ideas

People LOVE to test their knowledge.

Make a list of questions with potential answers. Before you post, make sure you pre-select the correct answer. When people choose an answer, they will see if they were right or wrong.

The questions can be about you, your brand, business, product, service, things, people, or even a holiday.

For example:

  • How many dogs do I have?
  • How many people use Instagram?
  • How many products do we sell?
  • What is the most watched Christmas movie of all time?

Instagram Story Game Idea #5. Challenge

instagram story games ideas

Create a trend and get your followers to participate.

You can create a unique hashtag for the challenge, to create a movement. 

Tell your audience to tag you in their Stories so you can see their creations and share them in your Story.

For example:

  • Fashion brand: #nikechallenge Tell your followers to dress up in your brand’s clothes, take a photo and share it in their Stories. Tell them to tag you in their Story so you can see it and re-share it. 
  • Makeup brand: #eyelinerchallenge Create a makeup challenge like “the perfect wing eyeliner”.
  • Artist account: #sunsetchallenge Create your best sunset painting under 5 minutes.

Instagram Story Game Idea #6. True or False

instagram story games ideas

This is so fun, quick and easy!

Use the “Quiz” Sticker and give 2 options: True or False.

Share facts. These can be facts about yourself, your business, product, industry or anything you can think of. Let your followers guess if it is true or false.

Let’s see how many your followers can get right.

For example:

  • Instagram owns Twitter – True or False?
  • I’m allergic to cats – True or False?
  • You should never put hashtags in the comments – True or False?

Instagram Story Game Idea #7. 2 Truths and a Lie

instagram story games ideas

Use the “Quiz” Sticker. 

Make 3 statements. Two are true. One is a lie.

Let your followers guess which one is the lie.

Let’s see how many they can get right!

Instagram Story Game Idea #8. Yay or Nay?

instagram story games ideas

Ask for people’s opinion about something.

Use the “Poll” Sticker or the “Slider” Sticker.

Let’s see how much your followers love or hate something.

Instagram Story Game Idea #9. Drawing Challenge

instagram story games ideas

How good can your followers draw?

Let’s find out! 

Challenge them to a drawing contest!

You can create a template or let them draw anything they want.

If you create a template, tell them to screenshot your Story and draw. Don’t forget to tell them to tag you when they post in their Stories so you can see it and re-share it.

Bonus: Offer a prize to the person who did the best drawing.

Examples of drawing challenges:

  • Fashion brands: Draw your dream MET gala dress.
  • Makeup artists: Draw a makeup look only using Insta Story brushes.
  • Painters: Draw a portrait of yourself using Insta Story brushes only.
  • Business: Draw our logo using Instagram’s drawing tools only

Instagram Story Game Idea #10. Pictionary

instagram story games ideas

Draw something, step-by-step and let your audience guess what it is.

If you have a brand, keep it relevant to your industry.

Bonus: Offer a prize to the first people who guess it right.

Instagram Story Game Idea #11. Control my day

instagram story games ideas

Want to have even more fun? And engage with your audience even more? 

This game will keep your audience coming back to your Stories for more!

Let your followers control your day.

Use any sticker you want to let them choose what you do next.

The easiest one would be the “Poll” sticker and give your followers 2 options.

For example:

  • What should I have for breakfast: Smoothie or oatmeal?
  • What should I wear today: A dress or loungewear?
  • What color should I pick: Red or blue?
  • Where should I go: Beach or swimming pool?

Instagram Story Game Idea #12. Nominate a friend

instagram story games ideas

Start a tagging train! 

Create a challenge and nominate other Instagrammers to complete the challenge.

For example:

  • Fitness account: 100 push-up challenge. I nominate @username, @username and @username. Your turn!
  • Food account: Epic breakfast smoothie challenge. I nominate @username to make it!
  • Fashion account: Monochrome look challenge. I nominate @username to try it!
  • Business account: I nominate @___ and @___ to show their home office!

Bonus: Name the challenge after your username or brand name. For example, we are “Preview” so we could name the challenge #PreviewAppChallenge.

Instagram Story Game Idea #13. Get to know me challenge

instagram story games ideas

See how well your followers know you or your business.

Use the “Quiz” Sticker and select the right answer so your followers can play.

For example:

  • How old am I?
  • What’s my dog’s name?
  • How long have I been on Instagram?
  • What’s my favorite food?
  • What am I allergic to?
  • My favorite color is…

If you have a business, you can ask:

  • When did I start this business?
  • How many products do I sell?
  • What our best selling product?
  • How long did it take me to create [this product / service]
  • How many employees do we have?
  • What is my favorite product?
  • What is the most popular color?

Instagram Story Game Idea #14. Get to know your followers challenge

instagram story games ideas

How well do you know your followers?

Do you need help creating better content for them? Ask what they like. Get to know them, so you can understand them better.

You can ask questions that are specific to your account or industry.

For example, let’s say you are a fitness / health influencer.

You can ask:

  • Do you prefer juices or smoothies?
  • Do you prefer leg day or upper body day?
  • How often do you work out?
  • How long have you been working out?
  • What’s most important to you: … 
  • Do you prefer if I post Reels or normal posts?
  • Do you prefer if I post workout ideas or motivational posts?
  • What motivates you the most?
  • What is your goal?
  • Favorite workout song?
  • Summer or winter?

Instagram Story Game Idea #15. GIF challenge

instagram story games ideas

Create a template with fun questions.

Tell your followers to take a screenshot and complete the template with their GIFs.

You can do this game for holidays, seasons and to get to know your followers.

Bonus: Ask them to tag you in their Stories so you can see and re-share their Stories!

Instagram Story Game Idea #16. Checklist

instagram story games ideas

Want to get into a routine with your followers? And check-off tasks or goals together?

Create a checklist and tick-off tasks as you do them. Encourage your followers to join the movement.

Instagram Story Game Idea #17. Mood Slider

instagram story games ideas

How are your followers feeling today?

Use the “Emoji Slider” Sticker and let them choose.

The good thing about the “Emoji Slider” Sticker is that people can slide the emoji exactly where they want, to reflect their exact feelings.

You can use the Emoji Slider for other Instagram Story games, like the “Emoji Choice”.

Instagram Story Game Idea #18. Emoji Choice

instagram story games ideas

Have some fun with emojis!

Use the “Emoji Slider” Sticker.

Ask a question and let your followers slide to the emoji they choose as an answer.

Instagram Story Game Idea #19. Virtual High-Five

instagram story games ideas

I love this trick! 

Take a photo or video of yourself (or your dog) doing a high five towards the camera.

Use the “Emoji Slider” and choose the hand emoji.

Tell your followers to slide the hand to give you a virtual high five.

Instagram Story Game Idea #20. Affirmation

instagram story games ideas

Set the day, week or month with a meaningful affirmation.

Use the “Poll” Sticker with emojis or power words.

Tell your followers to tap on an emoji to affirm.

Instagram Story Game Idea #21. Imagination game

instagram story games ideas

Let’s have some fun!

Let your followers’ imagination run wild. 

Use the “Question Box” Sticker.

Ask them an imaginary question and see what they come up with.

For example:

  • If I were a fruit, I would be a ___
  • If I were an animal, I would be a ___
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
  • If your life was a movie, what would be the name of the movie?
  • If you could choose a song to describe your life, what would it be?
  • If you published a book, what would it be about?

Instagram Story Game Idea #22. Assumptions about me

instagram story games ideas

Want to get juicy? This game is guaranteed to bring you closer to your community. Have a laugh together. Bust some myths.

Use the “Question Box” Sticker, and ask your followers to tell their assumptions about you.

Choose a response and say if the assumption is true or false.

Instagram Story Game Idea #23. Nice Advice

instagram story games ideas

Get your followers to share their advice.

Then share their responses with everyone else.

For example, you can ask:

  • If you could tell one thing to someone right now, what would you say?
  • If you could say one nice thing to someone right now, what would you say?
  • Say one nice thing to someone here, I will share your comments.

Instagram Story Game Idea #24. Unpopular opinion

instagram story games ideas

It can go 2 ways:

  1. Share your own unpopular opinion and make people vote, or
  2. Ask your followers to share their unpopular opinions. Then share your favorite answers and let people vote.

Instagram Story Game Idea #25. Google confession

instagram story games ideas

Let’s spill the tea. This is an awesome game if you want to get closer to your followers.

Ask them to write what’s the last thing they searched on Google. No cheating!

Use the “Question Box” Sticker. Share your favorite answers and have a good laugh together.

Instagram Story Game Idea #26. Illusions

instagram story games ideas

Want people to stop and stare at your Stories?

Share an optical illusion or weird image.

Use the “Question Box” or “Poll” sticker and ask your followers to say what they see.

Let’s see who sees what. You might be surprised. Or scared.

Instagram Story Game Idea #27. Tap to…

instagram story games ideas

These Stories are so satisfying to watch! And it keeps people engaged.

Tell people to tap to the next Story to see the transformation.

For example:

  • Tap to clean (to see the before and after cleaning)
  • Tap to dress up
  • Tap to transform
  • Tap to cook
  • Tap to cut
  • Tap to color
  • Tap to paint
  • Tap to edit
  • Tap to do my makeup
  • Tap to pack my luggage
  • Tap to renovate

Instagram Story Game Idea #28. Sneaky Screenshot

instagram story games ideas

People are so curious.

A popular game on Instagram right now is to show your latest screenshot(s).

For example:

  • Your last screenshot, or
  • Screenshots of things you want to buy

Instagram Story Game Idea #29. Doppelganger game

instagram story games ideas

Who do you look like?

Show 2 photos on the screen and let your followers vote who you look like the most.

You can have a lot of fun with this.

For example:

  • Celebrities
  • Animals
  • Singers
  • Actors / Actresses
  • Other Instagrammers

Instagram Story Game Idea #30. The Oracle

instagram story games ideas

What is people’s choice saying about them?

Give your followers 2 choices. A or B. Left or right. Pink or blue.

Tell them to choose.

In the next Story slide, they will see the meaning of their choice.

You can play the “Oracle” game for anything, like:

  • Tarot cards, or
  • Giving 2 color options and sharing the meaning each colors, or
  • Hiding a quote under the cups, and sharing which quote people picked.

Have fun with it!

Instagram Story Game Idea #31. Soccer ball

instagram story games ideas

Let’s end with a super fun Instagram Story idea game: Playing soccer (or basketball, tennis or any other ball game).

All your have to do:

  • Find an image of a soccer goal
  • Use the “Emoji Slider” Sticker
  • Use the soccer ball emoji
  • Place it somewhere on the screen
  • Let your followers aim and shoot!

That’s it!

Did you like these ideas?

Which one was your favorite?

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And as always: Have fun!