Who better to give advice on what they want to read than the readers themselves? Get into the brains of Instagrammers: Short or long Instagram caption? Which one is better?

You and I like to talk on Instagram. And this discussion was very, very interesting. I shared some Instagram captions ideas for when you’re stuck. And then I asked: “Do you prefer long or short captions on Instagram?”

I need to share the answers on our blog too because I’m sure they will be eye-opening for many people.

You can see all the answers yourself here. They’re very, very insightful.

Here’s a summary of your answers:

Long or short captions are both good, but…

You really don’t mind about the length of an Instagram caption. But it depends on what the account is about, what the message is, the photo, and sometimes who the person is.

This is what you said:

  • Short short short
  • It depends on how you interpret / explain your photo
  • Depends on the occasion of the photo
  • Depending on the story behind the photo
  • Depends. There are accounts that share mind blowing photography, in which case I don’t care if the caption is short. For most accounts, I prefer longer captions, as I find I prefer to engage with a caption than with a photo alone.
  • It all depends on the reason why I follow that particular account
  • I like those that engage the viewer in some way – tell a story or joke or whatever. Sometimes that can be done short and sometimes long
  • It depend on what is being said. I will read any length caption as long as I find it interesting, entertaining, helpful, etc.
  • I find I prefer longer posts during the evening when I have time to read and shorter during the day.
  • It so depends… on the content and my mood at that time of day. But I rather have too much than too little to read. Definitely don’t like captions that are just an emoji.
  • Long caption from my close friends and short from others
  • It depends of the person ! If I’m interesting about his/her life..etc yes if not I don’t care ?

This answer by @endee.hq is really insightful:

  • It totally depends on what the post is about. For example, for random leisure scroll to check out posts on home decor, gardening or witty quotes I prefer pretty shorter captions. However, most people I follow and read through are for serious topics with solid info (including yours @preview.app ?) So there I much appreciate long, much informative captions. In between these two are certain travel or wildlife or art accounts from whom I prefer a medium length caption, neither too long nor too short but a short quick story about the shot.. So, it totally depends!

Long Instagram captions are good when…

If it’s a long caption, you like it when it’s story worth reading or an informational post. Long captions are also nice to connect with the person on the other side of the screen.

This is what you said:

  • Long definitely ??
  • Long always! I love writing an story
  • Long if it’s insightful, relevant and helpful in some way, otherwise short
  • I tend to prefer longer captions. It helps me better know the person I am following.
  • Long, because I want to know more about the people I choose to follow. It makes for better connections.
  • People tend to engage with long responses on long “from the heart” captions
  • Long but not too long. I love reading esp caption with stories ?
  • Long if it means something or is entertaining!
  • Long! If it’s unnecessary, like song lyrics, no. If it’s anything relevant or insightful, yes!
  • Depends how it’s written. Long is ok if it’s bulleted or sectioned, but if it’s one long rant I keep scrolling!
  • I find that my long captions get the best engagement! I like being able to attach a story or opinion to each of my posts. Long captions for me!
  • I love a nice long caption every once in a while. Especially if it helps me to get to know whoever posted it. Short one-liners are great too, especially if they’re funny. I am shocked about how much engagement I get when I post a long caption. I think people want to learn more about you so it’s okay to experiment with both.
  • Prefer short, but blow me away with a fascinating story.

Short and fun captions are your favorites

A lot of you wrote “short” in the comments. What kind of short caption?

This is what you said:

  • Short with impact
  • Short but meaningful
  • Short and interactive
  • Short and captivating ?
  • I prefer shorter witty ones
  • Depends on the content but usually do short!
  • Short, unless it’s a really compelling story/message
  • Short and to the point, unless there is a story
  • Short. I actually just unfollowed someone because their captions were too long.
  • Short to medium 2 sentences at most?
  • I think short. People’s attention span is short. But if it’s a captivating story they will read
  • Short. I don’t read if it is too long
  • Usually short, unless there’s a story or a lot of info relevant to the picture (like a pic of a polar bear and then info about their habitat)
  • My preference is concise. I love a short, clever caption that relates in an unexpected way to the image. I also love reading a powerful insight that gets to the point and stays on point.
  • A mix of both! I do like to read short ones mostly with a play on words, but once in awhile I fall on accounts that give so much value (like yours) that every word feels like a must read!?✨

And this answer by @cappuccinointheclouds is worth reading too:
“I prefer a sincere caption, spontaneous is also better.”

Interesting right?

What are you thoughts? Do you prefer to read long or short captions on Instagram?