Let’s talk about personal Instagram post ideas.

What can you post on your personal account if you feel stuck or uninspired?

What are some posts that are fun for you, and for your followers too?

Let’s get straight into it!

Here are 29 personal Instagram post ideas.

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Personal Instagram Post idea #1. About you

Introduce yourself. What’s your name? What do you do? Where are you from?
Bonus: Ask people to introduce themselves in the comments too. Your followers will get to know you more deeply, and you will get to know them!

Personal Instagram Post idea #2. Fun / Random Facts about you


  • I broke my leg 5 times
  • “5 fun facts about me: …”

Personal Instagram Post idea #3. Unpopular opinion

What’s something the majority of people love, but you don’t?

Or something that you love, but other people think it’s weird?

Examples of an unpopular opinions:

  • “Unpopular opinion: I think coffee tastes gross. Do you drink coffee?”
  • “Unpopular opinion: Puppies look weird.”
  • “Unpopular opinion: Pizzas with fruits on them are the most delicious pizzas in the world!”

You get the idea ?

Personal Instagram Post idea #4. About your day

Always take a lot of photos during the day (where you are, what you do, your outfit, your food), so you have enough to post just in case.

Share a photo and you can talk about your day: What was good about it? What did you get up to?

Personal Instagram Post idea #5. Your hobby

What do you do for fun? Bullet journaling? Badminton playing? Drawing? Yoga? Hiking? Cooking? Share photos about your hobby.

Personal Instagram Post idea #6. Recreate your favorite Instagrammers photos

Some Instagrammers encourage their communities to recreate their photos. Some of our favorites are:

Personal Instagram Post idea #7. Your Favorites

You can talk about your favorite:

  • Memory
  • Animal / pet
  • Place in the world
  • Person / Instagrammer / YouTuber
  • Book
  • Quote
  • Food
  • Color
  • Podcast
  • Time of the day
  • Place in your house
  • Thing about your bedroom
  • Products (hair products, skincare, furniture)

Personal Instagram Post idea #8. The last time you […]

For example, the last time you:

  • Cut your hair
  • Went to the cinema
  • Sang
  • Worked out

Personal Instagram Post idea #9. “What I wish I knew before…”

  • What I wish I knew before starting work
  • What I wish I knew before starting university
  • What I wish I knew before eating a full tub of ice-cream in one go
  • What I wish I knew before I started eating healthy
  • What I wish I knew before getting married
  • What I wish I knew before turning 25

Personal Instagram Post idea #10. The scariest thing that happened to you

Did you experience a scary moment in your life? Only share if you feel comfortable sharing it on the Internet. Or maybe it is a funny scary moment. For example: “Every night I get scared. My cat hides in the dark and jumps at my feet.”

Personal Instagram Post idea #11. Outfit of the day

Share photos of your outfits.

Personal Instagram Post idea #12. Food of the day

Share photos of what you eat.

Personal Instagram Post idea #13. About your childhood

What are some of your favorite / weird / funny childhood memories?

Personal Instagram Post idea #14. Your relationship

Talk about your relationship with a friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband. How did you meet? Where did you meet? How old were you? What was special about that moment? Talk about what you love about this person.

Personal Instagram Post idea #15. Your birthday

Make a post for your birthday! How old are you? How was last year for you? What did you learn? And what do you hope to achieve for this new year?

Personal Instagram Post idea #16. Someone else’s birthday

Celebrate your friend’s birthday! Share a photo of you with your friend (or just a photo of your friend if you want).

Personal Instagram Post idea #17. Throwback Thursday

Share an old photo of you, or a photo of you as a kid, or a photo of an event in the past that brings back good / fun / weird memories.

Personal Instagram Post idea #18. Something you like / something you don’t like

Talk about something you’ve been liking a lot these past few days, weeks or months. Is there a trend you like? Don’t like? A new food you tried? New place you visited? New podcast you listened to?

Personal Instagram Post idea #19. Gratitude list

In a personal Instagram post, you can share:

  • 1 thing you are grateful for today, or
  • A list of 3 or 5 things you are grateful for today
  • At the end of the caption you can ask your followers to share one thing they are grateful for in the comments

Personal Instagram Post idea #20. Something you are struggling with

Don’t be afraid to go even more personal. What has been bugging you lately? Is something stressing you out? Are you feeling stuck? Share your thoughts in your caption.

Personal Instagram Post idea #21. Something you have learned

Share your life journey. What is something you have learned recently? Or a long time ago?

Personal Instagram Post idea #22. Something you have overcome

What is something you have overcome recently? A fear? A heart break? Showing your face on Instagram story for the first time? 🙂 Talk about your experience.

Personal Instagram Post idea #23. Your goals / your dreams / your plans

Share with everyone what you want to achieve.

Personal Instagram Post idea #24. 2 Truths and a Lie

For example, your caption can be:
Which one is the lie:

  1. I’ve never seen snow in my life
  2. I’ve never eaten an apple in my life
  3. I’ve never seen a scary movie in my life

Personal Instagram Post idea #25. Instagram vs Reality

These can be very fun Instagram posts!

Usually people use the carousel feature. (also known as “album”).

The first photo in the carousel is the “cute” Instagram photo. And the second photo is a more “realistic” photo.

For example:

  • First photo: A nice selfie. Second photo: you making a fun face.
  • First photo: Cute/perfect family photo. Second photo: Everyone being super natural and fun (of it can be an outtake).
  • First photo: The “perfect” photo. Second photo: What really happened before or after you took that photo.

Personal Instagram Post idea #26. Behind the Scenes

Use the carousel feature too.

  • The first photo is your Instagram photo.
  • The second photo is a video of your “Behind the Scenes” / how you took the photo.

The Queen of doing this is @paigearminta.

For all her posts, she will share the final photo and the video of how she got the shot.

Personal Instagram Post idea #27. Your Daily Album

You can also use the carousel feature to share your Daily Album: photos of your day. Share photo or videos of what stood out, what caught your attention, memories you made. From sunrise to sunset. From outfits to food photos. Different photos from an event (like a wedding, birthday party).

@saltyluxe is a travel lover. She frequently shares albums of the place she visits and what she sees/does/eats during the day in different places around the world.

Personal Instagram Post idea #28. Childhood memory

Talk about one of your favorite childhood memories. It can be a memory with:

  • A friend
  • Family / mom / dad / sister / brother
  • Pet
  • School
  • Food
  • An experience
  • A place you visited a lot
  • Something you used to do
  • A fun/weird family tradition

Personal Instagram Post idea #29. Life update

What’s happening in your life right now? Are you changing your routine? Starting something new? Moving out? Getting married? Planning something? Traveling somewhere? How are you feeling?

That’s it!

I hope you found a lot of ideas in this blog post.

Leave a big thumb up ? emoji in the comment if you did.

And until next time, see you on Instagram!