There are 4 filters all the big Instagrammers always use. Only 4.

Chances are that your favorite Instagrammer or YouTuber uses one of these filters. These 4 filters are super popular. Almost everyone uses them on Instagram. Everybody talks about them on YouTube too.

They are must-haves: A3, A5, B2 and B3.

All these filters can be found in Preview app.

About the filters

These 4 filters are very versatile. This means that they will work really good if you want to achieve:

  • A moody theme
  • An aesthetic theme
  • A white theme
  • A monochrome theme and more

But of course it will all depends on how you take your photos. It also depends on the colors inside of your photos.

These filters are really good for almost any type of style you want to achieve. They are good to make masculine or feminine themes.

These filters are great if you are a:

  • Fashion blogger
  • Lifestyle blogger
  • Travel blogger
  • Food blogger
  • Branding and design blogger

And they are also nice if you just want to post random photos, and still want your feed to look good overall.

Filter A3

About this filter:

  • Clean
  • Minimalist
  • Bright
  • Increases contrast in your photo
  • Looks good on skin tones
  • Great warmth & richness
  • Good for aesthetic theme

Where to find it:

  • In the Preview pack (default)

Filter A5

About this filter:

  • Cool (cold) filter
  • Bright
  • Blue-ish tones
  • Medium fade
  • Good for aesthetic theme
  • Very popular for fashion bloggers with monochrome themes
  • Warning: not always good for selfies / portraits

Where to find it:

  • In the Preview pack (default)

Filter B2

B2 is extremely popular.

About this filter:

  • Make photos brighter and whiter
  • High exposure (brighter than A6 & B3)
  • It is a cool filter with very, very subtle rosy undertones
  • Not as high contrast as B3
  • Really nice for interior photos
  • Really nice for lifestyle photos

Where to find it:

  • In the “Essentials” pack

Filter B3

B3 is THE most popular filter on Instagram.

About this filter:

  • Dark, dramatic or moody atmosphere
  • Makes all the colors of the photo darkers
  • Heavy and very dark shadows
  • Good for landscape photography
  • Contrast
  • Brightens the whites a lots
  • Good on skin tones, retain and enhance colors
  • Good for photos with people & selfies

Where to find it:

  • In the “Essentials” pack

How to make your theme the same as your favorite Instagrammer

Famous Instagrammers almost always use one of these 4 filters (especially B3).

But they don’t just apply it to their photos and post on Instagram.

They will also add their personal touches.

For example they might increase or decrease:

  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Exposure
  • Highlights
  • Shadows

What I recommend is:

  • Pick your favorite filter out of the 4 filters (B2, B3, A3 or A5).
  • Apply it on your photo.
  • You can reduce the intensity of the filter if it is too strong on some photos.


  • Increase contrast: for a sharp, clean look.
  • Increase exposure: if there is a lot of white in your photo. It will make your image sharper, brighter and cleaner.
  • Increase the sharpness: just a little bit (otherwise your photo will look too fake).
  • Use the whitening tool to make the background of your photo whiter (like the table, wall, floor).

Pro tip: Mix & match filters. You don’t have to stick to only 1 filter to make a theme. Some filters look better on landscape photos. Other filters look better on selfies.

Did you make it until the end? I hope you found this article useful.

Which one is your favorite filter?

See you on the gram!

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