Ok, so you’re a business or a blog and have chosen to include Instagram in your social media strategy. Great! Instagram, just like any other social media platform, centers around storytelling. Storytelling is the way you present your brand. Who are the people working there? What is the history of your product? What do you stand for? And as you might have noticed, you are able to tell your story on Instagram by posting pictures. Storytelling in the form of visuals. That should be fairly easy, right?

Well, in a way, yes. All you have to do is follow the two golden rules of social media:

  1. Be authentic
  2. Be consistent

The best part? There is a straightforward way to follow these two rules, namely by using a common theme throughout your feed. A theme can be anything from a color scheme to objects of the pictures. As long as the pictures come from you and you stick to your theme “rules”, you’ve got Instagram down!

1. Create a color scheme

Using the same colors throughout your feed is probably the easiest way to create a theme.

This can be:

  • The colors of your brand,
  • or a look and feel you’re going for (for example, modern and Scandinavian or bold and bright colors).

You can achieve a color scheme by:

  • posting pictures that contain these colors,
  • or you can edit your pictures all in the same way.

Preview app has many pre-frabricated filters that can turn a bunch of incoherent pictures into one uniform feed.

Sophie at @sciencebeaut: Sophie at a beautiful feed of a high-heeled science nerd. She uses red as one of her main colors and is consistent with her filters.

2. Show your unique charisma

Be yourself.

Probably the most given advice in the universe, but very true nonetheless.
Show your personality! Don’t be afraid to show off your undying love for knitting, or your passion for sneakers. If your business takes casual Friday very seriously, make it a weekly occurrence to post a picture of the most casual outfit of one of your employees.

The key? Be consistent!

@booststyling: a feel-good feed by Boost Styling. Her brand centers around giving women a boost in their style and self esteem. She shares inspiring posts and weekly tips.

3. Stick to a certain topic

Speaking of consistency, follow a certain topic.

You could only post beautiful landscapes and sunsets, if that’s what you’re into, as long as you do that regularly. By showing one or two particular topics, you manage your follower’s expectations. When they follow you, they know what type of pictures they can expect. Meaning, they will follow you because they are genuinely interested in your content.

This works particularly well for photographers, for example. Showing your photography style will eventually lead to people interested in hiring you for a job.

Marie at @girlknowstech: A blog by a female software engineering student. She shares pictures of herself working and studying (hard) in different places. Follow her journey through university!

Gillian is the founder of Tech Girl, a blog and online community uniting women in tech. As a commercial IT nerd she uses her marketing background to translate difficult tech jargon into easy to understand blogposts and tutorials. Her main goal is to make tech more feminine and accessible for every woman! Come say hi on Instagram or visit her website here: www.techgirl.com.

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