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We are SO excited to introduce you to Joi! Joi is one of the pillars of our Preview community. She is bubbly, kind and creative. She is also the Feed Layout Queen.

As you will see, she is rocking the “Line in the Middle” feed layout. This feed layout is her signature IG style.

How does she do it? How does she take photos? Where does she find inspiration? How does she keep it consistent?

Let’s go have some fun. Let’s enter her world.

Hello Joi! Before we start, can you please introduce yourself to everyone? Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

Hey hey! I’m D’Ana Joi, I use my middle name for all of my branding because it fits my personality so well (and the internet cannot handle apostrophes yet lol). I’m a lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, photographer, Etsy shop owner, plant care enthusiast, crystal collector, singer and songwriter, and lover of all things creative. I live in L.A. where I was born and raised.

We asked our peeps on Instagram to ask you any questions and they have some really good ones for you. Thank you to everyone who sent questions! We picked as many as we could and selected the most frequently asked ones.

To make it easier, we also split the questions into 5 parts:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Instagram feed
  3. Photos and quotes tips
  4. Strategy to grow your audience
  5. Blog and business

Take a cup of tea or coffee or water.

Ready? Let’s start!

PART I. Inspiration

Where do you find your inspiration?

Question from @billab0ng74, @shanabananala, @paulpolzkii, @lifestylewithlexi

I feel that inspiration finds me. By being tuned into the present moment, inspiration can arise from almost anything in my day to day life. In a more concrete way, I am forever inspired by the beauty of plants and the magic of crystals. I keep both around me constantly in my home. I’m also very inspired by the creative women I have in my life. Watching my friends create their products and run their own businesses has been a great catalyst for my own inspiration.

What are some of your favorite activities and methods to spark creativity?

Question from @aashlee

Go for a walk, read a poem, listen to a beautiful piece of music, take a bath, or meditate with a few crystals.

PART II. Your Instagram Feed

What apps do you use for your Instagram?

Question from @thepedsdentist

I use “Preview App” for all things related to planning my content, writing captions and layout (obviously). I like VSCO for editing photos and “Unfold” is my favorite for elevating the look of my stories. To create my quotes, I use “Over” or “Studio.”

Favorite feature in Preview? And favorite filter?

Question from @bashertjewely

I love everything about Preview. My favorite feature is that it’s so easy to move photos around, because I do a lot of that. I also love that Preview helps me generate hashtags. My favorite filter is A5, and I also really love the enhancement features for “portrait” or “food.” If you haven’t tried those yet, you should check them out!

How long did it take you to find your style and curate the perfect feed?

Question from @two_blooms

First of all, I don’t think there a such thing as a “perfect feed,” but I do feel like I found the perfect style for me when I chose the line in the middle theme. It’s all thanks to Preview App!

When I decided to start and Instagram for my new blog, I knew I wanted it to be a very curated, creative space. I googled “Instagram themes,” and found an article by Preview explaining different themes. When I saw the line in the middle theme, my heart jumped!

From there I read many of Preview’s tips, and then I dove in. I uploaded my first 9 photos, so that I could have three rows and then I launched my new Instagram. Instead of keeping my old account and deleting all my photos, I decided to start from 0, it’s been a little over one year since then.

How do you come up with ideas or content for your page?

Question from @rose_umane

My content in a mixture of my various interests, as well as a space to promote my blog and Etsy shop and Sunday Serenade Sessions (my live concert series on Instagram).

I like to use the line in the middle or “river of quotes,” as I call it, as an opportunity to offer inspiration and encouragement.

I only post content that is meaningful to me, and I make sure that I’m offering my IG family lots of variety by not posting too much one of thing, which is why it’s so important for me to plan ahead. I’m a very multifaceted person, and I want my content to reflect that.

How do you keep it so color coordinated?

Question from @tayvaughn4

I approach my feed row by row. If you look at my page as a whole, you’ll probably notice that my colors are actually all over the place (lol!), but each row has its own little color story, so it works.

On average, how long does it take to get a post ready?

Question from @julia_vanessa__

I do bulk photo uploads and bulk caption writing, so it’s hard to say how long one post takes. I probably spend about an hour or two per week preparing future content. The individual post only takes a few minutes because it’s already pre-planned. The thing that takes the longest is hashtags, and sometimes I’ll change a caption to make it more relevant, but it’s still only a few minutes.

How long does it take you to post on your Instagram feed from start to finish?

Question from @thepedsdentist

This relates to the above question, but I want to mention one other thing. After I post I also send a message to my engagement groups (I’m in two of them) and I post to my story to let my IG family know there’s something new to see. This takes a couple more minutes. All together, I’d say it’s still less than 10 minutes since I plan ahead.

Do you ever post spontaneously or are all of your posts curated?

Question from @shanabananala

All of my post are planned through Preview App. When you have a theme like mine, every post matters for the overall theme to work, so I don’t have the luxury of posting on the spot. I do sometimes change up my caption if I have something relevant to say, or feel like sharing something personal. Overall, I save spontaneous posting for my stories.

How far in advance do you plan your posts?

Question from @ashleynkhan

At least two weeks, sometimes more. I’m addicted to planning my feed! Preview App makes it so easy that it never feels like work. I always leave room for changing things up though. Flexibility is key.

Here is a sneak peek at my Preview app:

PART III. Your photos and quotes

How do you do to take such good photos? What are you top tips?

Question from @yesha_0805, @des_amb_moore, @kcecustoms

First of all, thank you! Starting my blog forced me to become a photographer, and now I love it.

I think enjoying the process helps. Always photograph using natural light. Always. And clean your phone camera before you begin! This is a game changer and a must for getting the best photo quality. Just use your shirt to wipe off any residual oil from your hands, your photos will look so much more crisp.

Take the same photo from various angles so that you’ll have a lot of options. Find an app and filter that you love to take your photos to the next level. When you want to give your photos a lighter feel, try increasing the exposure instead of the general brightness.

Do you take pictures everyday or just once in a while and plan when to post them?

Question from @eure.kat

Great question! I take photos everyday but sometimes it’s just to update my stories (stories are a super important element of my IG presence). Now that I have an Etsy shop, I schedule time to take product photos about once a week and when I’m doing that, I’ll take a few extra pictures of my plants or crystals or create flatlays to use for content. I also hired a photographer for my blog (@kept_record) who is absolutely amazing and sends me a large batch of photos after each shoot, so it’s really easy to spread those throughout my content.

If you take a lot of photos, how do you pick which photos to post?

Question from @axanii_t

Lighting. I always look for the photo with the most balanced lighting.

Where do you find your quotes? Do you use any apps for making quotes? Do you draw the pictures yourself?

Questions from @signedaphne, @bushbaby.amy, @toeflprepbone, @bashertjewlery, @ashleynkhan,

I don’t draw the pictures myself! I use an app called “Over” that has the option of adding graphics from other artists. I’ve only posted a few of my own drawings although I’d like to do more. Making quotes is super fun and anyone can do it.

I also repost @littlearthlings quite often. I messaged her and got her blessing to integrate her content into my feed. I’m so thankful she said yes because her messages are amazing.

PART IV. Strategy

How long did it take you to attract followers?

Question from @rashidagriffin

It’s an ongoing process.

What is your strategy to build an audience / gain followers?

Question from @leaveinspired, @arpithasylvester, @brinkleykamille

Be your authentic self. People want to connect with you, not the perfect version of you, the real you.

Always respond to the comments people leave on your posts. If I go to a feed and see that the person doesn’t respond to comments, I won’t follow them.

If you have a product or service you can offer, try a giveaway! Nothing will grow your following faster than being a part of a giveaway. I’ve been in a few since launching my Etsy shop and the growth has been amazing.

Use hashtags and make sure the ones you use are not overly saturated.

If you find a feed you like that features content from other users, don’t hesitate to message and ask if you can be featured. People are nicer than you think. Being featured on a popular page is a great organic way to grow your audience.

Always respond to messages, even if you only say a few words.

Start/Join an engagement group. Engagement groups are a few people in a group chat that you can share you posts with who will like/comment on your posts, while you do the same for them. I have had good and bad experiences with IG Pods, but once I decided to start my own, I realized that it can be a great way to develop lasting connections. They might not be for you, but it’s a great way to create more engagement on your page, so it’s worth a try!

Use stories. When people respond to your stories, it starts a private message. This gives you an opportunity to connect with people on a more personal level. I’ve found that the more personal my connections are, the more my IG family grows, and the less I care about the numbers anyway.

PART V. Your Blog and Business