What are the best Instagram hashtags for clothing brand?

5 key hashtag categories:

  1. Clothing brand hashtags
  2. Fashion-related hashtags
  3. Hashtags your ideal customers use
  4. Small business hashtags (if you are growing your own brand)
  5. Location hashtags (if you have a local business)

Let’s look at hashtags for each category and hashtag strategy too.

All the hashtags are in Preview App.

And they work:

The hashtags are organized into hashtag groups, to make your Instagram life easier.

Let’s start.

1. Instagram hashtags for clothing brand

The first hashtag group is called:

Clothing Brand“.

This hashtag group has the core hashtags for clothing brands, boutiques, shops, designers and online stores.

The strategy:

  • Use the hashtags from this hashtag group only, and/or
  • Use the hashtags from this hashtag group + the other recommended hashtags

Where are the hashtags in Preview?

You can use Preview on your phone and on your computer.

The steps are the same on the phone and computer.

Open your caption:

Press “Find Hashtags“:

Type “Fashion” in the search bar, or any other keyword.

See all the recommended Instagram hashtags for clothing brand:

Ready to use the hashtags?

  • Press on “Add All” to add all the hashtags in your caption (or first comment), or
  • Press on an individual hashtag to only use that one

Bonus tip:

Don’t know what to write in your caption?

Press on “Find Captions” to find caption ideas, quotes and templates.

2. Fashion hashtags for clothing brands

The second type of hashtags you can use as a clothing brand is:

Fashion” related hashtags.


  • Because you want to be seen in front of the eyes of people who love fashion (your ideal customers), and
  • Hashtags also signal to the Instagram algorithm what your content is about (fashion), so it can show your posts to more people who care about fashion.

Use these hashtag groups in Preview:

  • Fashion Blogger
  • “Fashion Photographer” (if you take professional photos)
  • “Kid Fashion” (if you sell kid clothes)
  • “Teen Fashion” (if you sell clothes for teenagers)
  • “Baby Fashion”
  • “Boho Fashion” (if you sell boho, retro, vintage clothing)
  • “Outfit” (to be seen by people who are looking for outfit ideas)
  • “Street Fashion” (if you are a street style brand)
  • “High End Fashion” (if you sell luxury items)
  • “Luxury Life” (for luxury clothing)
  • “Slow Fashion” (if you have a sustainable or handmade clothing brand)


  • Use only one of the hashtag groups above, and/or
  • Mix hashtags from different hashtag groups. For example, use “Clothing Brand” hashtags + “Outfit Hashtags”. Or any other hashtag combinations that makes sense for your brand.

3. Use hashtags your ideal customers use

The beauty of Instagram:

You can connect with your ideal customers directly.

You are one hashtag away from them. And you can find them on Instagram and “like” their content to get their attention.

And you can use hashtags so they can see you on the Explore Page and Hashtag Pages.

Use hashtags your customers use to be seen by them.

The question you have to ask yourself is:

Who are your ideal customers?

For example, are they:

  • Women?
  • Men?
  • Moms?
  • Content creators and influencers? (which can get you more exposure)
  • Bloggers? (don’t underestimate the power of being seen by bloggers)
  • People who care about beauty?
  • People who care about self-care content?

I have compiled the best Instagram hashtags for clothing brands based on who your customers are.

You will find these hashtags in Preview:

  • Women-related hashtags (type “women” in the search bar of the Hashtag Finder)
  • Mom-related hashtags (amazing community hashtags to connect with them)
  • “Men Fashion” and “Men Fashion Blogger” (if you sell men’s clothing)
  • Blogger hashtags like “Lifestyle Blogger”, “Lifestyle Blogger”
  • “Content Creator”
  • “Beauty”ย 

4. Small business hashtags if you have your own clothing brand

Do you have your own clothing store?


People do use Instagram to support and buy from small business owners.

They will typically search hashtags to find new shops.

Here are other hashtag groups you can use in Preview:

  • “Small Business”
  • “Business Woman”
  • “Handmade Business” (if you create handmade pieces)
  • “Handmade (Fashion)” (specific hashtags for handmade fashion brands)


  • Only use one of the hashtag groups above, and/or
  • Mix hashtags from different hashtag groups. For example: the “Small Business” group + the “Clothing Brand” group (or any other hashtag groups use want).
Best Instagram hashtags for clothing brand

5. Location hashtags

Do you sell locally?

If so, use location hashtags so people in your area can find you.

“Location hashtags” are hashtags of your city or country.

  • #YourCity
  • #YourCountry
  • #[YourCity]+shop
  • #[YourCity]+business

You can find community location hashtags in Preview too.

Type the name of your city or country in the search bar:

That’s it!

There are more hashtags in Preview – over 10,000 researched and tested hashtags.

Explore to find hashtags to match your business and brand values.

To recap:

As a clothing brand you can use these types of hashtags to grow your account and business:

  1. Clothing brand hashtags
  2. Fashion related hashtags
  3. Hashtags your ideal customers use
  4. Small business hashtags (if you have a small business)
  5. Location hashtags

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