Let’s talk about Instagram captions for business.

I’m about to share a lot of tips and tricks, so get ready.

You’re probably asking yourself one of these questions:

  • “What the heck should I write?”
  • “How to make them click on the link in my bio?”
  • How can I get more comments?”
  • “How to sell without sounding salesy?”
  • “What will make my followers like me, trust me and visualise themselves using my products or working with me?”

Or you might be thinking:

“I’m tired of writing the same thing. I need some variety. What else can I write in my caption?”


“I need short or catchy captions to make my followers relate and even read my entire caption”.

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, then think about 7 types of captions every time you start writing your caption:

  • Caption Starters
  • Calls-to-Action
  • “Personal” captions
  • Captions to get shared
  • Captions to get more comments
  • Captions to sell
  • Seasonal captions
Instagram captions for business

I’ll show you caption examples as we go.

You can use these captions for clothing business, small business, ecommerce, a new shop opening, etc… 

Let’s start with the first Instagram captions for business:

The Caption Starters.

1. Caption Starters

“Caption Starters” are phrases that you can use at the beginning of your caption.

What for?

To catch people’s attention.

People are scrolling super fast and will quickly glance at the first few words in your caption.

If the first few words catch their attention, they will stop scrolling to read the rest. If it doesn’t, they’ll continue to scroll.

If they stop scrolling for you: Congratulations, you’ve caught their attention!

Here are some examples of “Caption Starters”:

  • “First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room: _____”




  • “Guess what?”

Are you intrigued too?

I am! I want to know: What’s the elephant in the room? What happened? Did I miss something? What’s the big news? I will 100% press on “Read more” to see the rest of your caption.

So if you want people to start – and keep – reading your captions, use a Caption Starter at the beginning of your caption.

Where to find Caption Starters?

Inside Preview App.

There are over 3,000 Instagram captions for your business in the app.

You’ll see that the captions are organized into categories.

One of these categories is the caption “Starters” category.

Here is where to find the captions:

Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business

If you prefer to work on your computer, you can use Preview’s Desktop version:

Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business

Now, let’s move onto the next essential Instagram captions for business:


2. Call-to-Action captions

Caption Starters are what you write at the beginning of your captions.

And calls-to-action are what you write at the end of your caption.

Some people like to use a call-to-action as their caption. Nothing less, nothing more.

So if you want to keep your caption short and sweet, you can also just use a call-to-action as the caption itself.

Is a call-to-action necessary though?

Well, many studies have shown that calls-to-action can dramatically increase your sales and the clicks.

And I have tested it myself. 

I tried captions with and without calls-to-action.

This is what happened:

Can you see the spike on the graph below?

Instagram captions for business

The spike happened when I used a call to action in my caption.

The result:

356 people clicked on the link in our bio. That’s nearly 200 more people than with no call-to-action.

So if you are already using some: awesome!

If you want more calls-to-action ideas, keep scrolling.

Before I show you call-to-action ideas, let’s talk about how often you should use them in your caption.

The short answer: often.

In fact, you might have noticed that some of the most successful businesses add calls-to-action at the end of every single caption.

I mean… even the extremely successful KKW Beauty (Kim Kardashian’s beauty brand) uses calls-to-action at the end of all of their captions:

Instagram captions for business

So don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.

In fact, repetition is key!

But it doesn’t mean you have to sound repetitive.

There are different ways to write “calls-to-action”.

Here are my favorites caption categories in Preview, depending on what you want to achieve:

  1. Call-to-Action (30 calls-to-action you can use to get your followers to interact with you. Tip: you can rotate between them throughout the month)
  2. Link in bio (different ways to invite your followers to click on the link in your bio)
  3. Save this post (if you want to remind people to save your post for later – the Instagram algorithm loves this)
  4. Email Subscription (if you want to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list)
  5. Freebie (if you want to get people to download or sign up to your free offer)
  6. New Blog Post (if you want people to read your new blog post)
Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business

Alright, let’s get more personal.

3. Personal captions

Fact: Instagram is a social media.

So you can totally use more “personal” captions, especially if one of your goals is to build a genuine relationship with your followers.

Are personal captions still professional?

100%! You can always share a story that has to do with your business. For example, you can share a story about what motivated you to start your business.

Who can use “personal” captions?

Anyone can.

Whether you’re building a personal brand, growing your small business and even if you are not the face of your business.

In fact, if you’re not the face of your business and your brand personality is fun, you can use “personal” captions to make your product “speak” for itself. That would be super fun! Imagine a handmade candle sharing her “5 fun facts about me”.

Instagram captions for business

You can write captions like:

  • “Introduction” captions (Hello! Have we met yet? My name is Alex and I’m the girl behind Preview App! I’m from ____ and I ____.).
  • “Get to know me” captions (like “5 fun facts about me”)
  • Why you love to do what you do
  • How / Why / When you started your business
  • What motivates or inspires you
  • Your behind the scenes
  • How you help people

There are so many fun ways to connect with your followers and get them to genuinely comment on your posts too!

You’ll find hundreds of caption ideas and caption prompts like the ones above inside Preview.

Check out these Instagram captions for business:

  • “Personal”
  • “Behind the scenes” (use the caption prompts in this category to tell different stories behind your business, in a personal way)
  • “Service-based business” (if you offer services and you want your followers to get to know you, like what you say and trust you, one post at a time)`
  • “Popular Sayings” (the ultimate #relevant captions to relate with your followers and make them giggle too)
  • “Entrepreneur” (perfect if you want to write a more “business” focused story, or if you are a coach)
  • “Testimonials” (different ways to share your clients/customers testimonials. These caption templates will help you build even more trust with your current followers. These posts will also show new followers that people are already trusting and enjoying your products/services.)
Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business

4. Captions to get your posts shared

The more people share your posts, the more people will see your business.

There are 3 ways people can share your post with their friends:

  1. By tagging them in the comments of your post, or
  2. By sharing your post in their Insta Story
  3. By sending your post as a private message (DM) to a friend 

There are different captions you can write to encourage people to share your post.

Check these 3 caption categories in Preview:

  1. Call-to-Action
  2. Tag (to get people to tag their friends in the comments section)
  3. Share this post (different caption ideas to encourage people to share your post in their Insta Stories or via DM)
Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business

5. Captions to get more comments

Let’s have a look at how you can get even more engagement.

The more comments you get = the more people will love to chat with you = (and bonus) the more the algorithm will push your post in front of the eyes of other people.

How can you get more comments?

There are 2 types of captions that work:

  • Questions (ask your followers questions! It’s the best way to start genuine conversations)
  • Games (play fun games to get people to engage with you like the emoji game below)

For example:

  • “How would you describe [this product] using emojis only?”, or
  • “Describe this ____ using one word only”

If you like these ideas, you’ll love the “Get Comments” and “Questions” categories in Preview App.

Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business

You’ll see there are a lot of fun “Questions” caption categories in the app, for different topics.

Let’s take an example:

The “Food Questions” category.

This category has a bunch of fun food-related questions you can ask your followers, like:

  • “Favorite comfort food?” or 
  • “Sweet or savory?”

Quick tips: Quick and simple questions do really well because people don’t have to think too much about an elaborate answer. They can start typing their answers in your comments section straight away. Of course, you can ask a deeper question too.

Instagram captions for business

How could you use these captions for business?

You can ask a “Food Question” if:

  • You’re posting a photo that has food in it (someone is eating food, or you’re posing next to a restaurant), or
  • If you have a clothing brand and you’re sharing a photo of your new t-shirt which has a food photo printed on it. You can use these captions to make your post more relatable, more fun and to get more genuine comments at the same time.

You get the idea.

6. Captions to sell

Let’s look at Instagram captions for selling your product(s).

You know the traditional:

  • “Link in bio to shop”, or 
  • “Tap to shop”

What else can you write?

Check out these caption categories in Preview, depending on what your business is about:

  • Shop (10 different ways to invite people to shop).
  • Handmade Business (if you create handmade products)
  • Fashion Shop (captions for selling clothes and accessories)
  • Jewelry Shop (if you sell jewelry)
  • New offer (are you excited about your new product or service? Use these captions to introduce them to your followers)
  • Sale (different ways to hype up your sale)
  • Urgency (for both product and service-based businesses. Let people know when there’s not long until the sale is over, or until there’s no more stock)
  • Restock (get people hyped up for your upcoming restock!)
  • Makeup artist
  • Hairstylist (captions made to invite your client to book an appointment)
  • Eyebrow and lashes specialist (captions to relate to your client and invite them to book an appointment)

Take your time to scroll through the caption categories on top of your screen.

Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business
Instagram captions for business

7. Seasonal captions

And the last Instagram captions for business are “Seasonal captions“.

Use seasonal captions if you launch different products or collections depending on the seasons and holidays.

Instagram becomes a massive party during certain times of the year. 

Imagine fall for example.

Did you notice that almost everyone starts taking fun fall photos and they also write fun fall captions?

You can join the trend too!

For example:

Let’s say it’s fall, you’re a clothing brand, and you’re launching your new fall collection.

You can use fun fall puns and quotes like:

  • FALLing in love with this new jacket. Tap to shop!” or
  • Go big or gourd home” (if you’re showing a fall outfit with an oversized sweater, or huge scarf)
  • Cutie pie” (for a cute fall photo)
Instagram captions for business

Here are caption categories you can check out in Preview:

  • Summer
  • Beach
  • Spring
  • Fall
  • Halloween
  • Winter
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Valentines’ Day
  • Mother’s Day
Instagram captions for business

And that’s it!

You made it to the end of the blog post!

Was it helpful?

Here’s a quick recap of the 7 Instagram captions you can use:

  1. Caption Starters
  2. Calls-to-Action
  3. “Personal” captions
  4. Captions to get shared
  5. Captions to get more comments
  6. Captions to sell
  7. Seasonal captions

With these captions in your toolbox, you’re ready to connect with your followers – and customers.

If you’re new here: click here to download Preview.

And as always, have a ton of fun planning your posts!

– Alex