All the hashtags are in Preview App.

And they work:

instagram hashtags for knitting
instagram hashtags for knitting

The hashtags are organized into groups in Preview App.

The hashtag groups I recommend if you have a craft or handmade products account are:

I will share Instagram hashtag strategy too.

Let’s start.

Knitting Instagram hashtags

If you have a knitting Instagram account or business: use the ‘Knitting’ hashtag group.

You can use these hashtags only, or you can mix them with other hashtags.

For example, if you have a knitting business, you can use ‘Knitting’ hashtags with ‘Handmade Business’ hashtags.

Or if you sell on Etsy, you can use ‘Etsy’ hashtags.

instagram hashtags for knitting

Crochet Instagram hashtags

If you create crochet creations, use the ‘Crochet’ hashtags.

Just as before, you can use only the ‘Crochet’ hashtags, or you can mix them with other hashtags from other hashtag groups.

Don’t hesitate to mix and match hashtags from different groups.

instagram hashtags for knitting

Weaving Instagram hashtags

If you are a weaving artist, use the ‘Weaving’ hashtag group.

This hashtag group has hashtags for weaving artists, design, tapestry, wall decor, techniques and tools.

instagram hashtags for knitting

Macrame Instagram hashtags

Do you create beautiful macrame products, plant hangers, unique patterns?

Use the ‘Macrame’ hashtag group.

Also recommended: use the ‘Home Decor’ hashtag group to be seen by people who love home decor pieces. If you have a business, they could be your ideal customers.

instagram hashtags for knitting

Small Business, Handmade & Etsy Instagram hashtags

Do you sell your beautiful creations?

If so, use business-related hashtags.

Specially, these hashtag groups in Preview:

  • ‘Small Business’
  • ‘Handmade Business’
  • ‘Handmade (Home Decor)’
  • ‘Handmade (Fashion)’
  • ‘Creative Business’
  • ‘Business Woman’
  • ‘Mom Entrepreneurs’
  • ‘Etsy’

You can use one of these hashtag groups only. Or you can mix and match them.

Also recommended: Mix your craft hashtag (like ‘Macrame’) with business hashtags.

instagram hashtags for knitting

Gift hashtags

People use Instagram to find gift ideas for their loved ones.

Use these hashtag groups in Preview, if it fits with your account and time of the year:

  • ‘Gift shop’
  • ‘Baby Gifts’
  • ‘Christmas Gifts’
  • ‘Christmas (Handmade Business)’

You will see hashtags for gifts for mums, dads, friends, sisters, brothers, etcโ€ฆ And even pets!

instagram hashtags for knitting

Home decor hashtags

Do you have a business? Do you sell things that are part of home decor?

Like wall macrame, plant hangers, dream catchers, chunky blanket knits or pillow cases?

Be seen in front of the eyes of your ideal customers.

Use hashtag groups like:

  • ‘Home’
  • ‘Home Decor’
  • ‘Interior Designer’
  • ‘Boho Home’
  • ‘Bedroom’
  • ‘Living Room’
  • ‘Cottage’
  • ‘Farmhouse’
instagram hashtags for knitting

Fashion hashtags

Do you create handmade clothes?

If so, use these hashtags:

  • ‘Clothing Brand’
  • ‘Slow Fashion’
  • ‘Fashion Blogger’
  • ‘Fashion (Handmade)’
  • ‘Boho Fashion’
  • ‘Outfit’
instagram hashtags for knitting

Customer-focused hashtags

Finally, use hashtags your ideal customers use so that your posts can be seen in front of their eyes.

Who are your ideal customers? Moms? Fashion lovers? Home lovers?

You can find these hashtags, and more, in Preview:

  • ‘Mom Blogger’
  • ‘Motherhood’
  • ‘Fashion Blogger’
  • ‘Slow living’
  • ‘Self-care’
instagram hashtags for knitting

Where are the hashtags in Preview App?

You can use Preview on your phone and computer.

Open the caption:

instagram hashtags for knitting

Press “Find Hashtags“:

instagram hashtags for knitting

Type a keyword in the search bar. Like ‘Knit’:

instagram hashtags for knitting

You will see the recommended hashtag groups:

instagram hashtags for knitting

Ready to add the hashtags in your caption?

  • Press on “Add All” to add all the hashtags in your caption (or first comment), or
  • Press on an individual hashtag to only add some one-by-one
instagram hashtags for knitting

That’s it!

Have fun choosing your hashtags and growing your account!