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Are you trying to login with your Instagram account on a website or app outside of Instagram?

This is what you need to know: if you are trying to login to your Instagram account and it doesn’t work, it is not the fault of the app or website you are trying to link your Instagram account to.

Instagram handles the login part and nobody has control over it – except Instagram.

So how can you login with your Instagram account?

There are 2 things you can do to make the login work again. This is what has worked for some people who had login issues:

1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication inside the Instagram app

On the Instagram app:

  • Go in your settings
  • Turn on the “Two Factor Authentication”

2. Reset your password on the Instagram website

Try resetting your password on the Instagram website by following this link here:

It’s important you reset on the Instagram website and not just on the Instagram app.

Try login in to your Instagram account again

After you’ve tried the solutions above, try login in to your Instagram account on the website or app.

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