Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

I hope you are having a lovely end of 2021.

It’s time to talk about Christmas Instagram hashtags to get your posts seen by the amazing Christmas community!

All the hashtags are inside your Preview App. Ready to be copy and pasted.

And they work:

Christmas Instagram Hashtag analytics

Traditional Christmas hashtags

The first hashtag category is the “Christmas” category.

This hashtag group has all the traditional Christmas hashtags like:

#christmasvibes #christmasfestivities #christmasmood

If you’re posting a general Christmas post, you can use these hashtags.

Christmas Instagram hashtags

Christmas Food hashtags

If you’re going to take photos of your Christmas dinner or if you are sharing Christmas recipes, you can use the “Christmas Food” hashtags.

If you are a food blogger, I 100% recommend you to use these hashtags during this season.

Christmas Instagram hashtags

Christmas tree hashtags

Your Instagram feed can’t be complete without a photo with your Christmas tree, right?

You can find all the fun Christmas tree hashtags in the “Christmas Tree” category.

Who can use these hashtags?

Anyone can use them of course!

And if you have a business, you can use them too.

For example, you can use these hashtags if you are:

  • An interior designer (if you’re sharing Christmas tree home decor inspiration), or
  • You are selling Christmas tree decoration (like Christmas ornaments, tree toppers, Christmas tree decor, christmas lights, gift wrap paper)
Christmas Instagram hashtags

Christmas home decor hashtags

If you love decorating your home during Christmas and you want to show it off, use the “Christmas Home Decor” hashtags.

Showing your Christmas decor is a big trend on Instagram. And there are hashtags for it.

Once again, if you are an interior designer or you are selling Christmas home decor, feel free to use these hashtags. This way people who are looking for Christmas home decor ideas and goodies can find your posts.

Christmas Instagram hashtags

Christmas gifts hashtags

Want to post about Christmas gifts?

These hashtags are for you!

Business owners: use these hashtags too!!

Especially if you are selling something that can be a gift.

Let’s be honest: Most of us are searching for gift ideas during this time of the year. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to appear on the Explore page, the Hashtag Pages, and on the new Instagram Search page.

Christmas Instagram hashtags

Christmas hashtags for handmade business

There are hashtags for you if you create handmade products or handmade toys.

Use these hashtags as strategic keywords so that people can find you.

Christmas Instagram hashtags
Christmas Instagram hashtags

Christmas wreath hashtags

I know a lot of you either take photos of your Christmas wreath, or sell Christmas wreaths.

There is a beautiful community of Christmas wreath lovers on Instagram.

You can use the “Christmas Wreath” hashtag group to be found.

Christmas Instagram hashtags

Christmas hashtags for Reels

And of course, we’ve added Christmas hashtags for your Instagram Reels videos!

These hashtags are SO new but they are growing fast. So get on them quickly so you can trend!

Christmas Instagram hashtags

Where to find Christmas hashtags?

Use Preview on your phone or computer.

  1. Upload a post
  2. Open the caption
  3. Press “Find Hashtags
  4. Type “Christmas” in the search bar

Like this:

Christmas Instagram hashtags
Christmas Instagram hashtags
Christmas Instagram hashtags
Christmas Instagram hashtags

Enjoy your 2021 Christmas!

And have a very Merry Christmas!