Time to relax, reflect and say good-bye 2021.

Ready for December Instagram post ideas?

Let’s start:

December Instagram post ideas

Want a December social media content calendar?

Here are ideas for each day of the month:

  1. “How it started versus How it’s going” – 2021 edition. Share your first photo of 2021, and your latest one.
  2. How you feel about being in the last month of the year
  3. 1 word to describe 2021
  4. Status check of your 2021 resolutions. Did you stick to them?
  5. 3 things you’ve learned this year
  6. 3 mistakes you’ve made this year
  7. Letter Writing Day: Dear 2021, __
  8. 3 goals you’ve achieved this year
  9. 3 things you want to do better
  10. Give a shout-out to your favorite people or things of the year.
  11. Mobile Apps Day: Share your favorite apps of 2021
  12. 3 things you were grateful for this year
  13. Your favourite products of 2021
  14. Your favorite memory of 2021
  15. Recap: your favourite 2021 photos / videos / memories. Big or small.
  16. Repost your most popular Reels
  17. 3 things you want to start or stop doing next year
  18. Share one thing people might not have known or noticed you’ve done this year
  19. Favorite OOTD of the year
  20. Favorite food photos of the year
  21. Share a quote
  22. What does Christmas time look like at your place?
  23. All I want for Christmas is ___. What about you?
  24. What does Christmas mean to you?
  25. What is a gift you would want to give your followers?
  26. Thoughtful: What is the best present you’ve ever received?
  27. Thank You Day. Say thank you to who-ever is on your mind (and your followers for being here)
  28. How you are feeling about 2021 ending
  29. A letter to 2022: Dear 2022, __
  30. Vision board
  31. Top 9 of 2021 (use Preview App to generate your Top 9 Post)

December Instagram post ideas for business

You can use the ideas from the above list for your business.

Just make them fit your brand.

If you want more specific Instagram post ideas for business, here are 16 ideas:

  1. Best sellers of the year
  2. Most liked post of the year
  3. Your personal favorite product(s) of the year
  4. Shoutout to your customers
  5. Thank your followers for their support
  6. Christmas themed photos and videos
  7. Share a client’s success story
  8. Share one of your personal success stories of 2021
  9. The biggest struggle you’ve overcome this year
  10. The biggest business thing you’ve learned this year
  11. Your favorite part of the year
  12. A sneak peek of what you have in store for us next year
  13. Show off your portfolio / projects of the year in a carousel or Reels video
  14. Your favorite reviews / testimonials of the year
  15. Highlight your customers
  16. Share your customers photos / videos

December Instagram caption ideas

Go in Preview App (on your phone or computer).

Open the caption:

december instagram post ideas
Press on “Find Captions”:
december instagram post ideas

There are over 3,000 caption ideas.

Check the “End of Year” and “Christmas” caption ideas:

december instagram post ideas

December Instagram hashtags

The hashtag research has been done for you.

In Preview App, press on “Find Hashtags”:

december instagram post ideas

Type a keyword in the search bar.

For example, if you want “Christmas” hashtags, type “Christmas” in the search bar.

If you want to show your Christmas home decor, type “Home Decor” in the search bar.

If you are selling gifts, type “Gift” in the search bar.

december instagram post ideas


I hope this blog post gave you some ideas.

We wish you a wonderful end of the year.

Have fun creating your last posts of 2021!