One of my favorite features in Preview app has to be the hashtag groups.


Because I don’t need to go from one app to another to copy & paste the hashtags. I can create as many Instagram hashtag groups / bundles / lists  as I want (I have…like… 25 hashtag groups…. #timesaver). And when I prepare a new Instagram post, I just have to “tap” the group to add it to my caption.

Anyways. You’re here because you want to know how to edit your Instagram hashtag groups in Preview app.

If you ever want to update your group, this is how to do it:

Step 1: In Preview app, go in the caption section

Tap a photo.
A bottom bar will appear.
The caption section is the second last icon (the bubble).

Step 1: Go in the caption section to edit your Instagram hashtag group.

Step 2: Add your existing hashtag group to the caption

In my example, I want to edit the “Nature” hashtag group. So I am going to go ahead, and tap “Nature” to add it to the caption.


Step 2: Tap the hashtag group you want to edit, to add it to the caption.

Step 3: Edit the hashtag group

Remove or add new hashtags.
In my example, I added: #natureza, #naturesbeauty and #naturepics.

Step 3: Add or remove Instagram hashtags in your list.

Step 4: Under “Groups”, tap the “+” button

Now type the exact same name you currently use for the # group.

In my case, I wanted to edit the hashtag group called “Nature”.
So I will type “Nature” again.

Select Ok.

To update your group, write the same exact group name of your current hashtag group.

And just tap Replace.

Done! See you on Instagram! Alexandra
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