Hello Instagram lovers!

We have added a new collection to the filters: “Fall”.

There’s a total of 6 unique filters in this premium Filter Pack. All of them are perfect for creating a cozy, warm, fall Instagram theme.

We hope you’ll enjoy them 🙂

Here they are:



  • C1 is perfect for photos with elements of green, brown, nature. It makes the photos warm and soft. It looks good on selfies.
  • C2 is my personal favorite. It looks great on photos that have some orange in them. It makes the photos feel very warm and soft. The orange pops more. It is very lovely for theming.
  • C3 is perfect if you want your feed to be bright, clean and a bit faded. It makes the photos look soft. It is great with photos with a lot of beige, brown, black and white in them.
  • C4 is like a “grunge” fall filter. It is beautiful on all colors. It especially makes reds and oranges pop out more. It makes the browns soft. C4 is awesome if you have dark backgrounds on your photos.
  • C5 is perfect for lighter photos. It makes them bright, wash-out. It is beautiful on photos with with beige and brown in them. It kind of makes the beige/orangy colors become golden.
  • C6 is another favorite. It is a very warm filter. It looks especially great with photos with dark brown in them. It is like a “moody” filter for fall. If you can imagine hot chocolate and soft bed all day, that is what this filter is all about.

Here is an examples of a feed I have created using the filters. I hope this gives you some inspiration.

Have fun!







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