These fitness presets are for you if you want:

  • Definition in your muscles
  • Perfect lighting
  • Contrast in the right places to see your abs / biceps / muscles pop
  • Your skin to be a little bit more tanned / glow
  • A unique Instagram feed design

All the filters are inside the Preview App.

One Preset = One Click = One photo transformation.

Here’s just one example:

Preview App has a filter pack called “Fitness”.

There are 5 presets in the “Fitness” filter pack to help you achieve different Instagram looks and to edit your photos like a pro – without complicated steps.

Here are my favorite fitness presets:

Fitness Preset #1

Filter 1 in the “Fitness” filter pack.

Use this filter if you want a clean, strong Instagram feed. It will define your muscles like crazy. And it will make all your photos look very sharp.

The beauty of using the same filter on all your Instagram photos is that it will create a consistent look on your feed (like a brad – your personal brand).

It will make all the colors in your photos look similar, even if you took the photos on different days, with different people, in a different gym, inside or outside.

One filter has the power to quickly make your whole Instagram feed flow.

Fitness Preset #2

Filter 2 in the “Fitness” filter pack.

This fitness preset is one of the most popular ones in the pack. If you want to create a strong, warm Instagram feed, this is the preset to use. It is a bit edgy.

Fitness Preset #3

Filter 3 in the “Fitness” filter pack.

This fitness preset is more moody / dark. If you want to create a strong, masculine, black Instagram feed, it’s the filter to use.

Fitness Preset #4

Filter 4 in the “Fitness” filter pack.

Use this fitness preset if you want a more sharp, bright Instagram feed overall. It will still make your muscles pop, and make your skin a bit more tanned.

Fitness Preset #5

Filter 5 in the “Fitness” filter pack.

This is a completely different fitness preset than the others.

Use this one if you want to create a unique, orange and grey Instagram feed design.

That’s it!

There are more filters inside of the app.

So feel free to explore what filter you’re loving for your own photos and personal style.

I would also recommend to check out:

  • Filter 3 in the “Blogger” pack (for a bright and slightly colorful feed)
  • Filter 5 in the “Blogger” pack (fitness girls love this one)
  • Filter 10 in the “Blogger” pack (good for a red/brown, strong feed)
  • The “Cream” filter pack (if you want to create a soft, smooth Instagram feed – good for yoga or a creamy/girly fitness feed)
  • Filter 8 in the “Teal and Orange” filter pack if you want to create a very different and strong Instagram feed

Have fun!