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We’re excited to tell you guys about the new Instagram Analytics tools in Preview App!

There are 6 Instagram analytics tools in the app:

  1. Photos & Videos performance
  2. Engagement rate
  3. Best Time and Day to Post + Best Time to Interact
  4. Top Hashtags (Hashtag Analytics)
  5. Top Performing Hashtag Group


6. The Spy feature to see anyone else’s Instagram analytics

The awesome thing about Preview app is that you see your analytics as soon as you start using the app. You don’t have to wait a few days to see your analytics.

Let me show you what’s in there. I’ll also give you tips along the way.

Are you new to Preview App?

If you’re new, let me give you a quick intro of Preview (if not, continue to scroll :).

Preview is literally the only app you need to manage your Instagram account.

You can visually plan your feed (drag & drop to design your feed), edit your photos, save hashtag groups, schedule your posts, schedule Insta Stories, find Instagram hashtags… and so much more!

Everything is in this one app. Cool uh? Download it here (it’s free).

I’m now going to walk you through each section of the new Instagram Analytics feature.

Let’s start.

1. Track your Instagram Analytics in Preview App

Are you using the right hashtags? Does your audience prefer videos to photos? Do you want to know your best time to post and interact with your followers?

You need to track your Instagram Analytics. When you track your Instagram insights you can make better decisions and grow faster.

To see your Instagram Analytics, select the “bar chart” icon located in the top right of your screen:

What you will see:

  • Your Instagram Analytics for the current week
  • The Spy feature on the top left corner

Let’s talk about our Instagram Analytics first.

This page gives me a snapshot of how I am going this week.

It’s easy to understand. It gives me the 5 most important information I need:

  1. My Photos & Videos’ performance
  2. My Engagement Rate
  3. My Best Time to Post & Best Time to Interact
  4. My Top 10 Hashtags (Hashtag Analytics)
  5. My Top Performing Hashtag Groups

For each section, I can dive deeper into the Analytics by tapping the “See More” button.

Let’s have a look at each section:

1. Photos & videos

  • Total posts: Did I post more or less than last week?
  • Average likes:  Does my content attract people?
  • Average comments: Does my content engage people?

Action Tip: Which post type drives more engagement to my account? Do people prefer videos or photos?

When I tap “See More” I get a detailed Analytics for my posts:

  • Per day, week and month
  • My Most Liked photos (or videos)
  • My Most Commented photos (or videos)
  • My Total Posts (have I been posting more or less?)
  • My average Likes, Comments and Engagement Rate

Pro tip: I can slide right on a graph to go back and see my historical data.

Pro tip: Tap on a blue bar to see what post(s) got you the most likes, comments and engagement (including your engagement rate for that day, week or month).

2. Engagement:

  • How good are you at sparking interest and conversations with your audience?
  • Check the engagement rates for the week

Pro Tip: Tap on a blue bar chart to see exactly what post(s) got you the most engagement that day. And see your Engagement Rate. For example, mine was 10% for this post.

I tap on “See More” to see:

  • My total Engagement for the day, week and month
  • Preview App tells me what my Engagement Rate is for each day
  • I can see how I am growing compared to the previous day, week and month

Amazing right?

Pro Tip: If I tap on a bar I see exactly what I posted, my engagement rate that day / week / month. I also see what posts got me the most engagement.

3. Optimization

Under “Optimization” I can see:

  • My Best Time to Post & Best time to Interact
  • My Top Performing Hashtags (Hashtag Analytics)
  • My Best Hashtag Groups

So if you’ve always wondered which hashtag or hashtag group get you the most likes, comments, engagement… you will love this.


I can see my best time to post and best time to interact with people.

I tap “See More” I see two tabs: (1) Hour and (2) Day.

Under “Hour”, I see exactly:

  • My best hour to post
  • My Instagram analytics for each hour of the day
  • I know the peak hours throughout the day

This is great to experiment scheduling my Instagram posts at different times of the day.

I also see when people interact the most with my content. As you can see below, 5pm is my best time to post and 6am is my best time to interact.

Under “Day” I can see:

  • My best day to post
  • My best day to interact

Pro Tip: Post on Instagram as consistently as possible (this can be everyday, 3 times a day, or every second day). Your Instagram Analytics will give you very powerful results that you can implement in your Instagram strategy.


This is one of my favorite tools: Instagram Hashtag Analytics.
Finally! I know what my best hashtags to use are.

As you can see below, I was experimenting a lot with my hashtags to test the tool. So you see very diverse hashtags in my hashtag analytics (which might not be relevant to my feed).

Pro tip: Prepare a strong hashtag strategy to make the most out of your Instagram Hashtag Analytics.

Pro tip: Tap on a hashtag to see deep hashtag analytics. I can see how much engagement, average likes and comments a hashtag got me.

Do you want to know even more about your hashtags?

You will love this feature.

I tap “See More” and I can see all my hashtags. They are ranked based on:

  • Count: how many times I’ve used them
  • Likes: which one gets me the most likes
  • Comments: which one gets me the most comments
  • Engagement: which one gets me the most engagement

Now I can refine my hashtag strategy even more. I will write another article about it soon (subscribe to be notified).


If you follow us on Instagram, you know we’ve been showing you how to save hashtag groups and how to use the Hashtag Finder in Preview. This is why. This is one of my favorite sections of the Analytics feature.

I can see exactly which hashtag group performs the best.

Pro tip: If you haven’t saved any hashtag groups yet, start now by saving 4 – 5 hashtag groups. Read this tutorial on how to save hashtag groups in Preview App.

I tap “See More” and I see all my hashtag groups. They are ranked based on:

  • Count: how many times I’ve used them
  • Likes: which one gets me the most likes
  • Comments: which one gets me the most comments
  • Engagement: which one gets me the most engagement

Pretty awesome, right?

Guess what? You can find all this information for any other Instagram account.

2. The Spy tool

Do you have a favorite Instagrammer? A competitor?
Have you always wondered about their performance? When they post, what hashtags they use, their growth?

Tap on the “Spy” icon on the top left corner of your screen.

Search any Instagrammer:

See their Instagram analytics:

Save their account by tapping on the “bookmark” icon.  You can come back to their analytics anytime and track their growth:

How much does it cost?

You can see your weekly Instagram Analytics for free.

Then subscribe to unlock all Instagram Analytics sections and the Spy tool. It’s only US$6.99 per month.

There’s more. We want you to kill it on Instagram! So we decided to include all the features of Preview App.

So when you subscribe, you will also unlock:

  • ALL the Filter Packs!
  • Repost feature
  • Unlimited accounts / galleries

Love our Instagram Analytics tools?

Tell us in the comments, which one is your favorite Instagram Analytics section?

+400,000 Instagrammers are already using Preview App to edit, plan & schedule their feed. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out.

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