What to post on Instagram for business?

Your Instagram Marketing doesn’t have to be boring. You can go deep, personal or fun. After all, we’re all on Instagram to chill, have fun and connect with people.

So let’s get creative!

What can you post on Instagram that is eye-catching? Entertaining? Helpful? Inspirational? Relaxing? Or even… Delicious?

So that people check you out and remember you.

Ready for some Instagram post ideas for business?

I’m going to share with you over 20 creative Instagram post ideas – with photo examples:

  1. Product post
  2. Give ideas of how to use or style your product
  3. Small flatlay
  4. Giant flatlay
  5. Stop motion video
  6. Geometric shapes
  7. Show the product in your hand
  8. Fun, creative photos
  9. Touch it, feel it, taste it
  10. Product reveal
  11. Photos that reflect your brand
  12. Customer photos
  13. Customers’ experience / reviews
  15. “About you” / personal posts
  16. “Meet the Team”
  17. Share results
  18. Tutorials
  19. Ask a question
  20. Do a Q&A
  21. Myth busted
  22. Giveaway
  23. Something you’ve learned
  24. Before / Afters
  25. Behind the Scenes
  26. Work in progress
  27. Guessing game
  28. “Work with me Wednesday”
  29. “Friday introduction”

Quick Tip: The look and feel of your Instagram feed is crucial when you have a business. I always say it: “Take your feed seriously, so your customers take you seriously”. If you don’t have it yet, you can use Preview app to plan your Instagram posts and design your feed super quickly and easily. This is the app that most of the business owners you will see below use to plan their feed.

Ready? Let’s start.

Instagram post idea #1. Product post

Post about your product or service, provide an offer, sales, or direct people to your website.

Instagram post idea #2. Give ideas of how to use or style your product

For example, @luxyhair share hairstyle ideas that people can try when they purchase their hair extensions.

@loving_earth shares recipe ideas using their chocolate.

Instagram post idea #3. Small flatlay

Flatlay: Creatively place products and objects on a flat surface.

Once again, @loving_earth is a great example. Here you can see they created a flatlay to show their Cashew Mylk Chocolate. The background color = reminds you of the color of the packaging. The cashews are all about the product = reminds you of what the product is made of.

Instagram post idea #4. Giant flatlay

Can you create fun photos using your products? For example, @laurenastondesigns creates scenes using her huge knits. Super eye-catching and fun.

Instagram post idea #5. Stop motion video

Stop motion = take a bunch of photos and move the objects (or people) for each photo. When you put the photos together, you create the illusion of a video.

@pana_organic is a great example.

For the launch of their new organic ice-cream, they created these fast, fun videos for each flavor. In the example below, the video is for their Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream. What did they do with the video? You see the dark chocolate blocks and mint fall in the ice-cream tub.


It gives you a visual and an idea of what is in the ice-cream.

Instagram post idea #6. Geometric shapes

@sandandskyaus: Circles
@loving_earth: Parallel chocolate bars
@lucaandgrae: Shirts folded symmetrically
@street_style_corner: Shoes in circle

Instagram post idea #7. Show the product in your hand

Can your product fit in your hand?

Instagram post idea #8. Fun, creative photos

Can you add a fun twists to your photos, while still showing your products?

Instagram post idea #9. Touch it, feel it, taste it

If you have a product that is very tactile: Show it! Make people feel through the screen what your product is like.

@gotoskincare: Shares short videos of people touching their skincare products and applying it on their face. Result: You can feel through the screen what their product feels like and looks like.

@pana_organic: Shows the creamy, rich consistency of their amazing Hazelnut and Chocolate spread. Can you visualise spreading it on your bread? I can. YUM!!

Instagram post idea #10. Product reveal

@sandandskyaus created a video where their pink clay face mask comes out of the creamy face mask (what you find inside the container).


Instagram post idea #11. Photos that reflect your brand

Not sure what photos to post on Instagram for your business? Can’t post photos of your products all the time?

Then use photos that reflect your brand.
For example: @kindred.toxinfreefacials uses photos that are calm, relaxing, with nature and skin for their natural skincare salon.

Tip: You can use the Free Photos feature in Preview app to use any photos you want for your feed. There are millions of beautiful photos you can use. Simply type the keywords that reflect your brand (for example: “skin”, “plants”, “minimalist”).

Instagram post idea #12. Customer photos

Are you customers taking a lot of photos using your products? Or maybe you’re running out of things to post? Or you want to build your community even more?

You can encourage your customers to share their photos of them using your product. This is amazing content for you. Be proud and re-share their posts.

Tip: You can use the Repost feature in Preview app.

Example: The world famous @drunkelephant skincare brand frequently reposts their customers photos or videos (including the one of actress Drew Barrymore!).

Instagram post idea #13. Customers’ experience / reviews

Share customer reviews and love notes. You have 2 options:

  1. Share the reviews as a quote in your feed, or
  2. Share a photo, and then write the review in the caption

Instagram post idea #14. Quotes

Use quotes that are related to your brand. For example: fitness account = fitness, health quotes.

Example: @lornajaneactive sharing fun fitness related quotes.

Instagram post idea #15. “About you” / personal posts

If you are the person behind the brand/business, feel free to introduce yourself from time to time. Don’t be afraid to show yourself and share about your journey, your day, your life in and out of the business, things they don’t know about you. We’re all on Instagram to have fun and meet new people. Instagram is a relationship platform. So never forget to have fun and connect.

Instagram post idea #16. “Meet the Team”

Share photos of your teammates and introduce them to your audience, like @wordfetti did.

Instagram post idea #17. Share results

@socialsbyjarrah does this really well. She shares the results she achieves for her clients with everyone. This helps her and her business to show she gets results. It increases her authority as a social media strategist and builds trust with potential new clients.

Instagram post idea #18. Tutorials

You can share tutorials, how-to’s, recipes, informational and educational posts.

Instagram post idea #19. Ask a question

We love doing this on our account because we get to interact with everyone.

Instagram post idea #20. Do a Q&A

From time to time, you can also ask your audience to ask you anything in the comments section. Then start answering their questions in the comments. This is an awesome post idea to interact with your audience and give them an opportunity to ask you anything they want.

Instagram post idea #21. Myth busted

What’s a myth people have about your industry? Start your caption with the question (Example: “Is Instagram showing your posts to 10% of your followers only?”). Then continue your caption to bust the myth.

Instagram post idea #22. Giveaway

Doing a giveaway from time to time can be quite fun. Feel free to be creative with your giveaway. For example: “The first person who guesses this right will get…”.

Instagram post idea #23. Something you’ve learned

Share something you’ve learned. It can be something fun or serious. For example, let’s say you have a fitness account. A post idea can be: “What I’ve learned not to do before exercising”.

Instagram post idea #24. Before / Afters

Before and afters are powerful Instagram post ideas for business. You get to show how your product or service works.

Instagram post idea #25. Behind the Scenes

Share sneak peeks of what goes on behind the scenes: your team, the making of your new products, or a team meeting.

Instagram post idea #26. Work in progress

This is a great idea for hand-made business owners. Show your WIP.

Instagram post idea #27. Guessing game

Here are some ideas:

  • Guess what our next [product] is
  • Guess what color […]
  • Guess how many […]

Instagram post idea #28. “Work with me Wednesday”

This is a new Instagram trend: “Work with me Wednesday”. On Wednesday, you can share:

  • What you’re working on
  • What your work day looks like (from waking up to stopping work)
  • Your to-do list

Some people share their “Work with me Wednesday” in their feed, as a post, at the end of the day. Or they do Instagram Stories throughout their day to share what they do and work on throughout the day.

Instagram post idea #29. “Friday introduction”

Once in a while, on Fridays, you can do a “Friday introduction” post. It is a popular trend on Instagram. It is a great way to introduce yourself, your team and your business to your new followers. You can make your “Friday introduction” post interactive. At the end of your caption, you can ask people to introduce themselves in the comments. You will both get to know each other a bit deeper.

Quick tip: use the hashtag #fridayintroductions to connect with like-minded business owners.

That’s it!

Have fun creating your posts!