There’s no doubt Instagram Reels have taken Instagram by storm.

Reels are one of the ways to grow your Instagram account.

And Reels transitions are a big part of what makes your Reels stand out.

But what are some good Instagram Reels transition effects? And where can you find them?

Let’s start.

Instagram Reels transition effect #1. Warp

Add a transition that appears when you turn your head left or right.

Instagram Reels transition effect #2. Spin

Tilt your head to transition to the next clip.

Awesome for makeup video transformation or to show a before and after.

Instagram Reels transition effect #3. Zoom

Search for: “Transition Zoom”.

Awesome to zoom in on your face or to transition to the next clip.

Like this:

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Instagram Reels transition effect #4. Scan

Want to show a before and after in a cool way?
Or a photo appearing behind you?
Or two of you in one shot: One frozen and one moving in the mirror?
Or you want to distort your face?

Use a “Scanning” effect.

There are many “Scan” transitions on Instagram. They have different “aesthetics”.

Search for these:

“Transition Scan”:
It has a green line, awesome for before and afters.

“Slit Scan”:
If you prefer a red line.
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Instagram Reels transition effect #5. Selfie Skit

Search: “Selfie Skits”

There are 3 different transition options in the “Selfie Skit” effect.

Here is one example:

Instagram Reels transition effect #6. Duplicate yourself

Want to duplicate yourself?

Use the “Duplicate” Effect. Clap your hands to make another one of you appear.

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Instagram Reels transition effect #7. My Tiny Army

Want to fill your entire screen with… yourself?

Use the “My Tiny Army” Effect.

Example #1:

Example #2:
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Example #3:

Instagram Reels transition effect #8. Freeze Frame

Super popular effect that goes with a specific audio.

The trend is:

  • Write a “fake” statement
  • Then use the effect to reveal the truth

Instagram Reels transition effect #9. Voice Effect

Want to do fun voice effects?

Like you’ve just inhaled helium?

Or want to sound like a giant, vocalist, announcer or robot?

Use the “Voice Effects” if you want to change your voice when you do a “Selfie Skit”. Your different characters can have different voices. It will make your video even more entertaining to watch!

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Instagram Reels transition effect #10. Body Frame

Make your video look more ALIVE and DYNAMIC!

Let the camera follow your body movements.

It looks like someone is following you with the camera. But in fact no one is there. It’s just the effect!

If you jump, the camera jumps with you!

This is awesome for dance or dynamic videos.

How to add Instagram Reels transition effects?

A lot of people ask:

Does Instagram Reels have transition effects?

As you saw: 100% YES!

Here is how to add Instagram Reels transition effects:

  1. Open your Reels screen
  2. Tap “Effects” on the left or right side of your screen
  3. Tap “Reels”
  4. Choose a transition effect
  5. Record your video

Like this:

Instagram Reels transition effects
Instagram Reels transition effects
Instagram Reels transition effects
Bonus tip:

Want to find even more Reels transition effects?

  • Press on the “Search” button
  • Type a keyword like “transition” or a specific effect you want (like “Spin”, “Glitter”, “Face”)
Instagram Reels transition effects

Have fun!

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