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Looking for Instagram presets for hairstylists?

All the filters I’m going to show you can be found in the Preview App.

Preview App has a special Filter Pack just for Hairstylists and Barbers.

The Filter Pack is called “Hair”.

One click = One photo transformation:

The goal of these filters is to elevate your work: the colors, the shine, the precision of your work on your clients.

Some filters are natural (true to color). Other filters are strong and make a statement.

You will find the hair presets you need within the app, to suit YOUR brand and YOUR style.

When you’re using a preset for hair, it’s not just about “using a preset for hair, just because”.

It’s a preset that will make your entire Instagram feed look cohesive. Professional.

For example, a lot of barbers on Instagram love the “moody” / “dark” Instagram look because it makes their cuts and feed look sharp and masculine. To achieve this look, they use filters 3 and 4 in the “Hair” filter pack:

A lot of hairstylists prefer a more “natural”, “true to color” look, but still sharp and professional. Therefore Filters 1, 2 and 5 in the “Hair” filter pack will be perfect for you:

Let’s jump into it.

Here are my favorite filters for hair photos:

Presets for Hairstylists #1

Filter #1 – “Hair” filter pack.

Recommended for hairstylists + barbers.

This is the most popular hair preset for hairstylists.

It is for you if you want to keep your photos look very natural, true to color. But you want that extra PUNCH. More contrast to see the highlights in the hair, and the different shades of colors.

Use this filter to create a strong feed.

Presets for Hairstylists #2

Filter #2 in the “Hair” filter pack.

Recommended for hairstylists + barbers.

This is also another natural preset for hair. This preset is just a bit warmer than Filter #1.
It also gives a natural glow and extra tan to your client.

Your overall Instagram feed will still look natural, but with a beautiful warm, summer vibe. If this is the Instagram look you would like to create, use this filter.

Presets for Hairstylists #3