Looking for presets for jewelry?

We’re keeping it clean, natural and shiny here.

All the presets are inside the Preview App.

One Filter = One Click = One photo transformation.

Here’s an example using one of the filters:

Sometimes, all you need is just one simple filter to make your entire collection look like they belong to the same brand. Your brand.

Let’s talk about skin:

Having a nice, smooth, glowing skin is very important if you are showing the skin of your models (hand, necks, ears).

The skin needs to look similar (similar editing style) so that people who view your product can focus on only one thing: your jewelry.

You’ll see that some of these filters are very subtle. And others are stronger.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite jewelry filters:

Jewelry Preset #1. Natural

Filter 1 in the “Jewelry” Filter Pack.

This is a very natural filter.

Perfect for a minimalist look or to create a minimalist Instagram feed design.

It will give skin a golden glow. And it will make gold, silver and diamonds / crystals shine.

Jewelry Preset #2. Smooth

This is one of my favorite presets for jewelry because of its smoothing effect.

It will:

  • Smooth out and lighten the background of your photo
  • Make your jewelry a lot more shiny
  • Make the skin smooth and reduces skin redness so that the jewelry pops more

Jewelry Preset #3. Creamy Pink

Filter 3 in the “Jewelry” Filter Pack.

This is a creamy, pink jewelry preset.

Recommended if:

  • Your brand represents something very light, airy, girly and peaceful
  • You want to create a creamy, femine Instagram feed

Jewelry Preset #4. Creamy Warm

Filter 4 in the “Jewelry” Filter Pack.

This is the second creamy jewelry preset in the pack.

It’s specialty is to smooth out the skin and create a warm glow on your photos.

Jewelry Preset #5. Bright White

Filter 5 in the “Jewelry” Filter Pack.

This jewelry preset is the brightest and whitest in the pack.

Highly recommended to:

  • Create a fun, bright or colorful Instagram feed or collection
  • Make your photo background whiter

Jewelry Preset #6. Golden Glow

Filter 6 in the “Jewelry” Filter Pack.

Think of this filter as the “Deep Golden Glow” filter.

It looks like a sunset on the skin.

A warm light on the photos.

It is perfect to make gold and silver jewelry shine.

Jewelry Preset #7. Brown

Filter 7 in the “Jewelry” Filter Pack.

This filter is for you if you love a deep brown, tanned, moody jewelry Instagram feed or product photography.

Think of this filter as a sultry, deep, tanned goddess.

More Presets for Jewelry

Filter 1 in the “Makeup” Filter Pack.

There are other filters inside of Preview App.

So feel free to try out other filters on your photos.

Other highly recommended filters:

  • The “Blogger” filter pack
  • The “Cream” filter pack
  • And the other Beauty filter packs for natural filters: “Makeup” and “Hair

Feel free to explore and see if there are other filters that fit your style and your photos.

Here for example I tried Filter 1 in the “Makeup” Filter Pack, and it worked like a charm on this beautiful ring photo.

That’s it for now!

Click here to download Preview.

Your photos are going to look so good. And so will your Instagram feed.

Have fun!

– Alex