Ok let me start by saying that these presets are for you if you’re looking for makeup presets that makes:

  • The colors of your makeup pop
  • Your skin smooth and
  • Your skin glow
  • Your background white (if you have a white background)
  • While still keeping your photo look natural

The filters are all inside the Preview App.

One Filter = One Click = One photo transformation:

This is Filter 4 in the “Makeup” filter pack – it’s one of the strongest looks, just to give you an idea of the power of a filter.

The filters have also been designed to make the eyes pop too.

You know why?

Because strong, bright eyes get people’s attention when they scroll on Instagram. When you get their attention, they will stop and open your post.

Preview App has 4 different presets for makeup inside the “Makeup” filter pack.

There are other filters inside of the app too.

So in addition to the filters you’re going to see below, I also recommend the “Hair” filter pack and the “Blogger” filter pack.

And if you love creating soft makeup looks, I recommend the “Cream” filter pack.

Here are some of my favorite makeup presets:

Makeup preset #1

Filter 1 in the “Makeup” filter pack.

If you just want a natural filter that will unify all your different photos: this is the filter. Simple with just the right amount of color pop of your makeup look.

Makeup Preset #2

Filter 2 in the “Makeup” filter pack.

This is a stronger makeup preset, but it is still very natural.

Makeup Preset #3

Filter 3 in the “Makeup” filter pack.

This makeup preset is very natural and warm. It will make your skin glow.

Makeup Preset #4

Filter 4 in the “Makeup” filter pack.

This makeup preset is the strongest in the “Makeup” filter pack. If you want a bolder Instagram feed, then this is your preset.

Makeup Preset #5

Filter 3 in the “Blogger” filter pack.

This preset will create a very different and unique Instagram feed. Use it you don’t mind if the colors of the makeup are a bit different. It’s a winner for selfies.

More Makeup Presets and Filters

There are more one-click filters and presets inside Preview App.

Click here to download it.

And before you go, quick little photo tip to make sure all your photos POP:

Natural light is your best friend for life.

Always take your photos in front of a window or a ring light.

Let that natural light bless your skin – it will make your makeup and your filter pop even more.

That’s it!

Have fun editing your stunning makeup looks!