Hello beautiful nail lovers!

I’m going to share my top 5 favorite presets for nails.

These filters are for you if:

  • You love nail art
  • You have a nail salon
  • You want to edit your nail photos quickly and easily
  • You want your nail photo background to be the same
  • You want your overall Instagram feed to look professional and POP.

All the nail presets are inside the Preview App.

One filter = One click = One photo transformation.

Here’s just one example, using one of the filters:

Preview App has a filter pack just for nail lovers called: “Nails”.

There are 5 different filters for nails inside.

Each one will help you achieve a different Instagram feed design. From natural to more edgy.

Here are my favorite presets for nails:

Preset for Nails #1

Filter 1 in the “Nails” filter pack.

This is a natural nail preset. Nothing crazy. It keeps the colors of your nail art beautiful. It will also make the skin of your client glow a bit more to accentuate the colors of the nails. It’s perfect for a nail selfie.

Use this filter if:

  • You don’t want the colors of your photos to be crazy, and
  • You want your overall Instagram feed to look polished and professional

Preset for Nails #2

Filter 2 in the “Nails” filter pack.

This is a soft and creamy nail preset.

Use this filter if you want to create a very smooth Instagram feed design. The colors will still stay natural.

It is one of my favorite filters to smooth out the skin. #babyskin

Preset for Nails #3

Filter 3 in the “Nails” filter pack.

If you want a strong and natural look, use this filter.

The colors of your nail polish will stay natural and will POP. It will also make the skin of your clients a bit more tanned to make the nail art stand out.

Preset for Nails #4

Filter 4 in the “Nails” filter pack.

This nail preset is also a very natural preset.

The colors of the nail polish will stay natural. And the skin of your clients will transform into a soft golden brown.

Preset for Nails #5

Filter 5 in the “Nails” filter pack.

This is the white nail preset. Use this preset if you want to create a very bright, white Instagram feed.

It is perfect if you’re taking nail photos in front of a white wall. It will make your nail photo background whiter, so that all the attention is on your nails.

This is a great filter to catch the attention of people on Instagram.

More presets for nails

There are other filters inside of the app to edit your nail photos.

Other presets for nails I recommend:

  • The “Cream” filter pack for a soft look (perfect for the skin)
  • The “Blogger” filter pack for stronger looks

Have fun!