You don’t need VSCO or any other app to make a white theme for Instagram.

Here are 6 unique filters in the White Filter Pack, inside Preview App.

Apply a filter to instantly brighten your photo and make your Instagram photos whiter.

If you want a bright white Instagram theme, then look at the White II Filter Pack. It’s the best for bright photos and pops of colors.

This filter pack (White) has a range of filters from desaturated to soft and faded. It has a more subtle white filters than the White II pack.

White Theme #1: Filter D1


About D1:

  • Bright
  • Pale
  • De-saturated
  • Awesome if you have photos with high contrasting colors in them (like black & white)

Theme inspiration using D1:

@bestfashionfeed, @mallory.overton, @letterfolkco, @adidaschique

White Theme #2: Filter D2


About D2:

  • Bright
  • Desaturated
  • Cool tones
  • Ice-y filter
  • Sharp look
  • Perfect for monochrome themes (black & white)

Theme inspiration using D2:

@hispter.grammer, @jolie_fee, @macstuff_us, @iphone7luxury, @veer74

White Theme #3: Filter D3


About D3:

  • Soft look
  • Maintains the colors in the photo
  • Bright and light
  • Beautiful for photos with pastels in them (blues, greens, pinks and soft greys)

Theme inspiration using D3:

@suburbancrunchygirl, @adidasoutfitterz, @ladylucyinstagraphie, @wishwishwish, @ourbookworlds

White Theme #4: Filter D4


About D4:

  • Bright & soft
  • Doesn’t fade the colors
  • Just the right amount of saturation
  • Beautiful for everyday lifestyle photos

Theme inspiration using D4:

@wonderfelle, @whitecornercreative, @flowercrownsociety, @shylebrandi, @afternoonpickmeup

White Theme #5: Filter D5


About D5:

  • Soft
  • Bright
  • A bit washed out
  • Perfect for photos with a lot of white in them

Theme inspiration using D5:

@carolynrauh (featured image), @intentionallydesigned, @lovekatslist, @_tan.ja._, @elskabody

White Theme #6: Filter D6


About D6:

  • Clean
  • High contrast
  • Aesthetic filter
  • Perfect for everyday photos

Theme inspiration using D6:

@emdawgreads, @littleblueheart_, @sneakersandsoul, @tomreads, @katherinedorrington

Extra tips to make the perfect white theme for Instagram


  • Apply the filter first

Apply one of the filter first before doing any other edits. This is because some of the filters are already very bright. So if you increase brightness or exposure before applying a filter, you might be left with a very, very, very white photo.

So apply the filter first. If you want to make the filter even whiter, then increase exposure.

  • Last touches with the whitening tool

If you want to make parts of your photo whiter, use the whitening tool in the Photo Editor.
This will ensure an even, white finish on your photo.

I hope you found this article useful!
See you all on Instagram!


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