There’s nothing like a beautiful home to feel at peace.

You’ve probably taken some photos of your home, or maybe your new decor. And it’s time to find beautiful hashtags to connect with fellow home decor lovers.

Or maybe you are an interior designer and would love potential clients to find you on Instagram.

If so, you are in the right place. 

There are HUNDREDS of amazing home decor hashtags in Preview app.

home decor instagram hashtags

All the hashtags are organized into “groups“, so you can choose the hashtags you need based on what your post is about.

For example, you’ll find hashtags for:

  • Home
  • Home decor
  • Home decor for Christmas (if you share your Christmas decor at the end of the year)
  • Interior (everyone can use these amazing hashtags to connect with interior lovers)
  • Interior Designer (if you are an interior designer)
  • Handmade home decor (if you hand-make furniture or home decor pieces)
  • Architecture (if you are an architect or architecture lover)
  • Different rooms of the house (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc…)
  • Different home styles (boho, farmhouse)
  • Renovation and Fixer Upper

And so much more!

I am going to show you all the most popular hashtags for home decor that are in the app.

But first, let me show you where they are in Preview, so that you can find them all yourself.

Where are the home decor Instagram hashtags in Preview?

All the hashtags have been researched and selected by hand (not by a computer).

This is important for me to stress because so many “Instagram hashtags generators” out there can give you super random and general hashtags. Or only hashtags that have millions of posts which will make it hard for you to compete and be seen.

This is not the case with Preview.

All the hashtags in Preview are:

  • Actually legit
  • Used by a community of people who love all things home decor, interior design, Renovation or construction
  • Not banned or blocked by Instagram to keep your account safe
  • A mix of big (but not general for no reason), medium, small and community hashtags to get you the best chance to increase your reach or be found by the right people

Plus, you’ll find hashtags that can help you get featured on other people’s accounts who specialize in sharing other people’s posts. This is an amazing opportunity for you to grow your account.

So where are those hashtags in Preview?

You can use Preview on your phone or on your computer.

For this blog post, I am going to show you where to find them on your phone.

Press on the Caption button:

home decor instagram hashtags

Find Hashtags“:

home decor instagram hashtags

Type “Home” in the search bar:

home decor instagram hashtags

You will see all the home decor hashtag groups appearing. You can scroll through them all and pick the category you want.

You have 2 options:

  • Press on “Add All” to add all the hashtags from that group in your caption, or
  • Press only on the hashtag you want to use
home decor instagram hashtags

Feel free to mix and match hashtags from different hashtag groups to fit your post.

Tip: Schedule posts, carousels, Reels, IGTVs and Instagram Stories with Preview too.

Without further ado, here are the most popular home decor Instagram hashtags people use in Preview.

Home hashtags

These are the “core” Instagram hashtags for anyone who wants to share photos and videos about a home.

Whether you’re a construction company, builder, realtor, professional interior designer or interior lover – you can use these hashtags.

home decor instagram hashtags

Home Decor hashtags

These Instagram hashtags are specifically about home decor. 

So if you are sharing a post about your new home decor or interior design, feel free to use the hashtags in this group.

home decor instagram hashtags

Interior Instagram hashtags

Want to show your home interior?

Interior” is another keyword you can use so that people looking for interior design inspiration can find your posts.

You can use these hashtags only. And you can also use some of these hashtags and mix them with the “Home” hashtags.

home decor instagram hashtags

Interior Designer hashtags

If you are an interior designer, use these hashtags so that people looking for a professional can find you.

Use can use the “Interior Designer” hashtags by themselves.

You can also mix and match hashtags.

For example:

  • You can use the “Interior Designer” hashtags and “Home” hashtags, or
  • Interior Designer” hashtags and “Interior” hashtags

The great thing is that you can mix and match hashtags from different groups to keep your hashtags fresh for different posts.

home decor instagram hashtags

Handmade home decor Instagram hashtags

This is for you if you create home decor pieces (like artwork, candles, furniture, homeware, etc…).

There are hashtags on Instagram dedicated to handmade home decor.

Check the “Handmade Home Decor” hashtags in Preview.

You can also check these other hashtag groups too:

  • Handmade Business (so that people looking to support handmade businesses can find you)
  • Small Business
  • Etsy (if you sell on Etsy)
home decor instagram hashtags

Home Organization

A lot of people on Instagram are also looking for “Home Organization” tips.

So if you are sharing home organization and cleaning tips, feel free to use these hashtags.

Also check this hashtag group:

  • Cleaning” (it has hashtags related to the hinching community)
home decor instagram hashtags
home decor instagram hashtags

Home decor hashtags for different rooms

If you are showing a photo or video of a specific room, feel free to use hashtags dedicated to these rooms.

This way if people are looking for “bedroom inspiration” for example, they can find your post.

Here are the hashtag groups in the app:

  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
home decor instagram hashtags

Renovation and Fixer Upper hashtags

Are you going to renovate a house? Or buying a fixer-upper?

Check these hashtag groups in Preview. Feel free to use these hashtags in combination with other hashtags from other groups.

For example:

  • “Renovation” + “Home”
  • “Renovation” + “Fixer Upper”
  • “Fixer Upper” + “Farmhouse”
  • “Renovation” + “Kitchen”

You get the idea.

home decor instagram hashtags
home decor instagram hashtags


If you are an architect, home designer or architecture lover, you can use the “Architecture” hashtags.

home decor instagram hashtags

Boho Home

If you are sharing photos of boho home decor, you can use the “Boho Home Decor” hashtag group.

home decor instagram hashtags

Cottage Instagram hashtags

Another popular home decor Instagram hashtag group is the “Cottage” one.

If you are renovating, selling, or living in a beautiful cottage, feel free to use these hashtags.

home decor instagram hashtags

Farmhouse Instagram hashtags

Farmhouse home decor, magnolia style, farmhouse furniture and styling.

You will find the most popular farmhouse Instagram hashtags in here to show and promote your beautiful farmhouse posts.

home decor instagram hashtags

Garden hashtags

If you are planning to share photos of a beautiful home garden, you can use the “Garden“, “Flowers” and “Plants” hashtag groups.

Home Decor Instagram hashtags for garden

Minimalist hashtags

Last but not least, you can also choose hashtags based on your style. For example, if you are sharing a minimalist home decor, use the “Minimalist” hashtags.

Other hashtag groups that will fit this home decor style, and to connect with people looking for “minimalist” designs::

  • “Slow Living”
  • “Pretty Life:
home decor instagram hashtags

City and country hashtags

Want to connect with locals?

Type a city or country in the search bar to find specific hashtags in this location.

home decor instagram hashtags

You can also add your city or country name at the end of any of the home decor hashtags in the app.

For example, let’s say you are renovating a house in Australia. You can use the renovation hashtag + the country name. Like this:


Another example, if you are an interior designer in Australia, you can do this:


This way clients can find you if they are typing these keywords on Instagram.

You can use this trick to create any other hashtags.

That’s it!

I hope you found this blog post useful and that you now know which hashtag you would like to use for your next posts.

On that note, have fun choosing your hashtags!

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