We’ve added in Preview app a bunch of Instagram hashtags for handmade businesses:

  • Handmade business
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Crafts
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Etsy
  • Art
  • Creative business
  • Awesome handmade business owner communities
  • And much more

If you’re new here and you have no idea what is Preview, let me quickly introduce it to you.

Preview is an app to plan your Instagram. You can design your feed, edit photos, schedule your posts, check your analytics and manage your hashtags.

Preview also comes with a Hashtag Finder.

The Hashtag Finder is an Instagram hashtags generator. You can search for hashtags by categories, cities, countries and even Instagram communities.

Each hashtag is carefully selected to help you grow your account, reach your customers and join awesome Instagram communities.

This is how it works:

In Preview, go in your caption and press on “Find” to start looking for hashtags:

Choose any hashtags you want.

I will let you explore the Hashtag Finder by yourself, because we all have different businesses and business needs.

Here are my favorite Instagram hashtags for handmade businesses:

Instagram hashtags for handmade business

This hashtag group is full of trending Instagram hashtags for handmade businesses. There are a mix of popular hashtags and niche hashtags. These hashtags will help you join communities of fellow business owners.

Instagram hashtags for handmade jewelry

This hashtag group is for jewelry makers. It gathers the most popular Instagram hashtags for handmade jewelry. You can complement this hashtag group with other hashtags from other categories. For example: Handmade Business, Etsy, and Jewelry.

Instagram hashtags for Etsy sellers

There are many different hashtags in this group. These hashtags gather the community of Etsy sellers on Instagram. There are also hashtags from accounts that will help you get featured on other people’s account.

Please note that you can pick and choose the hashtags that you need the most. For example:

  • If you are selling art, you can add #etsyart and #etsyartist
  • If you are selling jewelry you can use #etsyjewelry
  • If you are running a promotion, you can use #etsysale, #etsy and #etsypromo

Instagram hashtags for knit and crochet

Many people in our community are knitters and crochetters. These two hashtag groups are for you. There are many trending hashtags as well as community hashtags in each hashtag group.

Instagram hashtags for art

This hashtag group is for artists. Whether you are a painter, designer, or any other kind of artist, this hashtag group is for you.

Instagram hashtags for creative business

A handmade business is a creative business. This hashtag group allows you to become part of the greater creative business community on Instagram. It allows allow you to get your work seen by other people outside of your industry (they could be potential customers!).

Instagram hashtags for creativity

This hashtag group gathers trending Instagram hashtags for creativity. Feel free to use these hashtags to complement them with other hashtag categories.

Instagram hashtags for business

This hashtag group is a general hashtag group. It gathers the general business community on Instagram. The hashtags in this group are for business owners and entrepreneurs, no matter the industry you’re in.

Instagram hashtags for business women

Connect with fellow women entrepreneur using this hashtag group. If you have a product you think women would enjoy, feel free to use some of these hashtags to connect with them and get in front of their eyeballs.

There are many more Instagram hashtags for your handmade business in Preview. Take your time to explore. Choose any hashtags you need. Mix and match hashtags from different categories.

Do you know other Instagram hashtags for handmade businesses? Awesome handmade Instagram communities with their own hashtags?

Are there other categories you would like us to add?

Please feel free to share them below. We’re always happy to add more hashtags and communities in Preview.

Until next time, have fun!