Happy Fall!! All the fall Instagram captions are inside the app called “Preview”.

There are thousands of captions for different types of Instagram posts and for different seasons and holidays during the year.

So if you’re looking for quick Instagram caption ideas, or caption templates when you need some inspiration, just use the Caption feature in Preview.

Since it’s fall / autumn, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite fall Instagram captions ideas.

You’ll find fall quotes, puns and questions you can ask your followers to start conversation with them and to help you get more comments.


Let’s jump straight into it:

“Fall” Instagram captions

Obviously, the first fall Instagram caption ideas are inside the “Fall” category.

Inside this category you’ll find the most popular:

  • Leaf captions
  • Pumpkin captions
  • Fall puns and quotes
  • Simple fall captions

I’ve also added “Quick Questions” you can ask your followers about fall to help you start conversations with them.

“Quick Questions” are awesome for 2 reasons:

  1. To start conversations with your followers (Instagram is a SOCIAL media – who doesn’t love to chat?), and
  2. To make friend with the Instagram algorithm because the more comments you get, the more your posts will be shown to more people
Fall Instagram caption ideas

“Missing Summer” captions

If you’re going to miss summer and you’re not ready for sweater weather yet, you can use the “Missing Summer” captions.

You’ll find sweet and simple Instagram caption ideas and Quick Questions you can ask your followers to boost your engagement too.

Fall Instagram caption ideas

“Halloween” captions

October = Fall + Halloween

Everyone loves good Halloween puns and quotes.

As always you’ll find awesome (… Creepy? Scary?) questions you can ask your followers so you can interact with them even more.

Fall Instagram caption ideas

“Home” captions

A lot of us love to stay cozy at home during fall and winter.

Some of my favorite  fall Instagram caption ideas are inside the “Home Quotes” captions.

So if you’re planning to take photos from inside your home, definitely check out these cozy captions:

Fall Instagram caption ideas

“Bed” captions

Who else loves to stay in bed when it’s getting colder outside?

A lot of people love to take cozy photos in their bed, with candles around, or with their pets, or watching a movie in bed, or even eating in bed.

Or if you don’t feel like getting up one day because it’s so nice and warm in bed, or because you just don’t want to get up, you can use the fun quotes and captions inside the “Bed” category.

Fall Instagram caption ideas

“Dogs and Cats” captions

Do you have a pet?

A lot of us love to snuggle with our furry best friends during colder days.

Or maybe you want to take a cute picture of your dog or cat by themselves in the bed or on the sofa.

If you want to write a cute caption for your pet, check out the “Dogs and Cats” captions.

You’ll see a bunch of different caption ideas that can give you some fun photo ideas you can take with your pet. Have fun!

Fall Instagram caption ideas


Who else loves hot chocolate in fall?

If you’re planning to show some of your chocolate treats, you can use the yummy “Chocolate” captions.

Fall Instagram caption ideas

Fall Instagram Captions with “Friends”

If you want fall Instagram caption ideas with friends, use the “Friend” captions.

Warning #1: You might get emotional.

Warning #2: You might make your followers smile a lot too 🙂

Fall Instagram caption ideas

Caption “Starters”

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know how much I love Caption “Starters”.

Caption Starters are powerful words / phrases that you can use at the beginning of your caption to catch people’s attention.

Usually the first few words you see in someone’s captions will determine if you’re going to continue reading, or if it’s going to be “boring”.

If you want to catch people’s attention and intrigue them: use a Starter. 

Here is an example of a Caption Starter:

“First of all: let’s address the elephant in the room: ______.”

See? It already sounds intriguing. I want to read more: What’s the elephant in the room? What’s happening? I will continue to read the caption.

As you can see, you have space to write your own thoughts / story. Since I’m sharing captions ideas for fall, what you can do is use a caption starter and then write your thoughts about fall. Or a story that happened to you last fall, or this fall.

So if we take the same example as above, here is what we can write in the caption:

“First of all: let’s address the elephant in the room:

Fall is coming and I’m not ready for it. It means winter is around the corner and I’m DEFINITELY not ready to freeze. I’ll miss you summer, see you next year.”

Fall Instagram caption ideas

“Get Comments”

And lastly, if you want to get more comments on your fall photos, you can use the “Get Comments” captions.

In this category there are a ton of caption ideas and questions you can ask your followers to get them to interact with you. It’s simple: if you ask a question, people want to answer!

Here’s an example of a simple (and super effective) “Get Comments” caption:

“Describe this photo in one word”.

So you can take a photo of you throwing fall leaves in the air and ask people to describe it in one word.

Fall Instagram caption ideas

Where are the fall Instagram captions?

Here’s where to find the captions:

Open your Preview app. What you see below are my planned posts.

Press on a photo and press on the “Caption” button:

Fall Instagram caption ideas

Now press on “Find Captions”:

Fall Instagram caption ideas

And that’s it! Choose any captions you want.

Fall Instagram caption ideas

That’s it for the fall Instagram caption ideas!

As you can see there are a lot more fun captions ideas inside Preview App to help you grow your Instagram account – through the power of words, psychology and creativity.

Have fun!