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This is a long awaited blog post. I hope you enjoy it.

Here are 10 Insta Story tricks I always use:

  1. Rainbow text
  2. Same image with more text (looking like an animation)
  3. Use any color you want
  4. Change typewriter background color
  5. Fill the screen with any color
  6. Transparent background colour on top of photo or video
  7. Fun tricks with the eraser
  8. Pop-up trick
  9. Insta Story covers
  10. Flying Instagram heart emojis

Let’s start.

Quick tip: Love Instagram? If you’re not using Preview app you’re totally missing out.

Trick 1. Rainbow text

Probably the most asked question. How to do the rainbow text / ombre text effect in Insta Story?

  • Write text
  • Select All text
  • Hold your right thumb on the purple color
  • Hold your left thumb on the text cursor
  • Slide both fingers at the same time to the left
  • Your letters will change colors

2. The same image with more text after you tap to the next Story

You know when you see an Insta Story and it is the same as the previous one? Except that there is more text or emojis on it? It looks like a cool animation.

This is how to do it:

  • Make your Insta Story
  • Press the “save” icon on the top of your screen (the first icon) to save it to your camera roll
  • Add more text on your Story
  • Save to your camera roll again

Once you have prepared your Stories, post them in order.

3. Use any color you want

You can change the color of your text, text background or even Insta Story background to any color you want.

For example, let’s say I want to change the font color of the text:

  • Write something
  • Bottom of the screen are the colors
  • Hold your finger pressed on one color
  • The color palette will appear
  • Slide your finger on the palette to use any color

4. Change typewriter background color

There are new fonts on Insta Story. One of them is the typewriter font. You can add a background around the typewriter text. And you can also change the color of that background.

A lot of people wonder how we change the background color.

This is how:

  • Write text
  • Select typewriter font
  • Add the background (the default color is yellow)
  • Press a color on the bottom of the screen to change it
  • Or hold your finger pressed on one color to choose from the full color palette
  • White background: slide your finger all the way to the left of the palette

5. Create a background color

How to fill the Insta Story screen with one color? You can color block your Insta Story screen:

  • Take a random photo
  • Select the pen tool
  • Choose a color at the bottom of your screen
  • Hold your finger pressed on the screen to fill it with that color

Then you can write text on top of it.

6. Create a transparent background / overlay

You can do the same thing as above, but with the transparent pen. It is the second pen tool on top of your screen. The trick is to take a photo you like and add a transparent background on top. It gives a cool effect to your Insta Story.

  • Take a photo
  • Select the transparent pen tool
  • Choose a color
  • Hold your finger pressed on the screen

7. Fun tricks with the eraser

Now that you know these two Insta Story tricks with the background colors, you can have a fun with them. A cool thing to do is to use the eraser tool.

8. Pop-up

Another highly requested tutorial: how do we make a photo look like a pop-up card?

  • Go in your feed (or the feed of someone else)
  • Hold your finger pressed on a photo
  • Take a screenshot

It takes a little bit of finger gymnastics to take the screenshot, but once you train a bit it’s very easy.

9. Insta Story covers

Many of you also ask us how we did our Insta Story covers. These Insta Stories under our bio are called “Highlights”. There are many different ways you can create covers for your Insta Story Highlight. You can use:

  • Your computer
  • Your Insta Stories (have fun with text, emojis or GIFs)
  • Apps

We use an app called Canva. It is very easy and quick to use. It has a bunch of fonts and icons.

Here is our step-by-step tutorial.

10. Flying heart emojis

And the last Insta Story tricks a lot of you ask: where do we find the flying heart emojis? They are in the GIFs section

  • Press on the first icon on top of your Insta Story
  • Select “GIF”
  • Type “Instagram”

You will see a lot of Instagram-related GIFs. Scroll to find the Instagram hearts.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Tag us in your Insta Stories if you try any of these tricks ( We’d love to see your creations.

Are there any other tricks you would like us to add?


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