Instagram post ideas for Halloween

halloween instagram content ideas

Here are photo and video ideas for Halloween.

  1. Halloween costume
  2. Halloween makeup
  3. Halloween photo with friends
  4. Halloween photo with your pet
  5. Halloween home decor 
  6. Halloween food inspo
  7. Halloween recipe idea
  8. Spooky quote
  9. Share a scary story that happened to you
  10. Ask your followers to share their spooky stories in the comments
  11. Share your paranormal activity story
  12. Share your favorite horror movies
  13. Halloween throwback: show your past Halloween looks (in a carousel or Reels) and ask your followers which costume is their favorite (1, 2 or 3?)
  14. Creative Halloween edit
  15. Share your biggest fear and ask your followers what their fears are

Instagram Story ideas for Halloween

halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas

Here are spooky Insta Story ideas for Halloween.

You can use the tricks when:

  • You share a new feed post to your Stories. Or
  • You share a normal photo or video in your Story.

They will definitely make your followers stop and stare. 

Here are 10 Halloween Insta Story ideas:

  1. Bloody Story
  2. Spider Story
  3. Creepy Eyes
  4. Lightning
  5. Angel & Demon Friends
  6. Fire
  7. Ghost
  8. Halloween This or That
  9. Halloween Would You Rather Questions
  10. Halloween scary movie quiz

Instagram Story GIFs stickers

Use Instagram Story GIFs to make your Stories look more creepy.

Type these keywords in the Instagram GIF search bar:

halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas

The keywords are:

  • Scary
  • Creepygals
  • astudiowhallo
  • Devil
  • Halloween
  • Cute Halloween (for cute GIFs)
  • Smoke
  • Flames
  • Pumpkin
  • Bat
  • Orange heart (awesome for cute stories)
  • New post orange (to add a new post GIF on your new post)

Instagram Reels ideas for Halloween

You can do:

  • A timelapse, or
  • A transition between the “before” and “after” look, or
  • A series (like Halloween costume ideas everyday during October)

Here are some Halloween Reels video ideas:

  1. Halloween makeup transformation
  2. Halloween costume
  3. Homemade Halloween costume
  4. Halloween costume ideas for girls, guys (make it a series)
  5. Halloween costume ideas with screenshots of Amazon finds
  6. Superhero Halloween costume
  7. Halloween hacks (like a makeup hack)
  8. Your favorite costumes worn by other people / celebrities
  9. Prank a friend (like hide and scare)
  10. Re-create someone’s look
  11. Create a Halloween challenge (like a makeup challenge or costume challenge)

Cool transition like this:

Instagram Reels audio for Halloween

To find Halloween music for your Insta Stories or Reels, do this:

  • Open your Insta Story
  • Take a photo / video
  • Press on the “Music” button
  • Type “Halloween” in the search bar

You will see all the popular and trending Instagram Reels songs for Halloween.

halloween instagram content ideas

Spooky Halloween songs for scary vibes:

  • Halloweenie II: Pumpkin Spice – Ashnikko
  • Still don’t know my name – Labrinth
  • The Pumpkin’s Song – Osjar Schuster
  • Scary Music Box – Cauldon City
  • Halloween Theme Song
  • Purge Siren [Instrumental] – Young Mooski
  • The Ghost – NIVIRO
  • Psycho Theme – The Dark
  • Scary Killer Clown – It Lives Down Below

Fun Halloween songs for upbeat content:

  • Thriller – The Freaks
  • Spooky, Scary Skeletons – Andrew Gold
  • Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell
  • This is Halloween (Remix) – Keiron Raven
  • Hocus Pocus – David Gale
  • The Adams Family Theme Song
  • Lofi Circus – Crazy Monkey

Mellow, chilled Halloween songs:

  • Season of the Witch – Lana Del Rey
  • October Eyes – Alt Bloom
  • Pure imagination – Kathleen
halloween instagram content ideas

Instagram captions for Halloween

Find a bunch of fun and spooky Halloween captions in Preview app!

Open the caption and press on “Find Captions”. There are over 3,000 caption ideas.

halloween instagram content ideas
halloween instagram content ideas

Instagram hashtags for Halloween

Copy and paste the Halloween hashtags below.

Tip: You can save the hashtags in Preview app to make it easier to plan your posts.

halloween instagram content ideas

Halloween hashtags:

  • #halloween
  • #halloween2021
  • #halloweenideas
  • #halloweenstyle
  • #halloweenvibes
  • #halloweenseason
  • #halloweenspirit
  • #halloweentheme
  • #halloweeneveryday
  • #halloweenfeed
  • #halloweengirls
  • #halloweenart
  • #halloweendiy
  • #halloweenaesthetic
  • #halloweencrafts

 Halloween makeup hashtags:

  • #halloweenmakeup
  • #halloweenmakeupidea
  • #halloweenmakeupideas
  • #halloweenmakeuplook
  • #halloweenmakeuplooks
  • #halloweenmakeupartist
  • #halloweenglam
  • #halloweenmakeuptutorial
  • #halloweenmakeuptutorials
  • #halloweenmakeupvideo
  • #halloweenmakeupchallenge
  • #scarymakeup
  • #halloweenmask

Halloween costume hashtags:

  • #halloweencostume
  • #halloweencostumes
  • #halloweencostumeidea
  • #halloweencostumeideas
  • #halloweencostumeparty
  • #halloweencostumeforgirls
  • #halloweencostumeforguys
  • #halloweenlook
  • #halloweenstyle
  • #halloweenoutfit
  • #halloweencostumeforkids
  • #halloweencostumefordogs

Halloween home decor hashtags:

  • #halloweenhome
  • #halloweendecor
  • #halloweenhomedecor
  • #halloweendecorations
  • #halloweenparty

Halloween food hashtags:

  • #halloweenfood
  • #halloweenfoodideas
  • #halloweensnacks
  • #spookyfood
  • #halloweendesserts
  • #halloweencake
  • #halloweencupcake
  • #halloweencupcakes
  • #halloweentreats
  • #halloweenbaking
  • #halloweenfoodart
  • #halloweenfoodforkids

That’s it!

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