Hello everyone!

Let’s talk about the colors in your Instagram feed.

The colors in your feed = your color palette = your signature look = your branding.

Almost all the beautiful Instagram accounts stick to a color palette.

Sometimes you might not even notice it. It might be one color that pops in some photos, here and there, throughout the feed. Yet that one colour makes the whole feed flow.

Sometimes it is a combination of multiple colours that create an entire vibe.

I’m going to show you:

  • How to choose the colors for your Instagram theme
  • How to use the colors in your photos, and
  • 14 color theme ideas

How to choose colors for your Instagram theme?

Do you already have colors for your brand? If so, infuse these colours in your photos and quotes.

If not, choose 1 color you love. It should be a color that is around you most of the time. This way, it will be easier to make your color theme flow.

Usually, people use 1, 2 or 3 different colors to make a color theme. I’m going to show you some examples below.

How to use the colors in your Instagram feed?

The trick is to infuse the same color(s) in almost all of your photos.

The color can appear in:

  • The background of your photo
  • The subjects or objects in your photo
  • Your quotes
  • Your clothes
  • And even your hair!

You don’t have to use the colors in ALL your photos if you don’t want to. You can just add the colors in some of your photos here and there. It will make your whole feed flow.

If you are not sure where to start: Keep it simple. Start with one color.

For example, you can start by using the same background color all the time (like a white wall).

Or you can use the same pop of color in your photos like:

  • Green from plants
  • Blue from the sky
  • White from walls
  • Orange from your outfit

Here are some color themes examples to inspire you.

PS: The majority of these people use Preview to design their feed. Big shout-out to you guys!

White color theme

@paonotes and @riskinovianti always use a white background for their photos. As you can see their photos are also very simple. This makes their feeds look very clean and white.

Blue color theme

To make a blue color theme, you need to use a lot of photos with blue in them. For example, the blue can come from the sky, water, the swimming pool, the ocean, and even quotes. Colours that go well with blue are: white, green, brown, and black. These are natural colours that you can find almost anywhere around you.

Green color theme

The easiest way to create a green color theme is by taking a lot of photos of plants. Your feed will automatically turn into a beautiful green theme.

Yellow color theme

Yellow is a bit harder to find in our everyday life. You can find yellow in flowers, food, walls, shirts. If you pull it off, your feed is going to stand out for sure.

Orange color pop theme

The orange color theme is so beautiful and super popular on Instagram at the moment. The trick is to always have a pop of orange or red in your photos. The pop of orange can come from: your outfits, a wall, flowers, your home decor, or even your hair (we’re looking at you @jacimarismith!). Have fun finding orange and red props around you!

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Red color theme

After orange, let’s have a look at some red color themes. Find red objects around you and make them the stars of your photos. Your Instagram feed will instantly turn into a striking red theme.

Peach pastel color theme

If you want to keep your theme look soft, try a peach pastel theme. This kind of theme is perfect for shops and creative business owners who want to showcase their work.

Pink color theme

Another very popular Instagram color theme: the pink theme! This theme is perfect for a girly Instagram page or shop.

Purple color theme

You can make your theme any other theme color you want – like purple! @thecontentplanner brand color is purple. Can you tell? You can also make your color theme look more subtle by only including small touches of purple colors in your photos – like @aquaticbohemia.

Colorful theme

Are you surrounded by a lot of colors? You should try a colorful theme! Usually the color palette for a colorful theme is: blue, pink, green, red, orange. You can’t go wrong with this color combination. All these colors will be around you in summer! Think about a tropical getaway: blue sky, blue water, pink flowers, pink sunsets, green trees.

Black color theme

Dark Instagram themes are simply beautiful. They stand out. To make your dark theme work, make sure you are not taking photos of super colorful things. Otherwise it will throw off the flow of your feed. Everything should be dark – especially your background and clothes. And include some white elements in your photos. White will create contrast with the black, which will make your dark theme pop even more!

Natural color theme

If you like minimalist, earthy Instagram feeds, you will love creating a natural color theme. Think about these kind of colors: brown, dark green, beige. These colors are simple and neutral.

Brown color theme

Last but not least, you can also create a beautiful brown color theme. Brown themes look cosy and warm.

That’s it!

What about you? What color theme do you have? Leave a comment below with your Instagram username so we can come check it out!

Until next time, see you on Instagram or on our Instagram blog!