Think of Instagram as a magazine. People arrive on your feed and see your whole layout.


If they are impressed. They will follow you.

How to impress? By sticking to an Instagram grid layout.

Let me explain:
Each square plays an important role in your overall Instagram feed.
You can create different Instagram layouts by planning each square.

Basically: A grid layout = a template = an amazing Instagram theme.

I am going to show you 9 types of Instagram grid layouts.

Want to try to create your own layout right now?

You can use Preview app to create your Instagram grid layout.

With Preview, you can move your posts around to create the feed layout you want.


Letโ€™s do this!

PS: Shout out to our amazing community! Most of the feed examples you will see below are created using Preview App.

Instagram Grid Layout #1. Squares

Let’s start easy. The first grid layout is to keep it simple.
Just post your photo, each square at a time. You don’t have to stress out about your whole layout as such, as long as you stick to the same filter and color combination.

Instagram Grid Layout #2. Diagonal

The second Instagram grid layout is used by a lot of Instagrammers.ย  It makes your Instagram theme look consistent instantly. And it’s so easy to do!

The diagonal grid layout was explained by Amanda, the Creative Director of Hooray House, in our Insta Story. You guys loved this trick!

All you have to do is (1) choose a type of photo and (2) choose a color. Then just drag and drop your photos to rearrange them like this:

Instagram Grid Layout #3. Tiles

For this Instagram grid layout, use each square as a tile.

The most popular way to use this layout is by sharing a photo, then a quote, then a photo, then a quote.

It is an easy way to have a consistent Instagram feed. Super easy. Plus, your followers will know exactly what you will post next. If you have just posted a photo. They are expecting an awesome quote after.

Of course, you donโ€™t have to only use quotes. Be creative. For example, you can share your new blog post title, an icon (like a heart), an emoji, a drawingโ€ฆ

Instagram Grid Layout #4. Row-by-Row

This is another creative Instagram grid layout.

It is very beautiful because it looks like you are reading a bookโ€ฆ or a magazine. Our eyes naturally go from left to right to read (unless youโ€™re from Japan, then right to left).

Again, you can get very creative and tell a story. One row = one story.

For example, if you are traveling somewhere you could use a line to write about your travel tips, your experience or the name of your destination.

Instagram Grid Layout #5. Line in the Middle

This Instagram grid layout is one of my favorites.

This feed layout is easy to maintain and it is very pretty to look at.
The line in the middle of your feed is usually quotes on a white background. But it can be anything you want.

That line in the middle will guide your viewers as they scroll down your feed.

This is so cool! It just makes you want to scroll, scroll, scroll!

Again, you can get very creative with what you decide to put on each side of your middle photo. You can keep it simple and just post any image. Or you can be more intentional. How does the text in the middle relate to the images on each side? Just a little something to think aboutโ€ฆ

Instagram Grid Layout #6. Rainbow Feed

This is a pretty cool grid layout too. A rainbow feed is when the color of your feed changes when you scroll. It requires a little bit more work and planning than the other grid layouts. If you pull it off, your account will definitely stand out. It will look like a rainbow. Use a different colors in your photos after every 3, 6 or 9 photos for the best effect

Instagram Grid Layout #7. Borders

This Instagram feed layout stands out too!

Favorite white borders in Preview app: Aura, Sole, Vela. Preview also has other borders like circles and black borders. Take your time to experiment.

Instagram Grid Layout #8. Puzzle

This is a next level grid layout. The trickiest part of doing this layout is maintaining high quality of each single image after you split it. You also want to make sure that each individual photo makes sense on its own (otherwise people wonโ€™t click on it).

Instagram Grid Layout #9. Mix

If you want to go one extra mile, try to mix different types of grid layouts:

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Have fun!