Choosing the right feed idea for your Instagram can really make a difference.

  • It helps you stand out from the crowd and grow your Instagram.
  • You can experiment with different feeds and see how it affects your engagement rate.
  • You can also choose your own signature feed layout which will make you stand out even more.

For today’s feed ideas I have been searching Instagram fitness accounts.

I’m going to show you examples of Instagram themes, feed layouts and grids you can create for your Instagram account.

From what I have found it’s obvious that feed layouts are becoming very popular on Instagram amongst personal and business accounts. Not only are people sticking to a layout but they are experimenting with this and combining feed ideas in their layout.

Quick tip: You can use Preview app to design your feed, edit your photos, schedule your posts (and even find fitness hashtags).


Ok, let’s get started!

Feed idea 1. Poses/mirror shots

The first feed idea for fitness: Posing!

This is the most common shot when it comes to fitness accounts. Ranging from small Instagram users with only a few hundred followers to users with 1million + followers. Everyone has shots of poses and “mirror poses” (posing in front of the mirror and taking a photo).

Some have taken this to another level by turning it into a feed layout. Have a look at @cristiano.m.marinho who is a professional competitor, @jay_darko who is a fitness instructor and @amandaregiina who just started her Instagram accounts and shares her fitness progress. As you can see a variety of people like to use this type of feed.

Feed idea 2. Gym only photos

Some people’s feed are only photos of themselves in the gym. They might be:

  • Posing in the gym’s mirror, or
  • Working out in the gym

Feed idea 3. Videos of training

Some people specialise in taking videos of themselves training. First, these videos can make you go viral because they catch our attention. Second, it’s an awesome way for people to see you perform big lifts and tough exercises.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram, especially with the introduction of IGTV videos. A big part of fitness is about exercising and getting those big lifts. Hence it is no surprise that videos are very popular for fitness accounts.

@blaqveganfitness only uses videos of herself working out. @drew_miller_kbpt uses mainly videos as single posts and in carousels combined with the tiles layout. 

Feed idea 4. Carousels

Some people also use the “carousel” feature on Instagram to post their workouts.

For example, @christieswadling shares her training in a carousel. She uses one slide to show one exercise. The next slide is another exercise.

Feed idea 4. Row by Row layout

Another Instagram feed idea is to position your photos strategically in your feed to create certain patterns / grids.

That’s when using Preview app becomes very useful to plan your feed.

For example, Tammy Hembrow uses the Row-by-Row feed for her business account: @saskicollection.


One row = one outfit color.

You can use this feed idea in other ways. For example:

  • One row = one training session
  • One row = one body part training (like abs only)

Feed idea 5. Columns

Another favorite in the industry is to use the “Line in the Middle” feed layout.

Usually people do this by posting quotes only, or meals only in the middle column of their feed. Creativity is key here. Feel free to experiment with this.

@mitakadi is very creative with his posts and uses exercise demonstrations for one line, meals with descriptions in the middle line  and videos of right and wrong way to do exercises in the other one. Very creative indeed! All our other examples kept it simple and only use one line down the middle. Check them out by clicking on the photo.

And also have a look here to see how to make the white line down the middle
Click here for the tutorial.

Feed idea 6. Tiles

This is one of our favorites: the “Tiles” feed layout.
The tiles feed layout is becoming increasingly popular, especially since it stands out so much. The favourite one seems to be using food like  @balancedkim and quotes like @jessicashawfitness and @hendo_inspires.

Click here for the tutorial.

Feed idea 7. Puzzle feed

The good ol’ puzzle feed.

I could only find one person using a “Puzzle” feed layout and that is @hendo_inspires yet again.

It takes a bit of time and effort that’s why it is hard to find. In saying that, it is not very difficult to create. We have 2 tutorials for you:


Feed idea 8. Show Before and Afters

“Before and afters” can get you noticed on Instagram. And for some people, these photos can make you go viral (we’ve seen it happen).

These types of photos are awesome to show your progress and to motivate people.

Fitness guru @kayla_itsines does it on her own account and for her famous fitness app Instagram page @sweat.

Feed idea 9. Color Theme

A good way to brand your Instagram is to stick to a certain color.

For example the color theme can depend on a season, your unique brand identity or a new product range.

@marianalogue uses dark and purple colours to show of her outfits she is wearing for a certain even or promo.

@fullyrawkristina likes to stick to bright, strong and colourful filters. Her account is mainly about raw fresh food and travelling to exotic locations. It is no surprise she uses these filters to stand out. She has created her own brand identity and only uses these type of  filters.


Feed idea 10. Products, products, products

Some accounts only show products. Instagram is used for business and some like to get straight to the point and show what they are offering. This keeps things simple because you can focus on the products and it also makes the filters and type of grid you use more important.

Have a look at @mikayogawear and @fitness_meals

Feed idea 11. White borders

White borders are becoming increasingly popular and can really make your feed stand out. There is nothing like a white space separating your posts. Have a look at @carli.blu who uses white borders in a very unique way. She uses a thick border in the middle down the line and a small one on the sides. Feel free to experiment around with this although the standard white border seems to do the trick.

Feed idea 12. Meals

Some people only show meals. Meals are always popular on Instagram. You can experiment with different filters/colour combinations on this one. This seems a popular choice for fitness and especially accounts who focus on meal prep or have a meal prep company. The way to stand out here is to use unique filters, backgrounds and colour combinations.

Feed idea 11. Mixture of personal/training/products/meals

Share a mixture of personal posts, training, meals etc. Sometimes it’s ok to post whatever you feel like. It might not look as aesthetically pleasing as some other feeds but you can still pull this off if it suits your personality. Have a look at @fiftyshadesofshay and


That’s it!

As you can see there are a variety of ways to present your Instagram feed for fitness accounts. Some stick to one layout, whereas a lot of people mix up many ideas together in one. As with everything, the key is creativity and finding what works best for you.

Until next time.