I’m so glad you’re looking for Instagram feed ideas for business.

It’s become the norm now for everyone to check the Instagram account of a business before purchasing, contacting or booking an appointment.

So you definitely want to make the best first impression.

I’m going to show you different Instagram feed designs, feed themes, grid layout ideas and theme filters you can use.


Here are 12 beautiful Instagram feed ideas for business:

Feed idea #1. Brand Color Theme

The first Instagram feed idea for business is to stick to your brand color.

Infuse this color in as many photos as you can.

You will create a beautiful branded, color-coordinated, Instagram feed design.

Your brand color can appear in:

  • Packaging
  • Photo background
  • Quotes
  • Clothes
  • Any other props


@kylieskin is known for its pink logo and product packaging. As a result, the whole Instagram feed is pink. There is almost always an element of pink in the photos. It can be a pink background, or the pink packaging.

@gotoskincare is another skincare brand. As you can see their brand color is “peach”. You can see the “peach” color in the quote images, background colors and products:

Feed idea #2. Tiles

One of the most popular Instagram feed ideas for business is to create a layout in the Instagram grid.

You can use each square in your grid to create a fun layout: like a “Tiles” layout.


@theshopfiles alternates between a photo and a quote:

@thejunipermarket alternates between a photo of a person and a photo of jewellery only:

@ebbyandi alternates between photos with different background colors:

Tip: You can use Preview App to quickly design your Instagram feed. This way you can see how your feed is going to look like before you post on Instagram.

Feed idea #3. “Rows” theme

You can also use each row in your grid to show something different: a different product, product color, photoshoot or model.


@skims uses each row to show a different product color:

@ossom.au uses each row to show the same clothes, in different angles:

Feed idea #4. Line in the Middle

Imagine your Instagram feed has columns.

You can use the column in the middle to create a line.

The line in the middle will guide people to scroll down, and down, and down.


@aandssocial share quotes on a white background in the middle of their feed:

Instagram feed ideas for business: Line in the Middle

@_tropicalnails shares quotes and illustrations in the middle of her feed:

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Feed idea #5. Same Photo Background

Using the same background for your photos is an Instagram feed theme in itself.

The background of your photos is essential to keep your Instagram feed looking clean and professional.

It also helps people focus on the right thing: your products.

Some businesses love to use the exact same background for all their photos.


@sheisgoldjewelry always uses a fluffy white blanket:

@shopzoco always take photos against a white background:

Feed idea #6. Same filter

Filters are magic.

Even if your photos look completely different, one filter has the power to make all your photos look like they belong to the same brand.


@shopmalloryonthemoon created a vintage shop. Therefore, she is using a vintage filter:

Tip: Use the filters in Preview App to edit your photos. There are Filter Packs to create different Instagram themes: Brown, Retro, Colorful, etc… And filter for different businesses: Nail artists, hairdressers, jewelry designers, fitness instructor, etc…

The filters in Preview App are here:

Feed idea #7. Rainbow feed

If you have different product colors, you can create a Rainbow Instagram feed.

A Rainbow feed is when the colors in your feed change when we scroll down. It follows the colors of the rainbow.

Recommended for:

  • Clothing brands (if you sell clothes of different colors)
  • Makeup brands
  • Nail brands
  • Graphic designers
  • Furniture stores


@maccosmetics use the colors of their makeup to create a rainbow feed:

@tousjewelry use the background color of their photos to create a rainbow feed:

@elisabeth_chocolatier use the the color of their chocolate, chocolate boxes, background color and other props (like oranges and red leaves) to create a rainbow feed:

Feed idea #8. Borders

You can also use borders around your photos to create a theme.


@lanadiajewels uses a thin, square, white border:

@brandonwoelfel uses a rectangle white border:

Feed idea #9. Puzzle feed

Not many businesses create Puzzle Feeds. So if you create one, you will definitely stand out.


@theofficialpandora is known for creating different Puzzle Feeds to celebrate special collections:

@jessbernsteinphoto create a huge Puzzle Feed throughout their feed:

@hustlexdesignco has created a beautiful Puzzle feed using her brand colors:

Feed idea #10. Relatable Quotes

More and more businesses are sharing relatable, on-brand quotes in their feeds.


@lornajaneactive, activewear brand, shares fun fitness and health quotes that their audience would 1000% agree with:

@confidentmotherhood, a positive clothing brand for moms, share relatable quotes related to motherhood:

Feed idea #11. Lifestyle photos

This is another Instagram feed idea that is becoming more and more popular.

Some brands now love to take “lifestyle” photos.

Photos of their products in real-life: in bed, in the street, at home instead of inside an office building.


@parpalajewelry takes photos of their jewelry pieces on a real person, in the streets:

@tropeaka, a superfood and protein powder brand, don’t take photos of their products inside their packaging. They take photos of real food that was made using their products. They also share photos of their customers, in their homes, who tag them on their photos drinking a delicious smoothie or cooking up a storm:

Feed idea #12. Videos

This is a trend I think will become more and more popular, especially amongst the fashion and beauty community.

Show how your products look like when they are worn. How the fabric moves. How the ring shines.


@petalandpup now often takes videos of their clothes:

Feed idea #13. Mix and match

And finally, you can mix and match all these ideas to create your own Instagram feed for your business.

You might have noticed that some of the accounts that I’ve mentioned above are already doing it:

@ebbyandi is doing a Tiles Theme + keeps the same background colors:

Your turn!

Have fun creating your Instagram feed.

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Your turn to create.

Have fun and see you on Instagram!