Who wants fun, catchy Instagram Reels caption ideas?

Here’s the thing: you only have one line to catch the attention of people.

Instagram reels caption
That one line, those first few words, can be enough to trigger people to take action.

Challenge accepted.

Here are 10 Instagram Reels caption ideas:

1. Keep it simple

Let’s start simple.

Write exactly what you show, do or teach in the video.


  • “Sunday mood”
  • “Packing your orders”
  • “3 ways to ____”
  • “How to _____”

2. Caption related to the lyrics

Is your video directly related to the title or lyrics of the song?

Use one of the lyrics as your caption.

It can be super fun to watch the video, watch you move to the beat of the music, and then read something related to it in the first word of your caption.


  • “What I say when _____” (with the song “You’re beautiful”)
  • “Let it go” (with the song from the cartoon “Frozen”)
  • “I’ll be there for you” (with the soundtrack of the TV show “Friends”)

3. Ask a question

This is your chance to get more comments.

Encourage people to chat with you!

Ask them questions like:

  • “What do you think about this?”
  • “Should I ____?”
  • “Have you tried doing this?”


4. Build the suspense

Another awesome Instagram Reels caption idea is to build the suspense.

Make the viewer want to check out your account or come back for more (and follow you!).

Will you share more videos like this? 


  • “Part 2 coming soon!”
  • “Big reveal in tomorrow’s Reel!”

5. Invite people to follow you

People who don’t follow you yet will see your Reel.

You can give them a call-to-action to follow your account for more.


  • “New here? Follow me for more!”
  • “Love these tips? Check @YourUsername for more!”
  • “Can’t wait to share the next trick”
  • “You’re going to love the next trick!”

And if you’re feeling completely stuck and don’t know what to write, check these caption ideas inside Preview App (there are more than 3,000 captions in the app – so good!)

6. Caption Starters

The caption Starters are a MUST for every Instagrammer.

Use these words to catch the attention of people so they want to press on “More” to read the rest of your caption, OR so that they just look down at the caption and get interested at checking out your account.

You’ll see captions like:

  • “Ever wonder why ____?”
  • “And just like that ____”
  • “And this is what happens when _____”
Instagram reels caption

7. Popular Sayings

Want to be relevant? Wondering what cool sayings people are using on social media nowadays? 

Use the “Popular Sayings” captions to have some fun.

Here’s an example of a popular saying on Instagram right now: “Not to brag but ____”.

There are a bunch of fun sayings like this. You just have to fill in the blank with your story.

Instagram reels caption

8. Get Comments

Other awesome captions for Instagram Reels are the “Get Comments” captions in Preview.

These are awesome captions to start conversations with people – or to get them thinking about you, your content or even themselves.

Example: “Caption this.”

Short, sweet and simple and it will get people engaging with your content and leaving comments!

More caption ideas inside the “Get Comments” caption category:

Instagram reels caption

9. Call-to-Action

Want people to take action after they watch your Instagram Reel video?

You might want them to:

  • Leave a comment
  • Like
  • Click on the link in your bio
  • Tag a friend

Don’t miss a chance to turn your viewers into followers.

There are many different ways you can invite people to take action.

Check out the “Call-to-Action” captions.

Instagram reels caption

10. “Selfie” and “Sassy Girl”

Want short captions for Reels? With attitude?

Check out the “Selfie” and “Sassy Girl” captions.

  • Keep it simple like with a question like: “How is everyone doing” or
  • Give attitude with a quote like “In my defence, I was left unsupervised.”
Instagram reels caption

More Instagram Reels caption ideas

There are more Instagram captions for Reels in Preview App.

There are a lot of quotes and puns you can use, or even weird questions you can ask people to catch their attention (and get more comments).

Have fun!