We’re back with another Preview Question:

“What makes you follow an Instagram account?”

Join the conversation. Tell us in the comments: what makes you follow an account?

We will share our thoughts and top tips at the end of the blog post.

But first, let’s have a look at what people said on Instagram.

Based on all the comments, there are 6 main reasons why people will follow an account:

1. Inspiration and value

@elisavalentistudio: I aim to follow pages I can learn from or can find inspiration from. I tend to avoid pages that are an entire feed of selfies. Funny, inspiring, beautiful feeds with strong, valuable content are keepers. What is with the follow/unfollow trend?

@cylim_1104: I follow based on value “interest of the topic (music, art & architecture), sometimes knowing the person from other places then decide to follow their Instagram to follow up with their upcoming projects and life. And sometimes followers is a factor too, kinda like FOMO (fear of missing out) ? but this rarely happens. I love accounts that update frequently, especially someone that is interesting ?✨?? like can’t wait for their new content to blow my mind.

@archi_trendy: If they show any talent, or interesting hobbies, if they show a bit of different things not always the same. Or if is based on one thing type of page, do they explain things on their captions, is the content catchy?, organized?, pretty or good for inspiration? Etc.

@bree.palmer: I just go based on vibes. The overall feeling I get from the whole page!! Looks & aesthetics but then also personality and how they treat their community.

@rina_serendipity: Sometimes it’s where they are located. I follow accounts that are like mine and I follow accounts that inspire me or have things I might buy. Sometimes I will find small business accounts with a small amount of followers and follow them.

@thinslicemarketing: One word: value

@awfuhrmann: Content that inspires me! Also people having fun, and cooking tips I love them!

@real_maddie_b: I follow people who inspire me, people who help me to grow and be a better person by giving me new perspectives on life. ?

@zia_suarez: I follow pages that inspire me or that teach me.

@vancouverprgirl: Content that gives me value! I don’t need super high-res photos but content and captions that allow me to learn new things!

@thegrindtogreatness: Quality content. Inspirational. A lot of women business owners doing creative things. I don’t expect the pictures to be perfect – I actually love engaging with people’s whose feeds are not immaculate because I know how hard we can be on ourselves.

2. Positive vibes

@sanja.style: Beautiful photo and some positive vibes

@leepamittal: Colorful, witty captions or beautiful images but not too much photoshopped and original! Positive vibes and I’m all yours.

@tiny.taxidermist: If we have the same interests, if they are positive or have really good photography!

3. Community feeling

@archi_trendy: Those who interact with their followers, and those who aren’t always trying to sell you something on every post that gets annoying!

@mirrorstyle1: They respond back.

@flairzayed: The attractive content and how they interact with the followers and contact with them.

@travelleafusa: Looking for real connections with same values to become real Instagram friends. To interact and build a community of same interests as we are not just selling a product but building a gratitude awareness along with that. We really want to touch people that needs that and build a legacy ❤️ together ?

4. Consistency

@aba_kh: Theme, personality, frequency, what they do, their style/aesthetic, sometimes captions, sometimes the comment section, sometimes to get updates.

@karlaxlflores: The content ? and the consistency of their post ?

@lau_ren_cooper: Consistency, brand clarity and high quality photos; particularly for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. This indicates to me they are a smart business owner.

@jad.dana: On instagram, it depends on the type of person; some people (with the high following numbers) follow instantly and need just cool relevant content to them, being the target audience. Others, the low following number, only follow the accounts that provide huge entertaining daily value or relevant education. And consistent, if not consistent, they unfollow. Cool and Relevant content is the common point, but how cool and how relevant it is defines how strong you attract followers, compared to other accounts.

5. The look of the feed

@dhady_yoo: The first thing that comes into my mind is just a theme… I mean how clean is the feed…second on is inspiration…I check to see if this account is inspiring or can it inspire me ?that is it.

@anjcomsti.art: The look of their feed, I learn something from them and they inspire me. ?

@ore_k: Their content and feed.

@maureenjanedecor: Beautiful content ❤️

@_chelseabonner: A themed grid, beautiful graphics, and above all, posts with VALUE!

@rayowag: A insanely great feed. Or a decent feed with great captions/personality. Or both.

@letitiagarbellini: Definitely a feel good vibe, if the grid makes me feel happy about life

6. Your own unique personality

@kelsey_barnwell: Connection with who they are, good content + pics and providing value.❤️?

@mich.elle.imagery: Such a great question!! I have a thing for people who share their “selves” in a creative way and also writers!

@travelingpetitegirl: Their realness and vulnerability ?

@breedesigns_: Great question 🙂 It would have to be their uniqueness – do they speak differently & is there something I can learn from them? ??

@naomikandrews: I love following anything creative, uplifting and whimsical. I really love dreamy feeds, artists, and also brands I like. It’s people’s personalities and authenticity that keep me!

@melanie.whittaker6: Feeling connected to their message and loving what they do.

@sash239: I follow if they have creative pictures or show a love for themselves. Seem real, love life and not too much structure.

@_danaaleksa: Honesty. Sincerity. Energy.

@jkr.mktg: I follow accounts that allow me to think I can do great things differently — arts, photography, and business.


What we can learn:

  • The look of your feed is important. It is how you make a good first impression. Need help? Click here to download Preview and here to see Instagram theme ideas.
  • The content is important – and in some cases, more than the look of your feed.
  • People want to see value. Value can mean different things for different types of accounts. For example, if you have a cooking account, share recipes and videos of you cooking / meal prepping. If you have a lifestyle account, share your personal story and experiences. If you have a business, share what you think your customers would want to see (before & after using your product, behind the scenes, tips).
  • People want to see what your hobbies and passions are. Don’t be shy or scared to share what you’re passionate about.
  • They want to connect with people who have the same passion.
  • So don’t be afraid to share your passion.
  • It’s ok if the photos are not super high resolution and the most amazing quality in the world, as long as you are providing value and actively connecting with people. #progressoverperfection
  • Replying to comments is important. People spent their precious time writing something for you. Spend time to reply or at least like their comments, as much as possible.
  • Your personality matters – that means that you matter. Infuse your personality in your photos and in your captions.
  • A lot of people say they want to see something / someone unique (news flash: you are unique so you better start creating what you want to create instead of trying to “fit in”).
  • People want to connect with the real you. Relax and do your thing.
  • A lot of people said they love following positive people.
  • People can tell when you’re having fun and being yourself. They like it!
  • Consistency. They it like when people post often on their feed and in their Stories. They will feel more connected to you. Want to be more consistent? Spend time planning your feed one week in advance in your Preview app. The more you plan, the more consistent you will be, the more free time you’ll have to connect with people.

That’s it!

Your turn to have fun creating posts for your account.

Let me know if you have any questions.