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Hi Instagram lovers! A lot of you contact me so I can give you theme ideas for your Instagram feed.

While I post a lot of theme ideas on my Instagram, I thought this article would be very useful to a lot of you. Because sometimes, we just don’t know where to start, how to plan our feed and how to achieve a consistent theme.

Remember, your Instagram theme is a reflection of who you are and what you love. Don’t feel like you have to stick to “rules”. There are no rules. You make your own rules.  The secret to making a beautiful theme is to love what you share and stick to a style.

Enough talking. Here are 15 Instagram theme ideas and inspirational accounts.

Note: Use Preview App to design your feed in advance. You can download it here. Test a few of these theme ideas below yourself using the app.

1. White border theme

A very easy way to start a theme is by using a white border.
Even if you share very different photos, your overall feed will look consistent.
It spaces out your photos very nicely.
And you can stand out in the “Explore” page of Instagram.
There are many white order options in Preview app.

Here are some examples to give you ideas:

In Preview app: Try white borders “Aura” and “Lumen”.

2. Black border theme

Black borders are very rare on Instagram at the moment.
So you will definitely stand out.

Perfect for dark themes, like Grunge and Moody themes.

Also, black borders would look really nice on photos with pops of colors. It will make your photos contrast a lot.

In Preview app: Try black borders “Borde”, “Noir”, “Capa” and  “Luna”.

3. Rectangle photos theme

This theme idea is elegant and different.

This theme idea is perfect if you want your viewers to focus their attention on one part of the photo.
In fact, I think it highlights the most beautiful parts of a photo.

We can appreciate the details and colors more. It almost seems like a photo tells a story.

Why? Because each photo is separated by a lot of white space. It gives us, viewers, time to appreciate each one of them when we scroll down.

This theme will also catch viewers’ attention because it is not the usual “squared photo” in the Explore page.

In Preview app: Try the rectangle borders “Vela” and “Sole”.

4. Mixed white border theme

Last theme with borders I promise.
I love this one because it is totally different. It is very playful.
Each image can shine on its own because there is a lot of more space between them.
It is a great theme for any type of photos and colors.

In Preview app: Try the rectangle borders “Vela” and “Sole”.

5. Same filter and tint

This theme idea would be the first one I recommend to you: use the same filter all the time.
Because your filter will become your trademark. Filter = style.

People will recognize your photo straight away if you use the same filter all the time.

It is an easy theme to maintain.

It makes your overall feed look cohesive when someone looks at your feed for the first time.

Also, the same filter gives an overall mood to your whole feed. So choose wisely based on the type of photos you take (new blog post about this coming soon).

In Preview app: Choose your favorite Filter. Use the Filter Packs to guide you to pick the theme you want to focus on (for example: Tropical, Grunge, Moody, Pastels, Brown, etc…).

6. White background theme

White Instagram feeds themes are beautiful.

You have to know that keeping a white theme is a lifestyle.
You need a lot of light (natural light is the best).
And you need to surround yourself with white to make your photos pop.

It will require more thought and planning.
But if you can achieve the perfect balance, your photos will definitely stand out.

In Preview app: I recommend the two White Filter Packs. To whiten the white in your photos use the whitening tool (in the Photo Editor section). Interested in a white theme? Read “How to Make your Photos White” and see the White Filter Pack.

7. Color coordinated theme

Choose a color palette to make your theme.

Choose one, two or three colors that you will always use in your photos.

For example, if you choose Pink as you main theme color, then make sure to always have something pink in your photos.
Stick to the same color palette all the time and you have a winning color-coordinated theme.

In the examples above, Phoebe always uses pink accents in her photos. The brand, Jwetnik, focuses on Yellow. And Carla, from The Chic Identity, always has black accents in her photos for that sleek, chic look.

8. Color block theme

If you take very colorful photos. Then you might want to try a color block theme.

They are very popular on Instagram at the moment.

They can be with high saturation or light pastel colors. Either way they are a very fun feed to maintain.

In Preview app, I recommend: The Colorful Filter Pack, the Colorful II Filter Packs, and the Pastel Filter Pack.

9. Minimalist theme

If you want to challenge your creativity and imagination, try a minimalist theme.

It is absolutely beautiful to scroll through.

One tiny detail in your photo has the power to tell a whole story.

In Preview app: I recommend Colorful II Filter Pack for light pastel colors.

10. Dark theme

Another favorite on Instagram is the dark theme.

Everything is underexposed. Photos are dark.
It looks mysterious and the feed looks very well put together.

In Preview app: Add already dark photos your your Preview feed. Then try the Moody Filter Pack. If you want a dark brown theme, try the Brown Filter Pack. Dark Filter Pack coming soon!

11. Black & white theme

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a black and white theme.

They are very powerful themes.
No color distraction.
You let your viewer appreciate the subjects in your photos, in all their beauty.
There are different types of black and white filters. You can also play with the textures in your photos to give them an extra edge.

You can use cool photography tricks like shadows, unique angles and silhouettes to make your photos stand out.

In Preview app: Try the Black & White Filter Pack, filter A6 (in the Preview Pack), B7 and B8 (in the Essentials Pack).

12. Monotheme

A monotheme is a theme showing the same subject all the time (and sometimes in very creative ways).

If you are passionate about that something, then a monotheme is lots of fun!

13. Flatlay theme

Flatlays = or the art of taking a photo from above (standing on a chair for example).

You can tell your story in one flatlay: what you ate this morning, what you love to wear, what you love to use, your current mood.
The trick is to let your imagination run wild. Spread your favorite things on a surface elegantly.

It is rare to find a personal account that focuses on flatlays only. My favorite accounts are @mich.elle.imagery and @_myhappypictures.

In Preview app: I recommend you pick a Filter or Filter Pack to give that overall mood to your theme. If you use white backgrounds, you can always use the whitening tool to whiten dark or yellow spots (if you want a clean, bright white background).

14. Drawings in your theme

Another cool Instagram theme idea is to draw on your photos.

It will really make your photos stand out because it is… unusual.

Drawing on a photo will definitely catch people’s attention.
You don’t need to be a professional artist. Sometimes a few strokes are all you need to accentuate a detail.

Or, you can also start drawing and adding new subjects in your photos, like a flower on your ear… *wink to @thetropicalartist*.

In Preview app: Go to the Photo Editor. Select the Drawing Tool. Zoom in on your photo to draw details. With your finger or stylus you can also hand-write on your photo.

15. Color splash theme

And the best for last… I think using color splash is a fantastic and super creative way to make a theme.

I couldn’t find anyone with a beautiful color splash theme, until I saw Erin’s (@erinastrid) and Ivan’s (@dimitrifontes) feeds. Love them!

When you use the color splash tool, your photo becomes all black and white. And then you select which part of your photo you want to still have colors. To select which part you want in color, just brush over it with your finger.

In Preview app: Go to the Photo Editor. Select the  “Splash” Tool. Zoom in your photo to color in detail.

Which one is your favorite theme?

I honestly like them all. I do have a sweet spot for white, colorful and color splash themes. What about you?

If you need more Instagram tips and theme ideas, join me on Instagram:

You can browse this website too:

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Have fun making your theme!

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