Hello everyone! Ready for new Instagram tips?

We get asked this question A LOT.

Let’s talk about it:

  • How often should you post on Instagram?
  • How many times a day or week should you post on Instagram?
  • Should I post everyday?

I’m going to be completely honest with you. And I’m going to keep it short and sweet: There is no right or wrong answer.

It might not be the answer you hoped for, but let me explain.

The best thing you can do for your account is to pick a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

This will help you post consistently on Instagram. It will help you keep your sanity. And it will also keep your followers coming back for more.

Here are 3 things to know to help you choose when to post on Instagram:

1. How many times a day should you post on Instagram?

Posting more on Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean you will grow faster. What matters the most is the quality of your content and interacting with people. Those 2 things will help you grow even more than posting on Instagram non-stop.

With that being said, here is the trend:

  • Most people post on Instagram once a day.
  • However, more and more people post on Instagram every 2 or 3 days.
  • People rarely post more than 3 times a day. Some bloggers (like @meg_legs or @christieswadling) post twice a day.

If you post more than 4 times a day all the time, be careful. Instagram might think you are a spam account and they might block you.

2. Choose a routine

The key is to be consistent. Choose a routine.

You can post everyday if you want to. And you can also post every 2 days if you want to.

Our biggest tip:

Pick a realistic routine that fits your needs and your life.

If you feel obligated to post on Instagram, you will burn out. And if you burn out, you will stop posting. If you stop posting, your Instagram page stops growing.

So take it easy and choose a routine that suits you.

Examples of routines:

  • Post everyday
  • Post everyday of the work week (weekend off)
  • Post every 2 days
  • Post every 3 days
  • Post once a week

3. How many times a week should you post on Instagram?

Based on your routine, you can predict how many times a week you should post on Instagram.

And then, you can plan your feed for the week. Easy peasy!

Listen, I LOVE planning my feed. Planning your feed in advance will help you stay consistent. It will help you save time, energy and stress.

You can use Preview to plan your feed. It’s an app to design your feed, schedule your posts, find hashtags, edit your photos, and all that good stuff.

The beauty of Preview is that you can schedule as many posts as you want – for free. So if you already have a bunch of photos, quotes, videos ready-to-go, you can upload them all in Preview. Move your posts around to design your feed, and you’re done! You will be able to see how you feed will look like before you post anything on Instagram.

So let’s have a look how many times a week to post on Instagram, based on your routine:

  • Post everyday = prepare 7 posts for the week
  • Post everyday of the work week (weekend off) = 5 posts for the week
  • Post every 2 days = 4 posts per week
  • Post every 3 days = 3 posts per week
  • Post once a week = 1 post per week

Let’s say you want to post every 3 days. Preparing 3 posts for the whole week doesn’t seem too bad, right? You could literally plan your feed 2 weeks in advance (= 6 posts).

Here is a sneak peek at my Preview app. What you can see are all the scheduled posts:

That’s it!

We hope you found this blog post useful. Let us know in the comment: How many times a day (or week) do YOU post on Instagram?

If you want all our Instagram tips and tricks, you can download our Instagram Guide. All our tips are in there.


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