Hi everyone! I’m back with Instagram theme ideas for summer. I’ll show you how to create different types of summer feeds using Preview App:

  • Colorful
  • Bright & white
  • White borders
  • Natural
  • Blue & green
  • Warm & brown
  • Pastel

I’ll also give you theme and editing tips on how to achieve similar themes yourself.

Shoutout to our amazing Preview family for creating the beautiful feeds you’re about to see.

Let’s start!

(If you use Preview, leave your Instagram handle in the comments and what filter you use for your theme 😉 )

Colorful theme

Summer screams colorful in my mind.

Here are two colorful summer Instagram accounts:


Filters used:

  • Tropical Filter Pack (G)
  • Colorful Filter Pack (K)

Colors in the photos for the best effect:

  • Blue: ocean, water, swimming pool
  • Pink: sky, sunset, outfits, flowers
  • Green: Palm trees, nature
  • White: White backgrounds, walls, bed sheets


Filters used:

  • A1 + A3 from the Preview Filter Pack

Colors in the photos:

  • Same as above
  • Any kind of photo is fine as long as it looks like summer
  • Outfit photos against plants (palm leaves, flower bushes)

Quick tip: you can also sharpen your photos to give that sharp, crisp, high quality look (even if you only use your phone camera). To sharpen your photo, go in the Photo Editor. In the Editing Tools section, select “Sharpen”. Be careful, don’t over-sharpen a photo or it will look weird. Depending on your photo, sharpen between 10 – 30.

Another tip: If you want to bring out more colors in your photo, just increase the “Tint” or “Contrast“. Both are in the editing tools.

Bright summer theme

Another beautiful summer Instagram theme is a bright, white feed.


Filter used:

  • White II Filter Pack (DD)

Colors in the photos:

  • Pink is the accent color in the theme (flowers, outfits, sunsets, food)


Filter used:

  • D2 (the White Filter Pack)

Photos used:

  • Any type of photos, as long as it looks summery
  • Use photos with white backgrounds
  • Danni also uses photos that have pink in them

Quick tip: Use the Whitening tool in Preview to whiten the some elements of the photos (like a background). The whitening tool is in the Editing tools section.

Summer theme with white border

NOTE: The borders are not available in Preview anymore. We are working on brand new borders. You can still use Preview to plan your feed in advance, use our beautiful filters, and find the best hashtags. If you are looking for borders some alternative apps we recommend are Instasize, Pic Stitch and Photo Collage.

This is such a fun summer theme idea!

There are a lot of different white borders inside Preview app. My personal favorites are Aura, Vela and Sole.
A white border puts space between your photos. So it’s great if you are taking photos of a LOT of different things (everything and anything).


  • Border: “Vela”


  • Filter: K3 (Colorful Filter Pack)
  • Borders: Sole + Aura

Quick tip: Borders are called “Frames” in Preview. Crop your photo “square” before you add a border. This will ensure your white border is the same on all your photos.

Natural themes

Sometimes all we need is just a filter to accentuate the natural colors in our photos. If you’re a fan of natural colors, you will love these summer themes.


  • Filter: White Filter Pack (D)
  • Photos: everyday life items like books, food, plants and flowers

Michelle uses a lot of white background in her photos. It is the base of (almost) all her photos. So it makes sense for her to use the White Filter Pack to lighten the whites and to brighten the natural colors in the photos.


  • Filter: Jessica makes her own filter. For a similar look, go in the Photo Editor: decrease highlight (-100), increase shadow (+30 depending on your photo), increase vibrance (+10-30), increase warmth (+5-10), and add filter B5 (decrease intensity between 1 – 5 depending on your photo). Filter B5 is in the Essentials Filter Pack.
  • Photos: a lot of blue (sky, water) and green (palm trees, grass).


  • Filter: K3 (Colorful Filter Pack)
  • Photos used: life and style photos. I mostly used natural colors for the photos. You can see a lot of brown (wood & dogs), green (plants), pink (flowers), white (walls, bed sheets, floors), blue and black for contrast. It makes the whole theme come together.

Blue and green for the beach

Summer is also all about the beach. If you are taking photos with a lot of turquoise water and palm trees, here is some inspiration for you.


  • Filter: No filter used, just increase brightness when needed


  • Filters: G1 (Tropical Filter Pack) + K1 (Colorful Filter Pack)

Warm, brown summer theme

Making brown summer themes is very trendy at the moment.

A warm brown summer theme is great because you can keep this theme throughout the seasons – not just for summer. For example, once it’s fall / autumn, you can keep the same filter. All you have to do is change the types of photos you are sharing (like cups of tea or coffee, warm cozy bed, candles).


  • Filters: Brown Filter Pack (F) or Fall Filter Pack (C)
  • Colors in the photos for a similar effect: Surround yourself with a lot of earthy colors like light and dark brown, white and green.


  • Filters used: C1 (Fall Filter Pack) + F2 (Brown Filter Pack)
  • Photos used: Any summery photos will work.

Pastel summer theme

And the last summer Instagram theme idea is a pastel theme.

A pastel theme is so fun to create. It is a colorful theme with a hint of pink or purple in the photos. It’s a very pretty effect.
Take photos with pink, blue and yellow in them for the best effect.


  • Filters: J3 + J6 (Pastel Filter Pack)


  • Filters: J2 + J3  (Pastel Filter Pack) + L2 + L3 (Pink Filter Pack)

Show me your summer Instagram theme

Leave your Instagram handle in the comments below. I’ll come check out your feed.

If you’re a Preview user, also tell me what filter you are using 😉

Until next time, see you all on Instagram (@preview.app) for more tips, tricks & theme ideas!

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