Would you Rather: Funny / Life / Blogger

Anyone can use these would you rather questions for their Instagram Stories (even businesses).

Also check the other categories too (food, hair, bed, etc…). They’re super fun!

Would you rather:

  • Lick a dirty trash can or a bathroom floor?
  • Have an extra finger or an extra toe?
  • Be the funniest person alive or the smartest person alive?
  • Be able to fly or be invisible?
  • Never have a shower again or never clip your toenails again?
  • Lose your phone or your car keys?
  • Never be able to speak again or have to say everything on your mind?
  • Be able to stop time or fly?
  • Be without elbows or without knees?
  • Always take cold showers or __
  • Have your name tattooed on your forehead or have no front teeth?
  • Dance instead of walk or sing instead of talk?
  • Have no thumbs or no fingers?
  • Have an unlimited gift card for food or clothes?
  • Have super slow internet or low phone battery?
  • Look at your mom’s search history or your dad’s search history?
  • Talk to animals or speak all human languages?
  • See colors that no one can see or smells that no one else could smell?

Would you Rather: Food / Restaurant

Who doesn’t love food? These questions are awesome for any type of account. They also fit perfectly if you are a food blogger, restaurant, café or nutritionist.

Would you rather:

  • Eat overcooked or undercooked for the rest of your life?
  • Eat home cooked meals or restaurants for the rest of your life?
  • Eat entrées or desserts for the rest of your life?
  • Eat cake or candy?
  • Give up pasta forever or french fries forever?
  • Only be able to eat cheese or only be able to eat bread?
  • Eat pizza for breakfast every morning or pancakes for dinner every night?
  • Eat super spicy or super salty?
  • Eat popsicle or vanilla ice cream for the rest of your life?
  • Have dinner with Mike Tyson or Harry Potter?
  • Be extremely allergic to your favorite food or forced to eat your least favourite food once a week?

Would you Rather: Drinks

Would you rather:

  • Drink only icy drinks or hot drinks?
  • Tea or coffee forever?
  • Oat milk or coconut milk?
  • Never be able to drink again or eat again?
  • Sneeze milk or tequila?
  • Give up milkshakes or smoothies?
  • Drink _ or _ for your birthday?
  • Drink smoothies or juices for the rest of your life?

Would you Rather: Fitness

Would you rather:

  • Upper body or lower body for the rest of your life?
  • Workout in the morning or at night?
  • Eat before or after working out?
  • Only squat or lunge forever?
  • Do burpees or push ups for the rest of your life?
  • Cardio or weight training?
  • Solo training or group training?
  • Train with music or in silence?
  • Workout at home or at the gym?
  • Workout indoors or outdoors?
  • Forever workout drenched in someone else’s sweat or exercise while smelling someone else’s protein farts?
  • Fight Mike Tyson or speak like him for the rest of your life?
  • Do burpees for 2 hours straight or lift heavy weights when you have raging diarrhea?
  • Unleash a smelly fart after every rep or smell other people’s farts?
  • Workout on equipment that has never been wiped or workout with everyone staring at you?

Would you Rather: Fashion

Would you rather:

  • Overdressed forever or underdressed forever?
  • Have a closest filled with only colorful clothes or black clothes?
  • Go shopping with Hailey Beiber or with Kim Kardashian?
  • Wear skirts or dresses for the rest of your life?
  • Wear a little black dress or maxi boho dress for the rest of your life?
  • Wear a one-piece swimsuit or two-piece?
  • Jumpsuit or playsuit?
  • Heels or flats?
  • Sneakers or sandals?
  • Wear only jeans for the rest of your life or only legging for the rest of your life?
  • Leather jacket or denim jacket?
  • Caps or sunglasses?
  • Only wear caps or only wear beanies forever?
  • Wear a matching outfit with your pet or with your partner?
  • Have an unlimited supply of __ or __?
  • Wear pink Ugg boots or pink Crocs every day for the rest of your life?
  • Wear the same clothes everyday or let your parents choose a new outfit for you everyday?

Would you Rather: Underwear

  • Wear briefs forever or g-strings forever?
  • Never wear underwear again or never wear bras again?
  • Wear the same underwear for the rest of your life or the same bra for the rest of your life?
  • Wear only red underwear or purple underwear?
  • Underwire bra or bralette?
  • Wear someone else’s dirty underwear or use their toothbrush?
  • Wear wet socks or wet underwear?

Would you Rather: Jewelry

Jewelry brands and jewelry lovers, this is for you.

Would you rather:

  • Wear gold or silver jewelry?
  • Wear gold or rose gold jewelry?
  • Wear hoops or studs for the rest of your life?
  • Wear only earrings or only necklaces as accessories forever?
  • Lose all your earrings or all your rings?
  • Lose your wedding ring or your engagement ring?
  • Wear only rings or only bracelets for the rest of your life?
  • Have an unlimited supply of earrings or rings?
  • Wear ear candy or ring stacks?
  • Wear layered necklaces or one statement necklace?

Would you Rather: Bedding

Anyone can use these Would You Rather questions if you want to get cozy.

They’re especially good if you are an interior designer or bedding company.

Would you rather:

  • Use plain bed sheets or patterns for the rest of your life?
  • Low pillow or high-rise pillow for the rest of your life?
  • Sleep in the car or on the couch for the rest of your life?
  • Sleep without a pillow or without a quilt for the rest of your life?
  • Sleep with sateen sheets or flannel sheets?
  • Sleep on a hard mattress or soft mattress?
  • Nap everyday or sleep only 3 hours per night for the rest of your life?
  • White bed sheets or black bed sheets for the rest of your life?
  • Sleep for 5 days straight or stay awake for 5 days straight?
  • Sleep with a tiger or a snake in your bed?
  • Sleep with someone who snores or someone who sleep talk?
  • Sleep on your back all night or your belly all night?

Would you Rather: Photography

Photographers and photography lovers, would you rather:

  • Have a camera as your eyes or a sound recorder as your ears?
  • Do a photoshoot in the rain or the snow?
  • Lose your camera gear or lose your hard drive?
  • Take a photo back in time or of a trip in the future?
  • Shoot in macro for the rest of your life or panorama for the rest of your life?
  • Have limitless card memory or limitless battery?
  • Be unable to change your camera settings or unable to post-process your photos for the rest of your life?
  • Have your favorite photos featured in an unimportant exhibit or have only one photo featured in one famous exhibit?
  • Shoot only with your phone unlimited photos or only allowed to shoot 5 photos per day with any camera you want?
  • Shoot a cringey couple or a horny couple?
  • Shoot only in auto-mode or JPEG for the rest of your life?
  • Only shoot in harsh sunlight or only shoot at night?
  • Never be able to zoom again or never be able to manual focus again?
  • Break your favorite lens or break your computer?
  • Take a photo from outer space or deep in the ocean?
  • Take photos only with people in them or never with people ever again?
  • Use the most expensive camera lens in the world or the most expensive camera body in the world?
  • Win Photo of the Year Award or have your Instagram post go viral?

Would you Rather: Wedding

For brides, wedding cakes, wedding dress tough choices, or wedding planners wanting to have some fun.

Would you rather:

  • Have John Legend or Ed Sheeran sing at your wedding?
  • All white theme or all warm theme?
  • No sleeve dress or long sleeve dress?
  • Up-do or hair down?
  • Have a huge wedding cake or cupcake wedding cakes?
  • Have dinner but no wedding cake, or wedding cake but no dinner?
  • Have Italian food or French food?
  • Arrive at your wedding on a horseback or in your dad’s car?
  • Have only photos of your wedding or only one video of your wedding?
  • Have your photographer cancel at the last minute or your DJ/Band cancel at the last minute?
  • Beach wedding or mountain wedding?
  • Have torrential rain or sweltering heat on your wedding day?
  • Wear a mini-dress or pants at your wedding?
  • Arrive late at your wedding or have your soon-to-be husband arrive late?
  • Have food poisoning or diarrhea on your wedding day?
  • Have someone propose at your wedding or 
  • Have your mother-in-law wearing a white dress or someone crash your wedding?
  • Rip your wedding dress or lose your wedding ring?
  • Do a long fart or a long burp during your wedding speech?

Would you Rather: Art

Here are would you rather questions for artists (whether you draw, paint, sketch or create any other type of art).

Would you rather:

  • Only buy colorful paintings or monochrome paintings?
  • Own a painting that changes colors with the weather or with characters who move and dance?
  • Have a painting of a person watching you or talking to you?
  • Have one of your paintings become part of physical reality or one of your characters becoming a real person?
  • Never be able to paint again or never be able to use color again?
  • Paint with acrylic forever or with watercolor forever?
  • Draw full bodies or draw faces only?
  • Draw indoors or outside?
  • Draw with music or without music?
  • Learn to paint from Picasso or Van Gogh?
  • Paint people for the rest of your life or landscapes?
  • Be stuck in a Dalí painting or a Monet painting?
  • Never see art again or never see color again?
  • Use only an angular flat brush or a fan brush for the rest of your life?
  • Be a famous painter or a famous sculptor?
  • Have unlimited paint or unlimited canvas?

Would you Rather: Motherhood

These are ideas if your followers are moms. You could have an account about motherhood, pregnancy, newborns, new moms, doulas, births, obgyn or even children’s clothes. Moms are your viewers. So share content they can relate to. Here are examples.

Would you rather:

  • Sleep in or take a nap?
  • Step on a lego or step in pee?
  • Clean up poop or clean up puke?
  • Clean up paint or clean up glitter?
  • Have a good eater or good sleeper?
  • Baby carrier or pram?
  • Listen to the same song on repeat or the same cartoon on repeat?
  • Have your personal cook or personal cleaner?

Would you Rather: Yoga

A special shoutout to @moveyogaharrogate who shared some of these awesome ideas on our post!

Would you rather:

  • Do yoga at home or in a studio?
  • Do yoga with music or in silence?
  • Inside or outdoors?
  • Do standing poses or seated poses for the rest of your life?
  • Restore or sweat?
  • Do namaskar for the rest of your life or silent meditation for the rest of your life?

Would you Rather: Self-development / Deep / Coach

Want to ask some deep questions on Instagram Story? Questions about life, confidence and wellbeing?

Would you rather:

  • Have a pause button in your life or a rewind button?
  • Feel at peace or feel powerful?
  • Know your true purpose or know the truth about everything?
  • Never be able to speak again or have to say everything that’s on your mind?
  • Go back in time to talk to your past self or go into the future to talk to your future self?
  • Be alone forever or in a crowd forever?
  • Never remember your past or see your future?
  • Have the ability to change your past or see into your future?
  • Only meditate or only journal for the rest of your life?
  • Journal every morning or workout every morning?
  • Read positive affirmations every morning or write your gratitude list
  • Die in 50 years with many regrets, or die in 20 years with no regrets
  • Live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?
  • Work a high-paying job that you hate or your dream job with only enough money for basic necessities?
  • Be able to read people’s mind or control your mind?
  • Never age physically or never age mentally?
  • Be liked by everyone you meet or like yourself even when no one is around?
  • Take care of your mental health or physical health first?
  • Have small talk with many people or deep conversations with a handful of people?
  • Have a lot of friends or only 5 core friends?
  • Be mentored by Tony Robbins or Sadhguru?
  • Clear boundaries or clear purpose?
  • Lose all your fears or all your friends?
  • Play to work or work to play?
  • Be at peace with your past or with your unknown future?

Would you Rather: Skincare

For skincare and cosmetics lovers

Would you rather:

  • Never cleanse again or never moisturize again?
  • Do your skincare routine in the morning or at night?
  • Have really dry skin? OR Have really oily skin?
  • Use cream moisturizers or oil moisturizers?
  • Smell fruity or floral?
  • Always have one prominent pimple or always have lots of little blackheads?
  • Never have a spot again or never develop any wrinkles?
  • Have bad skin or have bad breath?
  • Win a lifetime of weekly facials or win a lifetime of weekly full-body massages?
  • Never get facials again or never buy skincare products again?
  • Give up skincare or makeup?

Would you Rather: Essential oils

Would you rather:

  • Use lavender or chamomile essential oil to relax?
  • Use jasmine or rose in your bubble bath?
  • Smell ylang ylang or lemon myrtle for the rest of your life?
  • Diffuse or spray?
  • Spray or roll on?
  • Diffuse bergamot or tangerine to bring joy in your home?
  • Roll on peppermint or patchouli?
  • Smell like clary sage or cinnamon for the rest of your life?
  • Use tea tree or eucalyptus for congested sinuses?
  • Give up lavender or jasmine essential oil forever?
  • Buy frankincense or myrrh essential oil?
  • Get unlimited supply of lavender or geranium essential oil?

Would you Rather: Home Decor / Real Estate

If you are a home decor lover, interior designer, real estate agent or realtor. Here are ideas for you.

Would you rather:

  • Build a new house or buy an existing house?
  • Have a giant bedroom or a giant kitchen?
  • Have a luxurious house on a small block or a normal house on a huge block?
  • Live on the beach side or countryside?
  • Have an ocean view or a lake view?
  • Get your home renovations paid for or all your furniture paid for?
  • Have a self-cleaning kitchen or self-cleaning bathroom?
  • Settle in your dream house forever or move around the world as often as you’d like?
  • A small house in a big city or a large house in a small town?
  • Trendy or timeless home decor?
  • Have plants live forever or never have dust?
  • Minimalist home decor or colorful?
  • Have a big walk-in pantry or big kitchen?
  • Have a built-in bathtub or free-standing bathtub?
  • Have an ensuite or an extra large bedroom?
  • Have balconies for all bedrooms or fireplaces for all bedrooms?
  • Have a walk-in-closet or an extra bedroom?
  • Have a dreamy swimming pool or gorgeous garden?
  • Home cinema or home gym?

Would you Rather: Candles

Think about what scent you love and where you like to light your candles.

Would you rather:

  • Have your home smell like pumpkin pie or cookies?
  • Gingerbread or sweet orange smell?
  • Have your bedroom smell like chocolate or musk?
  • Take a bath with forest scent or fruit scent?
  • Smell everything or smell nothing for the rest of your life?
  • Be never able to smell again or never able to taste again?

Would you Rather: Gardening

Fellow plants lovers and gardeners, this is for you.

Would you rather:

  • Have all your fruits and veggies grow all year round or 
  • Harvest unlimited fruits or unlimited vegetables?
  • Self-watering system or self-harvesting system?
  • Grow from seed or buy seedlings?
  • Buy seedlings or grafted plants?
  • Have your fruits grow in one day or your vegetables grow in one day?
  • Plant only in containers or only in raised beds forever?
  • Mow the lawn 
  • Plant raspberries or strawberries?
  • Have snails attack or grasshoppers attack your garden?
  • Have a garden that produces enough for your whole family but is a lot of work to maintain, or only produces enough for 2 meals a week with less maintenance?
  • Mow the lawn everyday or whipper snip everyday?
  • Overwater or underwater?
  • Only use compost with no mulch, or mulch with random soil?

Would you Rather: Stationery

Whether you have a studygram, stationery shop or you create personalized stationery, here are ideas. 

Who wants stationery? Students, stationery lovers and maybe even business owners. So ask questions that are related to the things they do (like studying and working).

Here are some ideas.

Would you rather:

  • Study during the day or at night?
  • Know all the answers of the test or all the questions of the tests in advance?
  • Read really fast or write really fast?
  • Have no homework ever again or no tests ever again?
  • Write with a pencil or write with a pen?
  • Write with a green pen or a purple pen for the rest of your life?
  • Write with an ink quill or with a pencil for the rest of your life?
  • Write an essay or read a novel?
  • Go to school 7 days a week or Monday to Friday all year round?
  • Have a journal that automatically locks itself or with invisible ink that only you can see?
  • Write with a pen that never fades or write on a page that can never burn?
  • Never have to write again or never have to read again?
  • Have unlimited supply of your favorite pens or your favorite notebooks

Would you Rather: Books

Would you rather:

  • Read physical books or e-books for the rest of your life?
  • Buy paperback or hardcover?
  • Read on the couch or in your bed?
  • Read in silence or with soft music?
  • Read with the sound of rain or birds chirping outside your window?
  • Write a sci-fi or fantasy book?
  • Meet Stephen King or Ernest Emingway?
  • Read in a cozy cabin or lounging on the beach?
  • Have dinner with your favorite author or favorite character?
  • Would you rather live in a library or a bookstore?
  • Have a friend who loses your books or dog-ears them?
  • Live in the last book you read or continue living your daily life?
  • Secretly love a book everyone else hates or secretly hate a book everyone else loves?
  • Someone ruin the ending of a book for you or read a book with an annoying cliffhanger? 
  • Your favorite book become a TV show or a movie?
  • Be in a fantasy book or a romance book?
  • Read fantasy for the rest of your life or thrillers for the rest of your life?
  • Read only series or only stand-alone novels?

Would you Rather: Nails

Do you have a nail salon? Or do you do lashes and brows for clients?

Here are fun questions to ask them in your Stories to get them to engage with you.

Would you rather:

  • Use nail polish or gel polish?
  • Use acrylic or polygel?
  • Never be able to cut your toenails again or your fingernails again?
  • Have bright nails or dark nails for the whole year?
  • Super short nails or super long nails?
  • Have your nails change color based on the temperature or glow in the dark?
  • Wear glitter nail polish or stickers on your nails?
  • Only wear white nail polish or only black nail polish?
  • Wear neon nail polish or ombre nail polish?
  • Chip your nail polish or break your press-on nails?
  • Have matte or glossy nails?
  • Have feather nails or fur nails?

Would you Rather: Hair

Would you rather:

  • Free haircuts for life or free hair color for life?
  • Cut your hair yourself or let your friend cut your hair?
  • Dye your hair rainbow or grey?
  • Have blue hair or pink hair forever?
  • Shaved head forever or never cut your hair again?
  • Be allowed to wash your hair only once a year or cut your hair only once a year?
  • Go without shampoo for the rest of your life or without toothpaste for the rest of your life?
  • Only be able to wash your hair twice a year or only be able to check your phone once a day?
  • Wash your hair with dish soap or hand soap?
  • Have lice once or bad dandruff for life?
  • Shave all your hair or lose all your teeth?

Would you Rather: Makeup & Beauty

Would you rather:

  • Always have to sleep with your makeup on or never wear makeup again?
  • Have smudged mascara or lipstick on your teeth?
  • Do the perfect smokey eye or contour?
  • Nude lip or red lip?
  • Apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
  • Mascara for the rest of your life or foundation?
  • Sleep with foundation on or eye-makeup on?
  • Wear colored eyeshadow for the rest of your life or neutral color palette?
  • Use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?
  • Wear black lipstick or blue lipstick on your first date?
  • Never use foundation again or never use nail polish again?
  • Wear cateye for the rest of your life or red lipstick for the rest of your life?
  • Shave only once a year or have a shower only once a year?
  • Have bad breath or smelly feet?
  • Have one eye in the middle of your head or two noses?

Would you Rather: Museum

Museum, libraries, this is for you. Think about educational or even super fun question ideas like:

Would you rather:

  • Live forever in a museum or a cave?
  • Be stuck in a museum all night or all day?
  • Be in a museum full of paintings or sculptures?
  • See moving paintings or moving sculptures?
  • See a ghost or a sculpture move?
  • Be stuck in a museum with cockroaches or rats?
  • Never see art again or never hear music again?
  • Have a guided museum visit by Tesla or Picasso?

Would you Rather: Dogs

Would you rather:

  • Pick up dog poo in your garden everyday or clean up pee everyday in your house?
  • Get licked by 10 puppies or get sat on by one large dog?
  • Have a lifetime supply of treats or toys?
  • Dig one giant hole or many small holes around the house?
  • Cuddle with a Pomeranian or Husky?
  • Play fetch with a Corgi or Dachshung?
  • Give a bath to a Great Dane or Samoyed?
  • Sniff butts every time you meet someone new or eat dog food for dinner every night?
  • Never get a dog treat again or never get human food again?
  • Never be allowed on the bed again or the couch again?
  • Go to the dog park everyday or go on the couch everyday?
  • Catch a squirrel or catch the mailman?
  • Have to wear an outfit or go to the groomer?
  • Live through a daily vacuuming session or going to the vet once a week?

Would you Rather: Cats

Would you rather:

  • Would you rather spend a day as a cat or as a dog?
  • Would you rather read the minds of dogs or read the minds of cats?
  • Smell cat pee everyday for the rest of your life or clean cat puke everyday for the rest of your life?
  • Hear non-stop purring or non-stop hissing?
  • Have your cat on your lap every time you sit or have your cat on your shoulders every time you stand?
  • Eat your cat’s food for one day or lick one of their toys?
  • Have a cat the size of an elephant or an elephant the size of a cat?

Would you Rather: Travel

Would you rather:

  • Travel during summer or winter?
  • Go on an island or in the mountains?
  • Surf or ski?
  • Safari or scuba diving?
  • Spend the next 5 years in the Maldives or in Greece?
  • Travel on a catamaran forever or travel on a cruise ship forever?
  • Travel with friends or travel with family?
  • Spend a night in a 5 star resort or a glamping camp?
  • Speak 10 languages with an accent or speak one language perfectly?
  • Travel through time or space?
  • Travel to a new place or return to the same place every year?
  • Go to every country in the world or visit space?
  • Travel to the past or the future?
  • Never be able to travel again or sleep again?
  • Be able to fly or teleport?
  • Spend the night in a luxury hotel with a stranger or in a dodgy hostel with your best friend?
  • Get free flights for the rest of your life or free hotels for the rest of your life?

BONUS: Pre-plan and pre-watch your Stories

You’ve made it to the end!

Here’s an extra tip for you.

You can prepare a bunch of “Would You Rather” questions in advance.

This way, you can post them whenever you want to your Stories.

You can even watch your Stories BEFORE you post them on Instagram. This way, you can check if you like your designs or the flow of your Stories.

You can do it with Preview App:

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would you rather

Have fun creating your Would You Rather Instagram Stories!

That was an epic list.

I really hope it gave you some ideas.

I would love to check out your Instagram Stories and play your game!

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Have fun, and see you on Instagram!