As you might have noticed, you cannot change the Instagram video thumbnail after posting on Instagram.

But can use your Preview App to check if your video thumbnail and cover image look fine in your grid.

You can upload different thumbnails and cover images.

You can see which one looks the best or catches people’s attention the most – before you post on Instagram.


Here’s how to change Instagram video thumbnail in Preview.

1. Upload your Instagram video

The first thing you want to do is upload a video in Preview.

You can upload a normal video, IGTV or an Instagram Reels.

To upload your video:

  • Press on the “+” button
  • “Library”
  • Choose your video


Your video will appear in your Preview feed.

change Instagram Video Thumbnail
change Instagram Video Thumbnail
change Instagram Video Thumbnail

2. Open the caption

Now press on the video and open your caption.

change Instagram Video Thumbnail

3. Press on “Edit” to change the Instagram video thumbnail and cover

Press on the “Edit” button that is on your cover image.ย 

This will allow you to change your Instagram video cover frame.

change Instagram Video Thumbnail

4. Choose “Set Cover Image”

Now choose “Set Cover image”.

change Instagram Video Thumbnail

5. Change Instagram video thumbnail

You have 2 options.

Option 1:

Slide the slider to choose a video clip as your cover image.

change Instagram Video Thumbnail

Let’s look at option 2.

6. Upload your custom video thumbnail

Press on “Upload image” to upload a cover image from your camera roll.

This is to upload your own custom cover image for your IGTV videos and Instagram Reels.

change Instagram Video Thumbnail

As you can see you have different options:

  • Library: Upload a photo from your camera roll / gallery
  • Repost: Repost an image from Instagram
  • Free Photos: Don’t have an image? Choose any of these beautiful photos for free
  • Take Photo: Take a photo
  • Other: Upload an image from Google Drive or Dropbox
change Instagram Video Thumbnail

7. Post on Instagram

Once you’re happy with your video thumbnail, you can post your video on Instagram.

Here is how to post:

  • Press on your video
  • Press on the “Share” button
  • Your video and cover image will automatically be saved to your camera roll by Preview (along with your prepared caption if you added one)
  • Post on Instagram!

And you’re done!

change Instagram Video Thumbnail

That’s it!

Now you know how to change your Instagram video thumbnail and cover image!

Let me know if you have any questions.

And have fun planning your posts!

– Alex

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