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Time to test your Instagram hashtags!

There are 2 Instagram hashtag tracking tools in Preview app. You can track your Instagram hashtags and your Instagram hashtag groups.

All you have to do is post on Instagram and let the app do the work. Preview tells you what hashtags AND hashtag groups get you the most likes, comments and engagement.

There are 3 things I love about Preview app:

  • It’s fast. As soon as you start using the app it will tell you your top hashtags. You don’t have to wait for a few days to get your analytics back.
  • It’s accurate. It uses its own algorithm to generate your best hashtags and hashtag groups based on the likes, comments and engagement rate you get. Most other Instagram hashtag tracking tools will only count how many times you’ve used a hashtag to decide what your top hashtag is. Preview goes beyond that.
  • You can also get the full Analytics of ANY other Instagram account. You can see what hashtags they use, how often they use them and how much likes, comments and engagement those hashtags generate.

This is how to use and access your Instagram hashtag analytics in Preview:

Update: Due to Instagram’s latest API changes, the Spy feature was removed from the app. You can still see your Hashtag Analytics and all the other Instagram Analytics features in Preview App.

1. Go in Preview App Instagram Analytics

Below is my scheduled Instagram feed in Preview app.

Tap on the “Bar Chart” icon to go in your Instagram Analytics.

2. Scroll to your Instagram Hashtag Tracking section

Scroll down to can see your “Top hashtags”.

These are your top 10 hashtags out of all the ones you’ve ever used.

Most other Instagram Hashtag Analytics tools only count the number of times you’ve used the hashtag. Preview app goes beyond that.

Preview runs its own algorithm to determine your top hashtags. The algorithm uses the likes, comments and engagement generated by each hashtag.

Tap “See More”. You can see all the hashtags you’ve ever used. Preview ranks them based on how often you’ve use them and how much likes, comments and engagement those hashtags generate:

Note: As I said before, you can track the hashtag analytics of any other Instagram account. Use the “Spy” feature.

3. Continue to scroll for your Hashtag Group Analytics

Going back to the main screen, you can also see your top performing hashtag groups (or hashtag sets as some people call them).

Tap “See More”.

Same as before, you will see all the hashtags groups you’ve ever used. Preview ranks them based on how often you’ve use them and how much likes, comments and engagement those hashtags groups generate.

All you have to do is save your hashtag groups in the app and use them when you post on Instagram. The app will do the rest.

Preview also comes with a Hashtag Finder that has lots of pre-made hashtag groups (like “travel”, “wedding photography”, “nature”, “food blogger” etc.).

Either way, just post using your favorite hashtag groups and let Preview do the work.

Read this article if you’re interested in testing your Instagram hashtag groups.

That’s it! Start your Instagram hashtag tracking and see if they really work

Here are handy links to get you started:

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Until next time, see you all on Instagram ( for more tips & tricks.

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