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Hello everyone!

There are a few new features in your Preview app.

The biggest one? The new Preview for Teams! We are very excited to finally share this big new feature with you and we hope you’ll have fun planning your feed together.

Let’s have a look at each new feature:

  • New Preview plans
  • Team Feature
  • Team permissions
  • Multi-device
  • Backup
  • New Drag and Drop
  • Repost Instagram albums
  • New hashtags in the Hashtag Finder

Ready? Let’s start.

Quick note: If you don’t have the new features yet, please be patient. We are slowly rolling them out to everyone around the world. Keep your eyes on your app updates. You will get them very soon.

New Preview plans

You can still use Preview for free, and schedule unlimited posts for free.

Now, there are 2 new plans:

1. A new Preview Pro plan, and
2. A new Premium plan

Do you currently have a Preview Pro subscription? Did you get it before August 2018?

If so, please read this: Your version of Preview Pro is not available anymore, but it is still supported. You can continue using it as long as you don’t cancel it or delete Preview from your phone. You are still able to add unlimited accounts and access all the other Pro features. Once you cancel your Preview Pro subscription, you will not be able to renew it again. You will need to get the new Preview Pro plan.

What is the new Preview Pro plan?

The only difference is that you need to get Preview Pro for each Instagram account you want to add in Preview. You will still have all the other features available: all the current and future filter packs, access to all your analytics, hashtags analytics and repost.

What about the new Premium plan?

The Premium Plan unlocks ALL the features in the app:

  • Everything in the Preview Pro plan, and
  • Team feature
  • Team member permissions
  • Backup
  • Multi-device feature

We are so excited to introduce these new features in Preview!

Many of you work with a team and wanted to be able to plan your feed together, from different phones, at the same time.

Some of you also wanted to synchronize your Preview feed with your other phones or tablets. Now you can!

Keep scrolling to see the new team features in action.

Team Feature

Do you want to share your Preview feed with other people?

You have 2 options:

  • Share your Instagram password so people can login to your Instagram account on Preview, or
  • If you don’t want to share your Instagram password, add people as “Team Members” (more about this below).

You can share your Preview feed with other people, using one Premium subscription only. Your team mates don’t have to get any additional subscriptions in order to access your Preview feed.

Ok, so how can you share your Preview feed?

If you don’t mind sharing your Instagram password, all you have to do is tell the person to login to your Instagram account on Preview.

Team permissions

What if you don’t want to share your Instagram password?

Maybe you just want someone to view your feed? Or maybe you just need someone to plan your feed for you?

If that is the case, you can invite someone as a “Team Member”.

You can choose what you want this person to do and not do:

  • Edit: Do you want this person to edit your photos, rearrange your posts, write captions?
  • Analytics: Do you want this person to see your analytics?
  • Receive notifications: Do you want this person to receive the notifications when it is time to post on Instagram?


Do you want to see your Preview feed on your phone and on your tablet too? If you have the Premium plan, you can also access your Preview feed on your other devices.

Simply login to your Instagram account on another device. All your posts, hashtags and features will load on your new phone.

Backup your Preview feed

What happens if you lose your phone? Someone steals it? Or it breaks down? Or you get a new phone?

The Premium plan also automatically backs up your Preview account. So if anything happens, just login to your Instagram account on your new phone and all your posts, hashtags and features will reappear.

New Drag and Drop

We are so excited about this new feature too! Now you can drag and drop posts in between each other, instead of swapping them.

If you miss the old swapping feature, simply select the two photos you want to swap and press on the “swap” icon.

Repost Instagram albums

If you have a Pro or Premium plan, you can repost other people’s Instagram photos, videos and now albums!

New hashtags in the Hashtag Finder

We added more new hashtag groups in the Hashtag Finder! There are new hashtags for planners, bullet journalists, and businesses.

Leave a comment below to let us know what other hashtags you would like us to add in the app.

New Hashtag Manager

And finally, there’s a new way to manage your hashtags and hashtag groups thanks to the new Hashtag Manager. The Hashtag Manager is a separate section in the app just for you to manage your hashtags and hashtag groups.

  • Go in your Preview settings
  • Press on “Hashtag Groups”

Here you can do 4 things:

  • See all the hashtag groups you have saved
  • Edit your hashtag groups
  • Delete your hashtag groups
  • Add new hashtag groups

That’s it!

We hope you are excited about these new features too. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Until next time, have fun planning your feed!


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