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Yes, you can schedule Insta Stories.
I’m going to show you how you can schedule your Insta Stories (photos & videos) using Preview app.

I will also show you how you can add stickers, filters, text, draw and re-arrange the order of your future Stories.

You need 2 things:

  1. The photos and videos you want to share in the future
  2. Preview app

Download Preview here (it’s free).

Not into reading? Watch this video (+ BONUS branding tips for your Insta Stories).

1. Dedicate one gallery to schedule Insta Stories

You can manage multiple Instagram galleries in Preview app.

What I recommend is to create a new gallery that will be dedicated to Insta Stories only.
This way you won’t mess up your (main) planned feed in Preview app.

You can name this new gallery “Insta Stories”.

2. Add your photos and videos

Now that you have a new gallery to play with:

  • Add the photos & videos you want to share on your Insta Story.
  • Edit your photos (filters, stickers, draw, add text etc…)
  • Order your Insta Stories by drag & dropping the images.
  • Schedule your Insta Stories posts.

Remember, Insta Story images shouldn’t be squared for Insta Story (otherwise they will be automatically cropped & stretch by Instagram).

You have 2 options to design your Insta Stories.

Option 1: Edit your photos inside Preview app.

Option 2: Save Insta Stories to your camera roll

  • Go in your Insta Stories on Instagram
  • Prepare your Insta Story as you normally would (stickers, drawings, text)
  • Select “Save” instead of sharing your Insta Story

Your photo or video is now saved in your camera roll.

  • Now go in Preview app
  • Add your Insta Stories in order

3. Schedule your Insta Stories

To schedule Insta Stories:

  • Go in the Caption section.
  • Turn on the scheduling button.
  • Choose a day and time for your Insta Story.


In the caption, write the text you would like to add to your Insta Story.
Preview app will automatically copy it for you when you post your Story on Instagram.

4. Share your scheduled Insta Stories

Remember: Instagram doesn’t allow any other app to post automatically for you. It’s against their policy.

When it is time to post. Go inside of Preview app and select the photo / video you want to share in your Insta Story.

  • Tap the export icon and save the image to your camera roll.

Now, go to your Insta Story on Instagram.

  • Swipe up. Your images/videos will appear.

Why save to your camera roll? Because it will create a “new version” of your photo or video that is less than the compulsory “24 hours old”.

Android users: To save the image, select “Upload to Photos”.

Bonus: Cool tricks to schedule your Insta Stories

Are you still reading? I like you!

Insta Stories are all about having FUN.

Here are more little tricks to prepare your Insta Stories like a boss, inside Preview app:


  • Add white or colored background images: then go in the photo editor section and draw, add text, emojis.
  • Memes: Try to make some memes. The meme generator is in the photo editor section too.
  • Stickers: Download the free stickers in Preview and add them to your photos.
  • Drawing tool: you can find it in the photo editor too. Use it exactly the same as in Instagram.

Have fun!

See you all on Instagram!


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