Want to know where to find Instagram post ideas?

There are 8 places.

Need help brainstorming post ideas for your own account?

Check the tips below first. And then tell me in the comments what your account is about and we can brainstorm together.


Let’s start.

Instagram post ideas #1. Ask your followers

Do an Instagram post or an Instagram Story and ask:

  • “What kind of posts do you love seeing from me?”
  • “What would you like me to share more of?”
  • “What are your biggest struggles when it comes to…?”
  • “What do you need help with?”

You might get 1 answer, 5 answers, 10 answers, 100 answers.

Even if you get 1 answer: use this answer and create the post for this person.

And the question from this one person might trigger more post ideas in your mind, and you might create multiple Instagram posts out of this one question.

Instagram post ideas #2. Check Google

Have a business?

Google is where to find Instagram post ideas.
Type on Google something related to your specialty, and see what the most searched phrases are.

What you see on Google is what people want answers for = these are post ideas for you.


Interior designer: “How to design a…”
Wedding planner: “How to plan a wedding” or “wedding planning tips”

Instagram post ideas #3. Check Quora

People use the website called “Quora” to ask questions on a lot of different topics.

You can use their questions to find Instagram post ideas for your account.

  • Type your industry / specialty in the search box
  • Scroll through people’s questions
  • Make a list of questions that you like the most
  • Answer each question in a separate post

Instagram post ideas #4. Use your blog posts

Are you a blogger?

  • Choose one blog post
  • Split it into parts
  • One part = one Instagram post

5. Use the holidays

There are a lot of fun holidays during the year.

When there’s a holiday, everyone on Instagram celebrates. It’s your chance to join the movement.

Use the Calendar in your Preview App Desktop version to see important and fun social media Holidays.

And prepare posts related to these holidays.

If you have a business: Choose holidays that fit with your brand. Or use the holidays in a creative way.

6. Check other Instagrammers

Get inspired.

Check other Instagrammers in your industry.


If you are a jewelry designer, look at other jewelry pages and see what kind of photos / videos they take.

Is there something that inspires you? You might like something and then have an idea to make it your own, with your own style and personality.

7. Be natural

Don’t overthink it.

Be natural.

Especially if you are using Instagram for your personal brand.

Think of Instagram as your personal journal.

  • Talk about your day
  • Talk about what you’re working on
  • Talk about where you’re at with a project
  • Talk about a topic close to your heart
  • Talk about what you’ve learned, what you’re learning or what you’ve been struggling with
  • Start a conversation with your followers

8. Trust your gut

Deep down, you know exactly what you want to post and what you want to write in your caption.

It’s just fear trying to stop you from being you.

If a post makes you happy / excited, it’s a sign you’re on the right path.

Trust your gut.

Post it.

That’s it!

Was it helpful?

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And like I said earlier, if you have any questions, just drop them in the comments below.

Tell me what your account is about and we can brainstorm Instagram post ideas together.