Need Instagram hashtags for books or your bookstagram account?

Here are the recommended hashtag groups for you:

  • Books (including book shelf, book stack, book club and audio book hashtags)
  • Book Blogger and Content Creator
  • Flatlay
  • 2021 Book Reads
  • Quarantine Reads
  • Quotes hashtags
  • Poems
  • Writer 
  • Stationery and Studygram (if you share this content too)
  • Self-Care
  • Home
  • Community hashtags (like “moms”)
  • Other hashtags (like genre, author, book title)

You can mix hashtags from different groups to create your own unique set of hashtags.

Keep scrolling to see.

All the hashtags are in Preview App.

And they work:

instagram hashtags for book
instagram hashtags for book

The hashtags are organized into hashtag groups. Ready to be copy and pasted to your post.

Book Instagram hashtags

The core hashtag groups in Preview that are recommend are:

  • Book
  • Audio book
  • Book Club
  • Book Shelf (for your #shelfies)
  • Book Stack
  • Book Genres (like Romance, Fantasy, Fiction, Children Books)
  • Library

These hashtag groups have the core Instagram hashtags that book lovers and bookstagrammers use.

These groups have a mix of community bookstagram hashtags and hashtags to get you featured on other people’s pages.

You might have noticed some Instagram accounts specialize in reposting other people’s book content. They have created their own hashtags that people can use to be featured.

You will find these hashtags in Preview.

instagram hashtags for book

Book Blogger Instagram hashtags

Are you a book blogger or book reviewer? 

Use the “Book Blogger” and “Content Creator” hashtag groups.

instagram hashtags for book

Flatlay hashtags

Do you take beautiful flatlay photos with your books?

Use the “Flatlay” hashtag group.

This hashtag group also has hashtags to help you get featured on accounts that repost flatlay content.

instagram hashtags for book

2021 Book hashtags

Use the “2021 Books” hashtag group, so that people looking for the best books of 2021 can find your post.

Note: Each year there will be new hashtags. So if you are reading this in 2022 (or any other year), you will still find relevant hashtags in this group.

instagram hashtags for book

Quarantine Reads hashtags

People have also created new hashtags because of lockdowns. These hashtags gather a community of readers who share their favorite reads during quarantine.

Check the “Quarantine Reads” hashtags.

instagram hashtags for book

Quotes hashtags

Do you share book quotes?

I recommend these hashtag groups:

  • Quotes
  • Motivational Quotes (if it is a motivational section of the book)
  • Positivity
instagram hashtags for book

Poem hashtags

Do you share poems? Use the “Poem” hashtags.

instagram hashtags for book

Writer hashtags

Bookstagrammers also use “Writer” hashtags. Whether they are writers themselves, or if they are sharing books from their favorite writers.

Use the “Writer” hashtag group to diversify your hashtag strategy.

instagram hashtags for book

Stationery and Studygram hashtags

Use the “Stationery” and “Studygram” hashtag groups if you are sharing posts of your books alongside stationery, or if you are sharing “studygram” content as well.

instagram hashtags for book

Self-care hashtags

Books are part of self-care too. They allow us to expand our horizons, enter a new world, and relax.

Use the “Self-Care” related hashtags in Preview to connect with this community on Instagram.

Here are hashtag groups in Preview I recommend:

  • Self-Care
  • Self-Love
  • Self-Growth (especially if the book is teaching you something)
  • Self-Development (same as above, and for self-development books too)
instagram hashtags for book

Home hashtags

Do you also share photos or videos of your books in your home? With your home decor?

Type “Home” in Preview to use all the beautiful hashtags that home-lovers use.

Home lovers might be your ideal followers, interested in books too.

instagram hashtags for book

Community hashtags for book lovers

Hashtags = communities.

For example, if you are a mom, you can use mom-related hashtags to connect with fellow moms.

Type “Mom” in the search bar of the Hashtag Finder to see them:

instagram hashtags for book

Other Instagram hashtags for bookstagram

Use Instagram hashtags for bookstagram that are specific. This way, people who are looking for reviews or other people reading this book, can find you.

Write the hashtag of:

  • The book title (example: #thepoweroflettinggo)
  • The author (example: #johnpurkiss
  • The publisher
  • The genre
  • What is in the photo (type a keyword in the search bar of the Hashtag Generator in Preview to find more hashtags, like: “Flowers”, “Coffee”, “Home”, “Beach”)
  • The name of your city or country (example: #london, if you want to connect with other local Instagrammers. Preview also has community location hashtags.)
instagram hashtags for book

Where are the Instagram hashtags for books in Preview?

You can use Preview on the phone app and on the computer.

The steps are the same on both.

Open your caption in Preview:

instagram hashtags for book

Press on “Find Hashtags“:

instagram hashtags for book

Type a keyword in the search bar. For example: “Book“.

instagram hashtags for book
instagram hashtags for book

Press on “Add All” to add all the hashtags in your caption (or first comment). 

Alternatively, press on only the hashtag you want to use, to only add that one to your list. This allows you to mix and match hashtags from different hashtag groups.

instagram hashtags for book


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